Health, Us Coronavirus: The Us Just Reported İts Highest Number Of Covid-19 İnfections İn One Day Since The

Health, Us Coronavirus: The Us Just Reported İts Highest Number Of Covid-19 İnfections İn One Day Since The

The US just reported its highest number of Covid-19 infections in one day since the pandemic's start

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10/24/2020 6:51:00 AM

The US reported more than 80,000 new coronavirus infections on Friday -- the country's highest daily case number since the pandemic began

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Los Angeles County to impose new COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings

Nearly all social gatherings of individuals from more than a single household will be banned in Los Angeles County for at least three weeks starting Monday under new restrictions local health officials unveiled on Friday, citing a continued surge in COVID-19 infections.

Too bad the 'Good news' of the death rate going down by 85% WASN'T the headline! 🙄🙄🙄 Fake news, fake science reports, COMMUNIST CNN Shut up CNN fake news all around I listen to fox because that’s the only for patriotism news that I can find around here There is gonna be that 1 Trump supporter that catches COVID and passes it to his momma and she’s gonna die and he’s gonna realize Trump is a fraud and he will take care of the problem!

veho rodupijana Few suggestions for Placing Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers Trump and pence don't care a bit !!! This is what some low lives just as they are want, they deserve each other. Send them back all where they came from. There is no real American but the NATIVES. They are all imports white supremacist and all too. all FAKES ! No one needs you !

😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏 And Mr Trump said, 'it is hoax'. What a shame! Can we call America the land of the free and the home of the brave? What happens if you do not wear masks etc? You walk in the foodsteps of your 'president' Trump came to Dayton to meet the survivors of the Oregon District shootings. He left the hospital with his Media Director Scavinoa boasting how Trump was treated like a Rock Star. Trump did not care that our co-worker's son died. And he is not concerned if Covid-19 claims you.

All fake Cue right wing talking points...more testing, more cases...false positives...what’s the cured rate? So if I don’t get tested for the flu, I don’t actually have it Cuz that’s the logic. Keep laughing in the face of science and Mother’s working so well. During the early days of the pandemic, place responsibility of infections, cases and deaths on leadership. In the latter days of the plague, at least 80% of cases, infections and deaths is only due to personal responsibility. Look inwardly.

Pathetic that CNN shows a counter of Covid on the main CNN TV screen. Drags down America’s thinking. and you know what Clown Trump is saying... compare covid with a plane crash with 500 deaths ... noone would talk about the crash ... it is only Covid, Covid, etc - I wonder what Clown Trump eoyld say to daily 2 plane crashes and 1000 deaths

There is much worse than that. I do not mention small countries but France, also a developed country, has 45,000 a day now. Which one is worse ? 特朗普为什么还没有被作为罪犯被控诉? And.....Trump has not attended the Corona task force since August. This looks like a suicide mission. The president is NOT taking any responsibility on this matter ......... cause it’s a hoax and it gonna disappear in warmer weather , and don’t be afraid of Covid-19

'Turning the corner' Not! Trump's America Bullshit TV/Media/tech giants are fooling people by fake news thinking people are stupid and they don’t under true vs false. Court packing is not filling vacancies as per constitution. Smugglers are called Coyote in illegal border crossing. They will take away freedom. VoteForTrump

I honestly believe that Trump's Superspreaders are singularly responsible for the COVID-19 THIRD WAVE! Who built the Cages Joe? Blood on Republicans hands - especially the third rate leader! Holiiiii Sure doesn’t sound like “rounding the corner” to me. What do you think realDonaldTrump? Is the pandemic just about finished with America? I know you’re nearly finished.

So aren't they like 99,5 percent chance you would die from it? More testing more cases! What are the hospital and death rates? Apparently we are not just turning the corner....we are drifting. Pretty fast corner if you ask me. PLEASE be skeptical of the CORONAVIRUS numbers given & what was include. I heard the same Phrase JoeBiden used during the debate by the MEDIA twice this morning “there will be no one sitting in your chair” which seemed a bit repetitive. IS THIS REPORT A POLITICAL SCARE? Trump

And 85% of them wear masks! Next fear mongering tweet from CNN. 'Covid kills Zillions of Americans' Trump2020Landslide Trump2020 TrumpWon What's the mortality rate? And yet the idiot 🤡 tells us we’re ‘rounding the corner beautifully’ 🤦🏼‍♂️ VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare ByeDon2020 BidenHarris2020 TrumpIsALoser vote

is this facts tho? We know y’all be making this stuff up Due to poor leadership, COVID continues to spread. Everyone needs to put on a mask, social distance, and wash hands constantly. Death rate way down . Hospitalizations not up. Carry on fear mongers By the time this election is over and Trump is elected POTUS, I wonder with will be left of CNN

About time for those '$100 per aspirin' hospitals to step up with a treatment don't you think? PCR tests: many of the people testing positive may not carry infectious virus. A new analysis now confirms that in the US, up to 90% of positive PCR tests may have been “false positives” detecting non-infectious virus fragments.

Don’t talk about it but educate them don’t be a bunch of pricks Glad to see Hocus POTUS has everything under control. Imminent death awaits...... A lot of this is young people being tested without symptoms for school admission - no hospitalization and no strain in the system which is where the focus should be and the metric applied.

Is testing at an all time low? I have and idea. Trump is behind and needs votes badly. 80,000 new covid 19 cases yesterday. Since he is immune perhaps he could give speeches in hospitals and retirement homes. If he wants to win he should prove his immunity. I now have known 12 people who have had it ranging in age from 13 to 62. Most similar description among them all - it was like having a cold.

At least we’ve eradicated the seasonal flu. 🙌🏼 How about you start reporting the deaths and the survival rate? Seems to be that would be more helpful than positive cases. Coronavirus News Network. All Covid, all the time. It's called create panic before the election Prayers brdispatch It is only going to get worse until the election. The virus is real, the pandemic is political. Anyone who watched the last debate and doesn’t understand that, must be an idiot.

Let's go non-masking wearing idiots! Keep pushing them numbers boiiiiiis Tomorrow it will be higher, next day higher...old news... 😐 Anything new and worthy of reporting?! This virus isn't going to disappear until they mandate the magic vaccine There was no testing when the pandemic began. Yeah, but we got Big Ten football back!

WHERE’s THE METEOR? Breaking News Donald J. Trump apologizes to Ethiopians and said last night “Blow up the Dam” speech was meant to say the ASWAN DAM of Egypt! He Meant the Reverse, Ethiopians are true warriors and they will Blow up the ASWAN Dam if Egypt tries to blow the GERD Dam! This is caused by the lack of a national strategy due to the absence of presidential leadership. All Trump cares about is his re-election even at expense of American lives - today we woke up with 225K+ deaths and counting. 😣 Let's kick him out of the WH. Vote Biden 2020 now.❤🇺🇸

Listen this is t going away, stop the bs you can’t bankrupt a country because of this or politics. Use common sense in a little bit of a germaphobe and an in contact with people daily and never got it probably never will I’m going to laugh so hard if Biden is elected and suddenly CNN starts reporting the virus is contained. The media manipulation has been truly impressive. Probably some kind of awards will be given next year. Remember, media cares less about you and 100% about Pulitzers.

Do Facts Matter at CNN? Or are they a cross between Chinese State Media and CIA’s Operation Mockingbird? 😔 Fear mongering media. And how many more are being tested......let’s keep it going and creating panic everywhere signed, The Big Guy But, Donnie says we are winding down and it will be over soon. Does the man even look at the figures? Obviously, he could care less. He beat it, so why worry about anyone else.

The economy is bouncing back -unemployment is cut in half despite Big Dem States being closed. COVID deaths drop by 85% as first drug treatment approved. 4% hospital beds filled w COVID pts Moderna completes enrollment with 50% minority enrollment. 3 Vaccines almost ready School is back in session; kids are playing sports.... This is going to happen

Yes you have turned the corner Donald. Remember when they use to count deaths? VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica How about the flu? How many cases of the flu. Did the flu disappear? Miraculously! Have no fear. DelusionalTrump says vaccine will be available in afew weeks. Hard to believe it's all accurate numbers with many states coming out saying their numbers are wrong. More tests more positive results. Are deaths up?

China’s fault folks nobody else Panic and doom and gloom. I wear a mask and do social distancing. I don't believe any other administration would've done any better. We just need to do what we can and ride this out. Kind of like a medical hurricane. And people dying in Cameroon cus of war. EndAnglophonCrisis

Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing DUMB ASS! 'It's going away...' Thanks Trump glad that we have turned the corner oh wait we where supposed to go the other way damn that was the wrong corner Trump needs a GPS

Testing is also at an all time high. But that’s not related, right. Damn 😔 So what, show me the death rate trends...story could just interchange the word flu to this story now. I think the world is done tracking. People realize the risks they are taking, and the outcome generally isn’t that bad. Is corona still on the news ? I know a 74yrs old US President Called Donald Trump murdered Corona in 4 days

Joe Biden's world to turn upside down because of dealings with Bohai Harvest RST. The Chinese have Joe by the balls and they know it and now we know it. Joe, Obama, and Hillary will all be headed to GITMO soon. Treason at the highest levels of Government exposed. Story lacking! How many False positives? How many common flu? How many over weight? How many diabetic? How many per school children? How many Elementary school children? How many middle school children? How many high school age children? How many College students?How many Seniors

FakeNews FakeNewsMedia FakeNewsCNN We have the millions of Americans who saw a mask as an attack on their individual freedom rather than as a preventive measure to blame for this. They need to own the pain they are causing to our nation, but they won’t because they fundamentally lack the empathy to give a damn.

What is the IFR? 60 million Americans got N1H1 under Obama! Here we go again thanks to failed leadership and no plan. Was wondering how soon CNN would start Mass Hysteria mode phase 2. I guessed wrong with Nov 1. “At this point what difference does it make” Hillary Clinton. How many hospitalizations? If Biden wins it will be a miracle as the virus starts to disappear on Nov 4th....

You forgot. Deaths are down compared to April May. So we are caring for them much better Oh wow! And 99.9 % will be fine, just like with the flu! Spreading fear & hate as usual Yup were turning the corner🤦🏻‍♂️ Of course, this close to the election the world is ending. lol let’s pump as much doom and gloom news as we can. No wonder libs are miserable all the time.

brdispatch Coronabro Liberals sure do love them some Corona fear. Bullshit kitrieke Hope you guys do actually start rounding the corner in the future. Stay safe I thought of a novel idea to help avoid the novel virus. Everyone should wear cologne or perfume, as applicable. 🤠 If others can smell the cologne or perfume then they’re too close. Seriously, why not.

Yeah, its called expanded testing. Why no commentary regarding the ever falling death rates? truth I thought Trump said we were rounding the corner. That it was disappearing. Please, please, please. VOTE TRUMP OUT! What if I told you were not even at the midway point yet Winning!!! It indicates that, how the trump administration is weak to control covid-19 cases.

Pray for our nation ✝️🙏🏾📖🙏✝️ EllenJurgens EllenJurgens iT iS nAnCy PeLoSi'S fAuLt Thanks to Trump’s mucho announcements. I bet that half of all new cases are from all the rallies that fukn prick trump is holding. And his followers what him for another 4 years, the death tolls will be in the millions if hes elected, forget about the economy there won't be one

Rounding the corner brdispatch Fake news We're rounding the curve... UPWARDS brdispatch “Rounding the corner!” -Donald J. Trump 🙄🤷‍♂️ Here we are turning the corner JOE BIDEN & KAMALA HARRIS 2020!!! FOR THE ANTI-BODY FOR CORONAVIRUS!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!! My neighbor tested positive on Tuesday with no symptoms. Took three more tests throughout the week that were all negative. Be afraid people! Be very afraid!

Nothing has been done and more people will die thanks to WhiteHouse and realDonaldTrump , whom could have won this re-election easy if he actually did something about the virus. Look what is happening..... 80k?! Send airplanes out there with banners that beg Democratic leaders to REFRAIN FROM PUTTING COVID PATIENTS INTO NURSING HOMES.

Hehehehe . Just round the corner huh? 🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s a virus. It’s going to spread. How about a meaningful - non fear mongering headline like corona related deaths and hospitalizations are down. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Isn’t there better news out there? Like Biden’s Laptop. And the Crook “Big Guy”. We want to hear about the Biden Crime Family

THE TRUTH IS COMMING OUT. BIDEN FAMILY IS CRIMINAL. THE COMMUNISM PARTY TRY TO TAKE OVER LOT OF COUNTRIES LIKE UKRAINE. COVID-19 IS A SCAMM TO GET PEOPLE IN FAIR. Cnn is owned by communists...time to start telling the truth Yup ....turning the corner, it’s just about gone? It’ll go away when the warm weather comes next year or maybe even by Easter...

