The Strokes' 'The New Abnormal' Is Here: Stream It Now

4/10/2020 7:36:00 AM

“The New Abnormal” has arrived!

The Comedown Machine.The nine-track album features previously released singles"At the Door,""Bad Decisions" and"Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus." The project was produced by Rick Rubin and recorded at his Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, California, and features cover art of painting by late neo-expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat called"Bird on Money."

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¡Qué horror! ¿Qué pretenden? ¿Sacar hasta el aburrimiento un álbum aún peor que el anterior? theStrokes have played them many times on my show , this is a 1 hour show BillboardSpeakUp CountThe10kBillboard billboardspeakup CountThe10KBillboard Billboard200 billboardspeakup CountThe10kBillboard billboardspeakup

p_oneezy you listen yet? Billboard200 BillboardRecalculate billboardspeekup AddThe10kBillboard Owen_Corrigan28 didn’t even know it was dropping BillboardSpeakOut billboardspeakup CountThe10kBillboard AddThe10kBillboard STREAMCALM billboardspeakup BillboardAddThe10k billboardinclude10k BillboardIncludeThe10k

Bless you thestrokes :’) how long is this gonna take, you guys name it cause we could do this forever billboardspeakup CountThe10kBillboard billboardspeakup CountThe10kBillboard billboardspeakup CountThe10kBillboard I’m in love with the album but we still gotta talk about you not addressing the 5sos situation BillboardSpeakUp BillboardAddThe10k

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Charli XCX Announces New Album 'How I'm Feeling Now'billboardspeakup AddThe10kBillboard AddThe10kBillboard billboardspeakup Oh, be careful, Charli, they could make some mistake. billboardspeakup AddThe10kBillboard

John Anderson Interview on Poignant New Album 'Years'&34;It’s like the man had things he wanted to say and we were just lucky enough to be there,&34; The Black Keys&39; Dan Auerbach, who co-produced & co-wrote the project, tells Billboard. johnanderson danauerbach johnanderson danauerbach Country music at its finest👏🏻❤️👍🏻 johnanderson danauerbach billboardspeakup CountThe10KBillboard Billboard200

The Weeknd Says 'Faith' Recalls 'The Darkest Time of My Entire Life'Despite the song&39;s title, The Weeknd says in a new interview that &34;Faith&34; -- from his two-week Billboard 200-topping album After Hours -- has nothing to do with religion. BILLBOARDSPEAKUP billboardspeakup countthe10kbillboard STREAMCALM Billboard200

Andrew Rayel's 'Stars Collide': ExclusiveListen to Andrew_Rayel’s new trance anthem StarsCollide (exclusive) Andrew_Rayel Ok Andrew_Rayel billboardspeakup AddThe10kBillboard Andrew_Rayel BillboardSpeakUp not a word ?

Justin Timberlake On Bill Withers Inspiring 'Can't Stop the Feeling'JT also shared his love for the late Bill Withers -- and the icon&39;s song that inspired &34;Can&39;t Stop the Feeling.&34; jtimberlake billboardcounthe10k jtimberlake billboardspeakup jtimberlake billboardspeakup

Kellen of Troy's 'Some Tune We All Already Know' VideoKellen of Troy offers a look inside his creative process in the new video for his &34;Some Tune We All Already Know.&34; KellenofTroy We won’t stop so you better say something BillboardRecalculate billboardincludethe10k BillboardAddThe10k billboardspeakup KellenofTroy That's wavy.