The Top Ten 'Big Brother' Winners Of All Time, Ranked

The Top Ten ‘Big Brother’ Winners Of All Time, Ranked

4/20/2021 2:10:00 AM

The Top Ten ‘Big Brother’ Winners Of All Time, Ranked

Big Brother winners are some of the best to ever play the game. Find out which Big Brother season winner we have ranked in the number one spot!

Big Brotherand performing extremely well there. When someone is as talented and diverse as Moss is in his social gameplay, they certainly deserve a placement on this list.7. Maggie Ausburn (Season 6)(CBS/YouTube)Big Brother,you missed out on the first time a person truly played the “villain” role and won the game.

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It’s fair to say that when your alliance dubs themselves “The Good Guys” and names the alliance “Friendship,” there’s a pretty good chance that the people watching at home are going to turn against you. The “Friendship” alliance, that Ausburn helped lead, was often seen as volatile, cliquey, and abusive towards the other castmates. Viewers at home instead decided to root for the underdog alliance of the house as they were seen as the misfits of the house.

Ausburn deserves all the credit in the world for keeping such a dynamic, destructive alliance together. Her persuasion skills were literally off the chart and almost ruled the alliance with a cult-like mentality. Allying herself with many big personalities and targets, she perfected the “flying under the radar” strategy. After her narrow 4-3 win in the finals,

: “I feel like a lot of my strategic moves were to not come out and be the aggressor, not be the person who shines so much, but try to blend in and maintain my competitive edge that I had.”6. Nicole Franzel (Season 18)(CBS/YouTube)Of the handful of players to have played

Big Brotherthree times, Nicole Franzel’s finishing placements are clearly better than the rest. In season 16, which included one of the strongestBig Brothercasts of all time, she placed seventh. She then went on to win season 18 with a 5-4 win over. Finally, in season 22 during

Big Brother: All Stars, she finished third. That is quite an impressive resumé over three separate appearances.Franzel also has the record for most days spent inside of theBig Brotherhouse with 255 days—that’s gotta stand for something! What’s most impressive about Franzel was that she was able to execute three different styles of gameplay throughout her

Big Brothercareer: aggressive, flying under the radar, and being a part of a dominant alliance. Anyone that can be that well-versed and be tested in so many different situations and excel is certainly worth being in the conversations as the best of all time.

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She was also known for having multiple showmances, which certainly aided her social gameplay and offered had protection from other players in the house. One fun fact about Franzel was that the person she’s married to now,, played on the same season with her in season 18, and he didn’t even vote for her to win in the end!

5. Andy Herren (Season 15)(CBS/YouTube)Due to the very nature of the game,Big Brotherrequires you to have the ability to lie, bluff, and deceive your opponents at any given moment. Andy Herren might in fact be the nicest liar that the world has ever seen.

Just watch the following clip of Herren in action here, convincing Helen that he doesn’t know of anyone coming after her:It’s almost second nature for Herren to casually reassure someone; his persuasive skills are off the charts!He was responsible for so many of the shocking backstabs and blindsides during the eviction ceremonies, and yet still was in the good grace of the house. So much in fact that he didn’t receive a single vote for eviction throughout the entire tenure of the show. How is that even possible?

But another testament to Herren’s game was the fact that he knew at the final four that he was the biggest target left in the game, and took it upon himself to win the HOH at four and again in the final 3 to essentially secure his spot as the Big Brother winner. He just had too big of a resumé for the jury to ignore when all was said and done.

Herren ended up winning with a 7-2 vote at the the end of the show. Despite being perceived as a “” to some viewers at home, there’s no denying his dominant deceptive gameplay and social prowess.4. Derrick Levasseur (Season 16)(CBS/YouTube)It almost feels criminal to not have Derrick Levasseur listed in at least the final three spots, but with so much competition facing him, this is unfortunately where he’s going to fall.

Levasseur from day one had everyone wrapped around his finger, and it clearly showed as he is only one of six people all time to have never been nominated for eviction. He was a part of the alliances of “The Bomb Squad,” “Los Tres Amigos,” and “The Rationale.” He also had a final two deal with Cody Calafiore called “The Hitmen” and even had a secondary backup deal with Victoria Rafaeli. Even with all of these alliances and connections, no one suspected a thing and they thought Derrick was always with them.

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Derrick’s charisma and gift of gab certainly served him well throughout the competition. He was even a part of the secret organization called “Team America” in which he had to perform secret missions for extra cash throughout the season decided by America’s vote at home. Check out the clip below of one of Derrick’s best scenes during season 15 so you can really get a grasp of how perceptual and intuitive he was throughout the game:

Would it surprise you if we told you that Levasseur was a? Probably not, right? We certainly wouldn’t want to be interrogated by Derrick, that’s for sure!3. Will Kirby (Season 2)(CBS/YouTube)Big Brothermay not be where it is today, or even here at all, if it weren’t for Dr. Will Kirby.

Kirby essentially wrote the playbook on how to play Read more: Gossip Cop »

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