Can we just test everyone and move on? If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re not, go back to work. Every single person. Just test us all and move along. People are dying along with businesses and it’s bullshit. CDC Fauci Trump. Is it true that the White House TF has been out of business for months? Kate Rubins, the pilot of NASA's space flight, arrived and took a pre-voting photo of the U.S. presidential election.

Rita08538521 OMG, THIS IS JUST HORRIBLE! Maybe the coronavirus is an alien experiment that makes it difficult for humans to solve their homework.· 😢 We must be doing a crap-ton of testing. Nice try. I’m over the fear. So is the rest of America. world science news 'South Korea, all six groups of antibodies and corona 19 worked,' he said. A study found that all of the Corona 19 antibodies being developed in South Korea worked in six groups of viruses isolated from patients.

Trump says we're turning the corner. We are but he turned us the wrong direction. We are not turning the corner and the potential for a very deadly fall is arriving. CNN😂😂🤔😂 ..... an anonymous source, that knows a guy, who dated a janitor, that use to work at CDC........ This is why before people vote, they should watch Totally Under Control. Covid-19 was mismanaged by the Trump Administration for the “get-go”. GOP TheDemocrats

It’s amazing how well we are handling it now. It’s like a flu. I’ve had it and many others I know and they all felt the same way.. CNN is blowing this up. The amount of uneducated, InfoWars spouting, scientifically illiterate yokels in this comments section is off the goddamn charts. Jesus fucking chrysler...were Americans always this dense?

The more tests, the more positive results, is there anyone with a brain at cnn ? It’s called more testing! God help America!😔 your numbers prove that covid is less deadly lmao good try In South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong everyone was wearing masks. That's how the lives were saved. In the western countries where people think that the wearing of mask is against their freedom, deaths and new infections are increasing after every passing day.

Sorry this out of topic but that nurse hair looks like a face of hairy dog looking straight at you or maybe I’m losing my mind. Oh is that so? Nice try, I'm voting Trump no matter what fear mongering crap you scumbags try to push Keep promoting fear! Pathetic! As we all know, news is censored under the rule of the CCP. CNN can be broadcast in China. What does this tell you? What CNN is broadcasting in the United States is related to its broadcasting rights in China.

Well of course. Remember those “15 days to SLOW the spread” Not STOP it. SLOW it. you either aren’t firing on all cylinders or you’re intentionally trying to agitate the people that follow you that still believe you report real news. That’s because the rallies that trump is holding these pe are moving around and spreading the virus GloriaBorger JohnKingCNN donlemon

Why is this happening? Many of us have been so careful since the beginning. People need to stop getting tested. Just like in 2009. Most cases are asymptomatic or very mild & recover at home in a week. If we stop testing then no ridiculous irrational hysteria about case numbers, media will shut the hell up & we can reopen. Obama stopped testing in ‘09

Ughhhhh fuck Trump: 'One day it will go away like a miracle .....' VOTE for YOUR life and the lives of your loved ones!!! Coronavirus Cases: 8,746,953 +++ Deaths: 229,284 +++ VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Sweet peach 🍑 bitcoin is hovering just under 13k... All the technical analysts think we are going to get a weekend pump to 14k!!! Invest, my friends! After the PayPal/Venmo adaptation, media buzz 🐝, BITCOIN is a rocket 🚀!!!

No deceased?! I seriously cannot stand some of y’all. Wear a fucking mask and social distance Of course!? More people are moving around and it’s now in the air. Take precautions and stay safe....💆🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️ The numbers CANNOT BE TRUSTED and you are fear mongering pimps! Thank you Donald Trump! CCP continuously sends different virus to the US. Take down the CCP!

Still cant understand why the international community is not saying anything to this on-going killings in Nigeria...? Quite chilling Sweet lady Bitcoin! She is kill-ing-it! I love the Bitcoin supporters too. 'Sophisticated intellectuals' and 'Futurists' were two of my favorite descriptions! Let's go BITCOIN! 🔥

realDonaldTrump 'we are rounding the turn' The number of new cases is not itself the problem, but the fact that it leads to higher hospitalizations is. Many hospitals are beginning to run out of room already, and we’re not even into the winter yet. Are we still going to use the strategy of ignoring it, it will go away?

