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The Surest Way to Get a Coronavirus Test in College: Play Football

As the college football season gets underway in some places—but not others—student athletes are being tested much more than their fellow undergraduates

9/11/2020 9:30:00 AM

As the college football season gets underway in some places—but not others—student athletes are being tested much more than their fellow undergraduates

As the college football season gets underway in some places—but not others—student athletes are being tested much more than their fellow undergraduates.

Sept. 10, 2020 10:40 am ETWhen Kansas State’s football team takes the field against Arkansas State on Saturday, the athletic department will have administered more than 750 coronavirus tests this week to its 255 fall sports athletes and coaches, as required by Big 12 Conference health protocols that call for thrice-weekly testing.

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The rest of the university’s 21,000 students aren’t getting the same scrutiny. Those students can volunteer to participate in a sampling program that will administer up to 275 tests a week, though the school has the capacity... Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

SyracuseU has performed 32k tests for a student population of 22k. They’re currently doing another *required* round Also testing each resident hall’s waste water to identify Covid. 35 students suspended from violating safe practices Syracuse COVID19 Even the NFL season probably won't be completed. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. This lasts until 2022.

Can we talk about high school football tho

10 changes to watch for as college football season kicks offFrom the College Football Playoff to missing rivalries to new rules, brush up on what's different around the game amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Walk-up COVID-19 testing kiosk launches at Union StationRoughly 500 tests will be available each day at a mobile coronavirus testing kiosk opening Thursday at Union Station in Los Angeles.

Trump responds to Woodward book saying he played down coronavirus: 'We had to show calm'President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he was aiming to avoid panic in the early days of COVID-19's spread, as he responded to well-known journalist Bob... Is this market watch? lying is not showing calm... its lying. taking decisive action would have shown calm. But, that would have taken Intelligence Being cool and calm is not the same as playing down an existential crisis unfolding leading to not taking the proper precautions and not educating the public correctly of the dangers. RESULT? AT LEAST tens of thousands dead and millions infected unnecessarily in the US.

Trump Admitted to Woodward That He Downplayed the Coronavirus. And There Are Tapes.Weeks before the first confirmed U.S. case of the coronavirus, President Donald Trump admitted to legendary investigative journalist Bob Woodward that he knew the coronavirus that’s now killed 190,000 Americans was airborne, highly contagious, and “more deadly than even your strenuous flus.” And there And every single brain-dead Trump cult member will dismiss this as...wait for it...FAKE NEWS. Who the f does that? According to the Lancet study joe Biden caused the deaths of 600 thousand with his support for the Iraq war. Anyone who voted for the Iraq war should never be president .

Thailand tests nearly 600 people exposed to mystery coronavirus caseThailand said on Wednesday it had tested nearly 600 people potentially exposed to the country's first domestic coronavirus case in over three months, but has so far found no new infections. FreeJulianAssange Potentially exposed. It is not 'a mystery case', you can't eradicate this virus that easily because it stays circulating in asymptomatic cases and those who don't assume they have it. If he met someone on day 10, that one again on day 10, and so on, technicaly 35 people can keep it alive for a year.

What are the challenges of mass testing?The government is shooting for the Moon on testing - but what are the chances of landing the plans? Justifying the unjustifiably gargantuan cost to the exchequer (taxpayer) of a system bound to struggle to even superficially succeed (even with best luck re: related technological advances), let alone deliver lasting results (absent a total shutdown of all international travel). The challenges of mass testing? Here's some REAL science for a change: