'The Simpsons' Seemed To Get İt Right Again About The İnauguration - Cnn

'The Simpsons' Seemed To Get İt Right Again About The İnauguration - Cnn

'The Simpsons' seemed to get it right again -- by predicting part of the inauguration

'The Simpsons' seemed to get it right again -- by predicting part of the inauguration

1/22/2021 11:00:00 AM

'The Simpsons' seemed to get it right again -- by predicting part of the inauguration

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Again The Simpsons are a blueprint of what's still to happen on planet earth They didn't predict shit its programming cần 1 người bạn chia sẻ buồn vui và gánh nặng cuộc sống! Yêu thương thật lòng vui tính dễ chịu và nghiêm túc trong tình yêu We need followers Know one talks about the scary part, the fact its cnn posting this

shut up Simpsons looks better.. Crazyy! My beautiful Queen with great soul God bless you Or the Democrats look to the Simpsons for what to do and say...? I didn’t know Lisa Simpson also gave bj’s to her superiors ghvbiigi🤦🏼‍♀️🏀😁 CNN lets us all know that they get there intel from solid sources like The Simpsons. Top notch journalism

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I doubt Lisa Simpson had to sluck Willie Browns willy to get a job. this is so dumb. Is it possible that someone on her team watches the Simpsons? Not at all surprising she’s wearing a pearl necklace Mot phu nu binh thuong nuoi mot con trai 10 tuoi.Nghenghiep lam vuon.Chi mong co mot cuoc song binh lang thoi.

Mạnh mẽ,bốc lửa NAME? wearenotbackingdown RevolutionNow ✊🏿🚩SoroSoke FREESOLOMONAKUMA This inauguration will be the most remembered one in history because because this administration is handed down the most corrupt, dishonest, reckless, divisive, unpredictable deceitful Congress senate and house in American history. It's not going to be an easy fix many many years

Im pretty sure the Simpsons writers come from the Future!! Tìm chị em tấm sự k rằng buộc kb zl Vui lòng PM để trao đổi SDT Vui lòng PM để trao đổi SDT liberal theater Nahhhhh this is too much now the media religion will mock what's on TV or movies in order to vindicate it's own Mediatism gods. Funny Sunday story...more episodes to come maybe? 🍿🍿🍿🤣🤣🤣

Bunlar Amerikan kültüründen asosyanlar, hepsi o kadar.. Vui vẻ, hòa đồng, dễ gần Why is no one freaking out over how correct simpson's predictions are like call the fbi or somthing frr Bruh what Retread purple puff pieces make CNN a dull woke boy girl Great style, but Kamala wore it better. Kamala harris, you're a liar

Cartoon is just a cartoon can't run the world lol I disagree cause I would have voted for Lisa Simpson. Love the hues and all shades of this color ...A very feminine color... tôi là 1 người biết yêu thương và sẵn lòng chia sẻ Jesus no they didn't, just a coincidence, give us some actual fucking news! tìm bạn đàng hoàng, tâm sự kín hii

Great! Now show them the 9/11 bit aired in the nineties. Again. The Simpsons haven't predicted anything LMAO Was it prediction or playing out a playbook? On the right: the scenario On the left: the actor 👍 Me la ricordo benissimo quella puntata🔮 I tweeted this hours ago waaaaaat D.C is now Disneyland...Where the world will love us as long as were nice to the world...The toughest then we have now is against the bad guys of the world...is the period ..when it synchronizes once a month with the women put in high positions for Pres. Dum Dum

wow It’s seem that people following “Simpsons” trend. Not they predict instead they order to do this. Dünya halkları aptal değil ..senaryolarınızı uyguluyorsunuz ama YENİLECEKSİNİZ KAZANAMAYACAKSINIZ BAŞARAMAYACAKSINIZ Sizi YENECEĞİZ Sizi YOKEDECEĞİZ.. Has anyone ever considered that politicians could be fans of the Simpsons and do this shit as a joke? Lol Not necessarily nefarious, nor is it predictive really. Though admittedly the trend of 'accuracy' is a bit weird lol

🤣 🤣 🤣 Interesting Wow news in America is really poor Whoooooo Or maybe VP is trolling the Simpsons. I never get this why do they keep reposting this over and over this is like the 6th time The Simpsons are always right CNN spreading another fake news How many times will you tweet this? At this point i guess Americans watch the Simpsons and decide what to do in life.. Trump obviously an addict for any cartoon

Or a more plausible explanation is that Kamala watched the episode before her inauguration 🤷🏾‍♂️ I see Ted Turner as one of the Simpsons Directors or Producer? But I know I see his Name there. Rolling out there Agenda. You've Tweeted the same for days now... surely there is something else happening in the world right now?

Something fishy is going on Purple was the Colour of the Roman Senate, That is who there plagiarising, They think there the old senate of Rome, Until Rome was burnt to the Ground ,that is Larry Lee Moniz & The Giant Claw via YouTube Jugglers are liars even if they say it's true we're being trolled hard lol love it

The Simpsons did not fulfill its duty towards the nation, I mean the oath, the character was in the past and the vice president is in the present, I mean in front of the olive branch and flowers🤷‍♀️😁🙆‍♀️ I thought it's Hillary!!! I thought it's Hillary👀 (cnn) لجلب الحبيب ورد المطلقة في ساعة إلا ثلث She read the book ahead of time

Did they also predict not giving healthcare to everyone during a pandemic? OR —- perhaps somebody maybe kinda saw that episode? Did they predict the disastrous start, the job cuts, the increase in prices for medicine, the increases in Gas prices and men being allowed into girls locker rooms just to appease a few left wing radicals? How about the riots in Seattle? How accurate were they really ?

RIP people believing this I would rather have lisa Simpson. She would be a much better VEEP. Same episode they predicted the former President too. Nope, that was supposed to be Hillary R. Clinton. Bit of a stretch. Purple is an easy go-to color when you want to portray 'unity' because red and blue make purple (duh) and pearls are just aristocrat, high profile, old-timey nonsense.

Even down to the pearls! Simpsons be on that demon vibe Lisa Simpson sucked dick to advance her career. Wow the simpsons are dark What is nonsense? You make plans yourself and then you start telling people through cartoons. I don't know what these secret powers want and what they will do with this world

Your network sucks.... the end. this is terrible news The hair doesn’t match, how come this a right prediction? GBrizman ראית קודם No they didn't. Kamala isn't the president which is the most important point. She wore purple before, she has pearl most of the time. So the prediction is Lisa becoming president, but Kamala once again isn't president.

Trouble finding serious news stories? ffs CNN 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Easy to predict something when you plan to do something in the future. Would be a great milestone in 248 years of this nation. 👍👍👍👍 Joe Biden already got his Pfizer Vaccine..maybe he might be suffering health issues in the future مهم نیست که بایدن رئیس جمهور باشد یا کس دیگه،مهم این است که ما نمیگذاریم امریکا برای دنیا تعیین تکلیف کند،امریکا باید مثل کشورهای دیگر عادی رفتار کند چون اون با سوئیس،برزیل یا افغانستان تفاوتی نمیکند،امریکا یا باید مثل کشورهای دیگر عادی رفتار کند یا باید نابود شود

They were trying like hell to portray Hillary not camela The pearls tho🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I thought purple Bc she’s the VP for ALL Americans; red and blue states both. So, the purple is red & blue mixed. HillaryClinton wore purple too. Unity. PatMcAfeeShow time traveler... Well i guess it could be correct considering she is from an Asian decent.

Did Lisa Simpson heels up harris with willie brown? Or Kamala watched that episode. Not close enough. Islam is anti-Semitic, Islam defines Semitism as racism. Therefore, North America and Europe, including Russia, are fighting Islam and considering it as terrorism. 💖💖 Just weird.. those writers have a looking glass..it’s scary 😟

What episode is this? ✔️.. 👀⬇️.. Did they project the first woman VP? The first black woman VP? The first woman of Asian descent VP? You are being lied to and manipulated by corporate media. i do not believe in this simpson Or is it a conspiracy of the simpsons guys So Harris didn't watch the Simpsons. Don't be stupid

Harris isn’t the President. This isn’t a story, just more SJW garbage. 😂😂😂😂Sorry! What if Matt Groening is a time traveler? 😳 They seem to always do. Tired of these simpsons 'predictions ' diaryrektman Tomjdr54 🙂🙂🙂 Simpson has been trending since way back PDaytonp2 The color purple was used by suffragettes, both Kamala and Lisa are feminists and paying homage to the women that came before them. Also, blue and red combined make purple so if you want to represent unity in the USA, you wear purple. 😘

What part did they get right? The color purple? Lisa wasn't VP in that episode, and she was the Simpsons equivalent of a white person, not asian or black. It's the opposite way, Watching the episode scene and then enjoy turning it into reality ... Or... did the VP watch 'The Simpsons' the night before to learn what she was to wear? Ha-ha! (In the voice of Nelson)

Thẳng thắn, nghiêm túc, ghét người sống 2 mặt ( giả dối ). Muốn tìm người giống tôi để tiến xa hơn. Weird.... is the writer a médium ? It would be nice if Simpsons make an episode with the next lottery results ☺ Waw Just saw this episode last night... Thân thiên ,thích du lịch nâu an nhưng ko thích rửa chén

She makes it known to us before now. KemiOlunloyo Nghiêm túc trong chuyện tình cảm And also this 😁 Shut up 垃圾货 I love that everyone keeps comparing her to Lisa. Yall didn't bother to watch the episode did you lol But Kamala Harris wore a navy blue dress, not purple, in inauguration day. Howiwiwwwww camesaz One more! ahahahah

Harris will be in jail very very soon i guess we have to ask ourselves when does this stop being a coincidence Except Lisa was president, not vice president. And Lisa isn’t Black or Asian. But yeah - identical. 🙄 Nope. Lisa was President here. Not Vice-President. 😄😁😆 'Purple' bad choice.. not gonna bring good luck... purple brings death,and disgrace..

Kamala is really the president? Who let that slip? 😂 everyone were surprised by Ukrainian President well cartoons running the show 😂... tricks of merchants it’s lack of Wisdom as everything already exists and everything is known as you take the step forward.. Obbbbsss😂😂😂😂 Yah 80980 Did matt get on the plane with epstine I think we all know how twitter feels about pedos!!!

Guys let's follow ourselves here on Twitter and grow for gains. Follow me and I follow back. Through that, we grow ourselves and laugh at last. The ones we are following are making it. Let's help ourselves to grow our audience also. top notch news coverage great job president elect 2024-Donald TRUMP Really?

President Cackle But Lisa was President no Vice President!! Exactly the same item tweeted for the second time in days. Not enough people saw it earlier? Có công việc ổn định, chân thành 학교급식 무료로 하시면 EstebanL147 Dude, this is a stretch. Lisa has a pale grey turtle neck, Harris is purple and lower cut. 'The Simpsons' writers are time travellers 🙃

I think this episode is about lisa being a president? Not harris They even got the former president in the epidode. In my place it calls cocoklogi, If you're tripping off on some trip, anything fits, you know? Or maybe VP was taking the mickey by vaguely mimicking the Simpson.... just a thought. “The Simpsons' rn

It's more of a precursor than a prediction. Lisa wasn't inaugurated in that episode. And she was president, not vice president. But...if Harris becomes president, she totally could swap in a gray shirt and repeat Lisa's comments about the budget crunch left by President Trump 🤯 Weird The Simpsons get it right, CNN gets it right, China gets it right, Iran gets it right. Everyone gets it right, except genuine American patriots. Drat!!!

What is related to Trump is evil and brainwashing Racist just coincidence I bet Willie did the pearl necklace long before Lisa. Reasons why people should get their jobs based on merit: this stupid article She will soon become U.S president, that's the plan. No way Lisa Simpson had an affair with a Man twice her age, locked innocent men up, denied a man on death row a DNA test, called her president a racist and believed two women who accused him of molesting them...cmon man

Don't use Simpson In other words Imitation Fashion thie This is a reach. They’re both wearing purple...that’s where this prediction ends Lisa doesn’t cackle Simpsons r looking for attention man created dramas The left always had the 'blueprint', it seems. Hmmm... Astonishing Isn't this illegal? How many times are you going to repeat this?

Sadly they didn't see the communist takeover coming. So, is Lisa Simpson black? This is reverse prediction .. She dressed like Lisa not the other way around The thing is Lisa became president after the president dies or got assassinated Is this what kamala is referring to 🤔😳😊 Biden BidenHarris lusanya_oluseun Hmmmm😹😹🤣🤣🤣I need to check about the zombies stuff

Except Lisa didn’t have to spread her legs to become relevant girang bangat lu apa kau sedang memenangkan mahkota putri sok imut I bet Willie predicted the pearl necklace long before Lisa. Or the designer just watched the Simpson’s Shut up shut up shut up shut up 🥱 FREE OUR PRESIDENT BOBI WINE UGANDA IS BLEEDING MUSEVENI MUST FALL

Nothing is to be highlighted as prediction. It is possible that Kamala Harris was truly inspired by the look, therefore she opted this. I speak for every American Citizen when I say that we won’t accept Biden as our President and that our 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DONALD JOHN TRUMP DESERVES A SECOND TERM. If this doesn’t happen we are all moving to Mexico. RIGGED.

I have to share this with more to spread the word. donlemon in drag as 'Donna Lemonade'.... She wore purple along with Hillary as a symbol of unity. Blue and red makes purple. 'tHe SiMpSoNs pReDiCtEd eVeRyThInG!' The difference is that lisa was the president. or she's a super Simpsons fan and thus even doper than first thought

Prrick Or maybe she copied The Simpsons. That episode aired in 2000 they did not predict, excuse my language, sh*t. The Original influencers Her voice is like Marge. Idk man, I like Lisa Simpson Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow BIDEN will be removed and she will be president next كاملا هارس من اب جميكى وام هنديه مسلمه ناىءب الريس بايدن

Except they could broken apu out of his dated minstrelsy and had apus wife be vp. That would’ve been a better prediction. Blonde hair part was wrong... the goofy smile part was right. *welp* FACT 🤔😅 Not accurate Lisa is white 😆 And also thats a very generic look nothing special about it except how muchnus peons paid for it

Y’all like kameltoe for what? She locked up thousands of minorities Có thời gian rãnh ko biết đi đâu, thì cùng ngồi lại uống ly cafe, trà sữa gì đó....... She yellow now? You calling her Chinese like the paymasters? Everyone loves the simpsons minh thich di du lich quen ban be co cung so thich- vui tinh hoa dong cung moi nguoi nhung mang nhieu tam su buon muon co nguoi chia se vui buon trong cuoc song

Tìm chị em gái không ràng buộc . K tham gia cuoocj sống đời tư của nhau LoL 👅 Biden death and she is president haha good Did anyone stop to think that maybe life is imitating art? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Has anyone considered that maybe, just maybe, The Simpsons subliminally has creeped into peoples heads, and inspires these things, rather than predicts them?

CNN FakeNews fakepandemic . Fweedom .... 😂 This woman brays. Kamala is a hypocrite , she put dozens of ppl in jail for smoking pot yet when she was asked about if she’s ever smoked she basically said yes It's no coincidence because this was when Hillary Clinton ran for presidency in 2016. So if you know the Simpsons, it's clear this was written for the 2016 election.

Thousands of things happening in America and the world. And this is what you come up with. What a stretch. So much journalisming Yep there it is. Cnn's anonymous sources. A fkn cartoon. Do you followers feel stupid right now? BULLCRAB Kamala really is something. Read below screen shot. This was somewhere around October 2020.

Nadie predijo nada. Trump quiere ser presidente desde 1982 y lo logró. Lisa es Democrata y Liberal casualmente a ellos les gusta vestir de Azúl. No es coincidencia o predicción es un patrón. She looks dazzling. I have a cartoon video about it... Oh man! Well wants next. What do the Simpsons predict abt bitcoin

She stole another idea! From to the Simpsons. What will come next? bạn nữ sống ở hà nội nghiêm túc đi đến hôn nhân các bạn quan tâm nhắn qua z.a lo nick nthienphuc vì ở đây k cho để sdt You’re reaching. Lisa was President not Vice President, Lisa isn’t black, and always wears a pearl necklace. Lisa isn't Black?

maybe the entire government is being run by the creators of the Simpsons, Simp-anon. She’ll be president when Biden “gets Corona” ha ha .. that`s exact the right picture for her .. great .... the Simpsons writers definitely using a time machine!! 😁 🤢😏 Ah, food for conspiracy theorists Serious news for serious people.

No way! Looks similar 😁 Ayyyy heck!!! Amazing Simpsons Simpsons also get a lot wrong. There is no path to zero emissions without civilian nuclear power....which in the US has not killed a single person from radiation. The Simpson at it again. Scientists, how is this possible? Simps-anon I’m not sure if y’all see what I see.. Umm Maggie’s yellow!

One more. Does IvankaTrump watch the show 😂 It doesn't surprise me that CNN likes kamaltoe! She is as phoney as they are! Lisa Simpson doesnt have the permanent, deranged fake smile though. Funny 😄 There's an episode there where Trump dies. Unfortunately Or Harris just wore an extremely conventional outfit.

Kamala “America’s Mamala” Harris a big Simpson fan? VP So does this mean Kamala Harris going to be the next US President? I can see that happening but she wont be able to win by voters, only by something that will hinder Biden from doing his job while in office. EngrMAyyaz1 VP Kamala watches 'The Simpsons' a lot I guess.😊

Dam fox is the shit, even cnn ain't got shit to say y’all fuckin trash umma unfollow u rn n follow fox um tired of the lies It's not a prediction and certainly not a coincidence. It's the plan. But too many just dont see it coming hahhahaahaaa🤣 Was it not for presidency rather VP ? :) Next time get advice from the muppet show!

The establishment behind is right.the prediction is planned fuck dont fool us😂😂😉 I smell a conspiracy theory upcoming here....grin......