Ten more days and Trump is KAPUT. 😡 The population of the United States is over 300 million people. Failed country. Are they covid-19 cases or corona virus cases? Big difference... Hey CNN, how about telling the “Whole truth “...or is the “whole truth absent from CNN’s capabilities ?” There will Always be more “case” when there is more “testing “. How about the Actual number of “cases” that no loner have it? 🤔

Trump is a mass murderer TrumpDoesntCare Shows you there are a lot of stupid people out there. I can shop, go to Target, CostCo, grocery store and work part time in a retail store. Still not sick or tested positive. How hahaha liezlagrimas It's a hoax It's going away I didn't want a panic You been Trumped !

locuta USA population 20*17 million : 80.000 positieve tests NL population 1* 17 miljoen: 10.000 positieve tests Your Breaking News, CNN, should concern the Netherlands ! Biden loses no matter what lies you tell....... and now they got their case that people will be scary to go out and sad. Is there a correlation between Trump rallies and spikes in CV19?

How many died, what is the % off people that don't recover. Yes but did you report that 110 people die everyday in car collisions and that since COVID hit we have record numbers of depression, suicides, illiteracy! Let’s gain the most cases we can...fuck the facts But... but... Donald said... Trump:in control

That’s what we experienced in Europe 2 weeks ago and the numbers are climbing! The 2nd wave 🌊 😷 theo_fletcher Is it winter over there in America now? Are them sick? Or just cases.. Let’s get to a million a day!! murica 1 Of those.... How many are on a ventilator? How many will die in 2wks? How many are fine? How may have mild symptoms and will recover just fine?

So funny that they never talk about how blm protest had a impact on COVID-19 in the USA. Cases or deaths Seems like the virus really like cool temperature, but when it enters the lungs, it warms up the medium. Just wear mask will you people !? wearmask makealiving livelihoodmatters coronavirus pandemic COVID19 facemask NoMoreLockdowns WearAMask

Also more people are starting to travel and getting tested 72 hours before flying is required. Just saying... I don't care! This lockdown is pointless! What about our economy? Who going to have to pay for it? The youth has too!! How many flu cases? Since the flu and this covid 19 are both a coronavirus then the test could be a false positive or picking up the flue symptoms. My question is why get tested if you are not sick or showing any signs?

From American dream to American nightmare. TrumpLegacy loading AmericaVotes AmericaDecides Stay Tuned, More to come... Well done Mr President outstanding record 👍🏻. realDonaldTrump hope you got your bags packed , a dithering pensioner is getting your job. All the best for the future like BorisJohnson history will not be kind

America is serious. meiselasb Good news! WE ARE ROUNDING THE CORNER! Phew... Thank goodness. TrumpPandemicFailure The problems arising from COVID-19 are becoming more dramatic in the United States. The people need to come together to make this scenario less tragic, with more comprehensive solutions. There is a huge difference between “corona infection” and “ corona tested positive” which doesn’t mean one has the virus. After now almost 8 months the MSM still don’t know the difference!

Well done Mr President outstanding record 👍🏻. realDonaldTrump hope you got your bags backed, a dithering pensioner is getting your job. All the best for the future like BorisJohnson history will not be kind I don’t understand why so many get tested when they have No symptoms. Maybe because democrats tell you to because if you fever is 99 you have covid symptom. Might be because you’ve been in the heat. Da stop testing people and they can’t use these numbers.

FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR...did I mention FEAR?! 10月23日 中共已经准备好与全世界开战,以再次绑架14亿人民作为其最好的武器,西方世界准备好了吗? October 23, the CCP is ready to go to war with the whole world by kidnapping 1.4 billion people again as its best weapon. Western world, are you ready? Super speeder trump ramping it up Reported by who? That’s what happens when the leader undermines scientists. We are good here in Africa (places he called s**tholes).

Tired of lockdown and wearing masks?, come visit Tanzania in East Africa where corona pandemic is history now, life is normal here for at least 6 months now. Thanks goes to President Magufuli for leading the nation to put God first cnn can you also report on the number of people who recover? Seems newsworthy.

