Vol 54 Issue 33

Vol 54 Issue 33

There’s Been An Explosion!

There’s Been An Explosion!


There’s Been An Explosion!

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Oh great where are we supposed to get our meth now Now some chases, gun firing, a bad ass character and sirs, we have a successful movie. Murtaugh: [sees Riggs about to cut the red wire.] Oh! Oh! Riggs: What? What? Murtaugh: A minute ago, you said blue! Riggs: Did I say blue? Murtaugh: Riggs, you said blue! Riggs: Well, I meant red. Murtaugh: You sure? Riggs: Well, look, Rog, we can do it your way if you like.

I've been expecting an explosion ever since I lit the fuse! It’s just Joseph deciding that now is a good time to learn to properly fly. I guess I did leave the gas on. 🎥 Electric Six - 'Danger! High Voltage' (Hi Res) - YouTube Danger, danger! High Voltage! It’s not the explosion that matters. It’s about how you walk away from it.

Your Tuesday BriefingJeffrey Epstein, Russian explosion, Hong Kong: Here’s what you need to know. Your missing FakeNewsFredo from the list. NYT It that a voter-gathering boat? So neat & orderly. You must pack them in as quickly & safely as possible, I suppose.

That happens every time I cum, it's so embarrassing especially in the supermarket vegetable aisle when I see a misshapen sexy carrot for example. ohshit That's cool. Well not in the cold kind of way. in the way that has nothing to do with temperature except in the metaphorical context of stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire or some equivalent.

Too soon, . Too soon. 'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens Tonight at 11:00PM EST, Every Jeffrey Epstein Owned Property Exploded Simultaneously. DOJ Blames Faulty Space Heaters. bAn vIdEo gAmEs It must be TRUMP'S FAULT!!! Shit... there goes the Death Star... Again...

Opinion | Vladimir Putin’s ChernobylFrom WSJopinion: A mysterious explosion killed at least seven Russian workers. The world should think of it as Vladimir Putin’s Chernobyl until there is public evidence to prove otherwise. opinion zzzzzz.... opinion what a pathetic headline. the world should think of the Wall Street Journal as a biased McCarthyite-spewing cesspool until there is evidence to prove otherwise. opinion Shut up your useless propaganda. So he's guilty until proven innocent now. What you taught was Justice is universal. You can do better.

playing my mixtape tends to do that :) It's Russian Damn it, grandpa! ...of flavor! Hm? Taco Bell, right? Awww man “what does this button do?” Watching Porn Hub?

How Four Real Couples Made It OfficialThere's no right way (or timeline or feed post) to make it official. FREE VIDES . سكس 🌶️🔥 معصيتي_راحتي ❤❤ ✔✔ 🌶️ sex سكس

Michael Bay explosions!!! Accurate and detailed, as I have come to expect. Now this is news! 😆 Thoughts and prayers, anyone? black or pinto beans? it makes a difference! OMG OMG OMG MY CHEVY WAS IN THAT WEARHOUSE NO NO NO NO I was expecting a Minecraft creeper. Thanks for the heads up

Three Reasons Recession Fears Have Suddenly IncreasedThese signs indicate an economic slowdown, but there’s no consensus it will happen. OMG, recession again! Thou shall not fear. Whatever you fear eventually happens 90% of the time. Because mainstream, including my beloved Forbes, covers for traffickers and pedophiles. You push out bullshit all day as wealthy criminals rape and pillage. That is why people fear...anything.

Three Reasons Recession Fears Have Suddenly IncreasedThese signs indicate an economic slowdown, but there’s no consensus it will happen. lisettevoytko Not happening lisettevoytko “propaganda” people like Forbes and MSN and CNN keep telling people that there’s going to be a recession. shut the fuck up, talk about all the job numbers in the amount of people to work in the positive way people think. Your recession propaganda is going to cause a recession. lisettevoytko Uh, good call, dow up 400 this morning.

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