These Texas chains will still require masks once the state's mandate is lifted

The end of mask mandates in Texas and Mississippi has created a dilemma for businesses: Keep such safety rules in place to protect against Covid-19 spread, as leading health officials advise, or follow the two states' decisions and loosen restrictions.

3/3/2021 10:30:00 PM

After Texas and Mississippi officials decided to end the states' mask mandates, leading grocery chains, pharmacies, retailers and auto manufacturers said they'll continue to require both employees and customers to wear masks at their stores and facilities.

The end of mask mandates in Texas and Mississippi has created a dilemma for businesses: Keep such safety rules in place to protect against Covid-19 spread, as leading health officials advise, or follow the two states' decisions and loosen restrictions.

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Good. Good for these states, I wore a mask and still got covid If only the initial statement about wearing masks was that it protects your OWN life, not OTHERS, then all these idiots would be wearing masks. That is correct. WE ARE OPEN. Now to stop the Illegal Immigrants from coming in spreading the virus, would be great for all of us...Fire DHS Sec. For not protecting us.

That’s fine. It is all about personal freedom. If you don’t want to wear a mask find a different place to shop. And that’s what makes this the right decision for the states. The companies can make their own decisions and get the government out of their business. If the companies want masks then the customers will come in with masks. if they don’t then they won’t if they don’t want to.

republicans should boycott those institutions. Lifted the mandate, but still recommends that you wear a mask. Yea for sanity - no Mast on - me no shopping!! How it should be. State by state business by business. Glad there are some brains there still , I guess. And that is their right. If people don’t want to wear mask, then they don’t patronize those stores. If someone wants to wear one , they can buy from those stores. It’s simple market place dynamics. We will see who survives. I have the feeling both will.

That is their right! People can choose to shop there, with a mask, or not. If wearing mask isn't mandate, I don't want to step in the area. They are in the pockets of Trump . Good..screw stupid butt licking Republickins Until we stop getting any business, then we will open back up for anyone. That will be a good idea, the Lord will protect Americans from this plague

Bullsranch99 CONTACT ABBOTT. Tell him to respect the CDC & the president on the COVID timeline. Don't OPEN TX NOW 1. RETWEET GovAbbott 2. PH: 512-463-1782 Press 1 to leave message. Its working 3. OFFICE: CAPITOL BUILDING 1100 Congress Ave.,2S.1 PO Box 12428 Austin, TX 78711 RETWEET Someone has to protect citizens; those governors are not

Well, we know the Cowboys will continue to suck since they’ll all be sick. No maskless idiots allowed I take my hat to those who continue enforcing the mask mandate in order to keep their customers and their employees safe.... Especially since the Biden administration is allowing positive Covid illegal aliens into the United States. I mean at least the Biden administration is being smart and following the constitution. Right?

They can require masks and people can go elsewhere to shop. Don’t worry, virtue signally will end soon. America is done. Shocking how the common cold and flu are non existent. Other States and Companies are Requiring the same due to travels between Texas and country Kroger is already not enforcing this and any business that tries will fail as there is no mandate to enforce any of it and we do not have to comply and with no mandate to mask, they cannot call the cops on you either or physically touch you in anyway to enforce it or huge lawsuit

If i was a nurse in texas i would quit See how allowing people to make choices works Yes that the right thing to do. We CANNOT count on some of governments of some States to listening at the Expert Doctors in The Medical Field especially the Republican Governor. Remember Election is coming VOTE Them Out.

Dummy's that's all I'm a say. As it should be, personal responsibility Thank goodness someone in Texas has any sense Fantastic! What a great opportunity for consumers in these states to seek out small businesses that have all but been destroyed. Shop mom & pop! The subtle tyranny of corporate America! Good!

I hope every single person that doesn't wear a mask gets covid in Texas. I HOPE. Maybe an ED209 might be in order, for mask non-compliance. See how responsible they are being without having to make it law. Yea but they have no way to enforce it so... Boycott_Target State Wide BoycottKroger 'Across the Nation We will Boycott them all. Plenty of other places to purchase our needs.....

Just make sure that imbecile Abbot goes without a mask from this point forward. After Texas and Mississippi officials have decided to quit wearing masks, why are major grocery makers, pharmacies, or car makers still obliged to wear masks? Does the latter know the 'identity' of the new coronavirus? !! TMobile also.

It’s so very sad how often lately big business has had to protect Americans because our government would not. Proud of those companies that care enough to do the right thing. Everyone has not lost their mind!!! Bad and ignorant politicians are more lethal than COVID19 ! This won’t end well☹️☹️ Alabama is next

I know this is a shock to some of you but just because the states opened back up doesn't negate you of personal responsibility! I know the left doesn't think Americans are smart enough to do that but apparently the governors of those states are trusting their residents! Shocker! Good! These states’ “leaders” are trash.

blue states will double masks to even out red states no masks ima wearing briefs and boxers And guess what? The governors gave them the CHOICE to do that Good. Lawyers in Texas and Mississippi Wow CNN figuring out how to both inform the public of something and avoid acting like Chicken Little at the same time. Thank you for providing proof that the lack of a government mandate does not mean the right to wear a mask is gone.

Looks like a lot of business will be losing business. Looks like a lot of business will be created fk the mask they don’t work. If they did would we have all these so called made up deaths. Wake up America u are being played!! Halt federal funds to both states 👍👍 I would like a list of companies, retailers and restaurants that will continue to enforce the mask for customers and employees.. I’m spending my money there

So thankful to see that if a state government can't be responsible, companies can be and hopefully individuals as well. At least the leading grocery chains, pharmacies, retailers and auto manufacturers are smarter than the state government's of these states. Just hope the 'little businesses' follow the big boys and keep the mask.

These companies are wise, to bad the governors aren’t! Gregg Popovich is the real governor of Texas. Not to mention North Dakota, in addition to Texas and Missippii. I heard Florida and Louisiana are also, making a push to end mask mandate, hopefully this is not true. Texas Mississippi northdakota Florida

They will be saving thousands of lives evil Republicans don't value. No shirt, no shoes, no mask: No service. Seems pretty straightforward to me. And that’s the point - ppl & biz owners can decide for themselves re: masks, etc. No problem at all if a business still requires it & customers/patrons need to be respectful. No need to shame someone if they are or not wearing mask in public. Good on Abbott for letting ppl decide