And 99% of them will recover. Am I the only one that sees chewbacca or at the very least a yorkshireterrior instead of this lady’s hair bun Will keep rising until after the election. On day 1 of Messias Joe Biden‘s presidency it will miraculusly start dropping - even in New York and Chicago in winter - haleluja!

🌿😷🙏💚 Crap Thanks to the Spreader in Chief... We're having a bit of a meltdown here in Oz. We had 3 new cases today. Not 80,000....3 !! meiselasb Ya think it could have something to do with all that testing?🙄 And just two weeks before the election. Isn’t that interesting. Maybe test a hundred people then you will have no cases... Cases mean nothing, but Cases do not mean you are going to die... '99.2%cases all self recover stop fear mongering Report actual Covid deaths idiots.

We are lucky ours is decreasing We could have been Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand or even Germany, but no, this administration has completely failed the American people, it's time to vote them out and then hold them accountable Testing has increased. False. 'Cases' are NOT of COVID-19 nor infection by SARS-CoV-2.

realDonaldTrump told people not to be afraid and that the virus would go away and a lot of people believed him. How many of them are mask wearers? I feel like a LOT of you would learn quite a bit from reading even one, single, solitary article or perspective about the pandemic written outside of America. Like... wow. The Stockholm Syndrome is serious.

TrumpVirus Fake news LOL ..RIGHT BEFORE ELECTION..!!! Everyone bunker up. Shutter your windows and close all business. There’s a virus out there with 99.9% survival rate. We must be very afraid!! Incompetent TRUMP thinks it's all gonna go away soon. He's had it you know. Stay Safe 😷😷😷 Just take care and be healthy until you have vaccines. Don't try to break your hospitalization

The sky is falling! The election is close this is a great tactic of scaring voters, as you highlight infections you should also highlight how many deaths out of those infections have occurred We must have done more test than any other day. The more test the more cases. We don’t test and it goes away. Much like STDs and pregnancy.

BLM = Biden Laptop Matter Oops realDonaldTrump We all have to suffer because dirty ass anti maskers don't want to breathe their own stank breath. Whay a world. CNN is always protecting corrupt old Joe because they are all CCP controlled puppets. I appreciate all the statistical data and opinions from the Epidemiologists commenting. . Oh wait, not educated doctors, Epidemiologists, or public health officials? I'll get my info from Dr. Fauci thanks though! 🤪

“The Donald “ keeps claiming “we’re going round the bend”. That phrase means “going crazy”. Look it up. It’s in the Oxford dictionary. And it true. Crazy! Crazy like another trump super spreader rally. Let’s see if he can get the daily “number” up to 100,000. Trump loves numbers realDonaldTrump is this the corner we are rounding with the virus? You are to blame for all the American lives lost.

Guy shut up about this fuck virus watch the numbers go down after november 4th But you guys don’t F$KING where masks - what do you expect - IDIOTS they whole lot if you Fly all of them to Walter Read Hospital in helicopters because they also deserve the best care. We’re 1 in the world guys! Keep it up! 🙄

It’s how addition works. There is no season, everyday is the worst day of Covid because the number only can go up... Now, new deaths without any extra factors like diabetes or high blood pressure, or maybe a combination of both? That would be of concern. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Chinese mind programming department are flexing their muscles . It’s only just begun .

Wow. Magically 2 weeks b4 the election I’m a teacher and we just got put back into the classroom 2 weeks ago so... this does not surprise me one bit. Come on by and just relax! :) It’s trump having all of these death rallies. I believe it will reach 100,000 before the election, just as the Chinese government demanded zero diagnosis in all provinces in March, which is artificial political need, these Numbers are fake to prevent people from going out to vote and to prevent Trump's re-election.

And? 99.99% will fully recover. How convenient Om Mani Padme Hung 🙏🙏🙏 How come there is nothing about hunters laptop? Vote these stupid bastards out SEE .? SEE Trump is killing us all! It’s thanks to Trump super spreader campaign rallies Trump2020 We can't hold trump accountable for all 200 plus thousand American deaths from covid but because of his inaction, ignorance & lack of leadership he is responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths. I ask what would America's legal system do with a mass murder in any other case?

