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These New Avocado-Dyed T-Shirts Are Made by—Wait for It!—Chipotle

Chipotle, a sustainable fashion pioneer? The fast-casual restaurant is entering the market with a new collection of organic cotton basics dyed with avocado pits.

8/6/2020 4:07:00 AM

Chipotle, a sustainable fashion pioneer? The fast-casual restaurant is entering the market with a new collection of organic cotton basics dyed with avocado pits. Avocado pits create a pink-ish dye, and the process is simpler than you think.

Chipotle, a sustainable fashion pioneer? The fast-casual restaurant is entering the market with a new collection of organic cotton basics dyed with avocado pits.

, a line of “responsibly sourced” and upcycled clothing and accessories, including T-shirts, leggings, hoodies, bomber jackets, gym bags, hats, phone cases, and baby blankets.One part of the responsible equation is that almost everything is made with organic cotton from Loomstate, save for a few items in recycled polyester, and all proceeds will benefit organizations focused on sustainable fashion or farming. More novel is the upcycled component: Most of the cotton pieces were naturally dyed using avocado pits from Chipotle restaurants. The chain accumulates 300 million pits ever year—in fact, CNN Business

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reportedthat Chipotle buys more avocados than any restaurant in America. “Commercial compost isn’t available everywhere, and that meant that a lot of avocado pits were potentially destined for landfills each year,” a Chipotle spokesperson told CNN. “We started brainstorming ways we could use our avocado pits for good, and natural dye was something that kept coming up.”

Advertisementthe processis simpler than you think: Boil them in a pot of water, and within a few minutes, the water turns pink. The color darkens the longer the pits steep, and once a desired color is reached, fabric can be submerged for a few hours or overnight. Every item is one-of-a-kind and has slight variations in color; sometimes avocado pits create more of a peachy shade, or they’ll steep a bright, clear pink.

Chipotle’s arrival on the sustainable fashion scene is good news for superfans—in a release, the company wrote (in jest, we assume) that “fans can now look as fresh as Chipotle’s real ingredients”—but it’s also a rare instance of food, farming, and fashion coming together. Anyone familiar with the problems of

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Chipotle using avocado pits from its popular guacamole for new clothing, accessory lineInstead of trashing the pits, they are now being used to dye the company’s new limited-edition Chipotle Goods clothing and accessories line that launches Tuesday the chain announced.

Chipotle is using avocado pits as dye for its new sustainable clothing lineChipotle has announced a new 'responsibly sourced' clothing and goods line. All of its T-shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags will be dyed with the food chain's used avocado pits that would otherwise go to waste. Guess how many fucks are given? Looks like horrible gear tho. So, instead of throwing a biodegradable avacadi pit into the trash, they’re making a shirt out of it...which will eventually, go in the trash. Huh?

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