But the 🍊man said the US was over it that it was going to disappear 😬🧐 AND WHO IS RESPONSABLE? Our hospital is full and staff is tired. Wear a mask and distance. Ya ya like we believe you The Liar-in-chief Trump said 'we're turning the corner.' Sick, sick, president. Crushing it out there. Nothing in the article giving factual support for increased hospitalizations specifically due to COVID. It’s the start of flu season.

Has anyone wondered why Trump who touts how unsick he was got flown to hospital but his wife who was much sicker was left behind? (I don't think she allowed to make decisions) If he thinks eye candy will re-elect him...another falsehood Look at all this willful stupidity. Listen to the doctors and scientists, not the dipshit liar superspreader with tiny hands.

Nobody cares. Life goes on. If you’re terrified and don’t want to take any risks. Lock yourself and your loved ones at home. Cases don’t mean much unless you look at the serious cases and deaths in comparison realDonaldTrump has already killed over 200000 Americans & before Americans are able to kick him out will kill further 150000 before end of February . Us reported more than 80000new trump virus infected. Highest daily no case. Still doesn’t accept his mistakes.

So. Much. Winning. 😔 Looks like red states want to wipe themselves out While the idiot president is running around saying the virus is going away !!!!if I were a health care worker I would refuse to treat people that refuse to wear a mask!!!! Don’t come to my facility!!!!! What are the death numbers? SocialMedia411 This part of the article is just as important (if you don;t have time to read it): 'The good news ... is that the country's Covid-19 mortality rate has decreased by about 85% thanks to multiple factors, including the use of remdesivir, steroids and better management of patients.'

Trump says america is turning the corner. Figures don't lie, trump does though. Republican leaders need to stand up against him This scare tactic is real i see. Yes corona is real but 80k yesterday nah Put your mask on. Social distance. Care about someone other than yourself. You shouldn’t need the federal or state government to mandate you do the right thing and be a decent person.

It’s horrific the Republican President & Republican Senate won’t discuss a mask mandate — liberty/choice etc — when Americans are falling ill & dying by the thousands of COVID19 but are utterly willing to take away a woman’s right to make choices about her own health & own body. Thank you trump Yet still no national testing measures

Rounding the corner straight into lockdown realDonaldTrump good job numbnuts We must be doing more that makes sense Awesome! Another step closer to herd immunity! and Europe is reporting 200, 000 in one day... can they blame Trump too? So They should close everything down. We can’t chance getting sick ever. We should pad our houses too in case we trip. Be careful everyone xoxo

vote VoteBlueToSaveAmerica DitchMitch TrumpVirus Just like the Democrats I’m talking about pollutions don’t want schools open there trying to turn American children dum as a third world country. It would be easier to still there rights with no education. People better watch these people there children stay wealthy and educated

80,000 new cases means 79,995 new survivors of covid 19 The truth is if you reported the people recovering just fine there wouldn’t be a pandemic... It ain’t working. You’re getting 4 more years of Trump. Yep keep fear mongering to try to help the Big Guy. 79,999 probably don’t know that they have it. Fall/winter is when other respiratory viruses spread and if you do your research the PCR test is not that accurate and picks up dead virus a lot.

Wait what?! I thought realDonaldTrump said it was a hoax a few months ago jackwagon •IMF, World Bank: Covid lockdowns and economic recession may drag 100 million people into extreme poverty and set back poor nations by ten years. • Oh it’s from CNN 😂 I think it’s time we burn every American to the ground. This should stop this virus.

RT if you do not personally know anyone who has been infected with COVID-19. Trump is doing an amazing job for you people. Just ask him. Fake News.... it's disappeared and Americans have learnt to live with it! P/S. This is sarcasm. Hey,but it's going away, right? And...if the queen had balls,she'd be the king. I wonder how many people actually believe that bs?BidenHarrisLandslide2020

What is the hospitalization rate? How many are in the ICU? What is the load on hospitals especially the IUC? Didn’t trump , just last night, sag it was turning the corner ( or something like that). And the fatality rate KEEPS PLUMMETING. This count is not accurate. I know many people who were told they need to get tested, never did and still got notice that they were positive. This is happening all the time. These numbers are inflated and not true. The death rate is around .05%. Open this country

Good job trump And 2 days ago Trump said we had it in control Rounded the corner so strongly, I believe we've done a 360. Well fucking deserved Yeah, right before people go out and vote in person. How convenient huh? Total Trump failure. No plan. Just lets Americans die. Is is the beginning of second phase which is gonna be worst than first?

Don't worry Donny needs to win election... Stimulus is a side-note to that bozo! Now do hospitalizations and deaths .................. Way to go Trump! I seriously cannot stand some of y’all. Wear a fucking mask and social distance Stop all this testing! We need to round the corner! Also broke the all-time testing record by over 80,000 too. Positive % is still flat, and false positives are running ~3%-5%~, that we know of. But those statistics don't matter as context I guess...

Anybody else see a dog ....just saying 😂 The mask is working!!!! Two words....not good. This administration has no clue what it's doing. And Trump promised it would disappear and that we are currently rounding the corner. How can any sane person agree with that assessment? Yup, we’re turning the corner...That's a hospital down the block. A little further down the road is the Trump Pandemic Cemetary.

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 America makes me want to puke. Why do I live here? Thanks realDonaldTrump “It’s going away”. Didn’t Donald say it turned the corner ? Apparently turned heading directly at us. Mask up! Rounding the curve. realDonaldTrump TrumpIsNotAmerica BidenHarris2020 The real question is are people sick.

Fake news. Fake tests voting is turd immunity I guess this is the turn Trump mentioned. Awesome Traditional fishing Android videos Most other countries have this under control by now Orange man incompetent Sigh. We need a new leader.

'Please stay home:' COVID-19 tightens grip on U.S. MidwestSix U.S. states reported record day-over-day increases in COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday, according to a Reuters analysis, as infections rose across the Midwest and elsewhere, prompting new clampdowns on residents, schools and businesses. Why European assembly silent for 30 yrs?UN had declared resolution where Karabakh is recognized as the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.But no one contributed to execute of these obligations TheAngriestCountry StopArmenianAgression ArmeniaEndTheOccupation ArmenianTerror You believe R state numbers? Don't be a dumb ass. Florida numbers have been criminal this whole time!

First large-scale US Covid-19 vaccine trial reaches target of 30,000 participantsModerna, the first company to start US clinical trials of a Covid-19 vaccine, on Thursday finished enrolling all 30,000 of its participants. Get ready to invest in wheelchair and personal helmet companies! There should be a big boost in demand here shortly then after a year or two after rollout injections on everybody from irreversible side effects. Good luck to those 30,000 people. You are very brave! After Covid is sorted, and we all know it will be, what is Biden running on again? Nothing. The economy was great before Covid and under Trump and would be after as well. Vote for Bernie, not Biden.

WSJ News Exclusive | Palantir to Help U.S. Track Covid-19 VaccinesData-mining company Palantir is helping the federal government set up a system that will track the manufacture, distribution and administration of Covid-19 vaccines, state and local health officials briefed on the effort said Why? 227,419

The real reason Covid contact tracing apps aren't working in the U.S..tiffanycli: We do not have the government leadership necessary for the mass testing and contact tracing needed to slow the coronavirus and save lives. tiffanycli Starts from the local government up. So you’re right. Go call NYGovCuomo tiffanycli the rest of the country gets on with their lives. tiffanycli Italy just proved that keeping people home did not slow the spread. It showed people were more likely to get it in their own homes. Selective reporting?

Faulty US Covid-19 response meant 130,000 to 210,000 avoidable deaths, report finds'We estimate that at least 130,000 deaths and perhaps as many as 210,000 could have been avoided with earlier policy interventions and more robust federal coordination and leadership,' says a report released by a team of disaster preparedness experts Whilst you're estimating CNN can you find Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and Jill Biden an interview them in front of the world you look guilty and any Media station that is not talking about it 24/7 is hiding it for Biden he's paying you guys under the table to not speak Duh..the president didnt do shit but was in denial. Trump enacts Travel-Ban; he is called Racist Pelosi says 'it's just a distraction from impeachment; go ahead and do big group events...' Cuomo sends all the sick/infected to Long-Term-Care facilities; to infect others... See a trend?

Gilead's remdesivir gets U.S. FDA approval for use in hospitalized COVID-19 patientsGilead said it is currently meeting real-time demand for remdesivir, which is sold under the brand name Veklury, in the United States and anticipates meeting global demand by the end of October. Remdesivir, previously granted emergency use authorization by the FDA for COVID-19, was one of the drugs Didn’t I read a week ago it wasn’t effective?