The Senate could vote on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act this week - KRLD News -

6/22/2022 1:40:00 PM

The Senate could vote on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act this week

The Senate could vote on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act this week

The lawmakers in Washington who have been holding discussions on a gun safety measure in the U.S. Senate have published the actual language of the bill. The Senate could vote on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

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Senate closes in on bipartisan gun safety dealSenators are expected to release the long-awaited text of their bipartisan gun safety bill later today, setting up a possible floor vote on final passage by the end of the week. I bet it doesn’t have the word gun in the bill Hunter has still not faced any consequences for buying a gun illegally WHY NOT TODAY?

U.S. Senate, in 64-34 vote, advances bipartisan gun legislation backed by CornynWeeks after the deadliest school shooting in Texas history, the U.S. Senate has advanced what could be the first major federal legislation on gun safety since 1994. John Cornyn, Texas’ senior senator, was the Republicans’ lead negotiator on the bill. This story does not say how Texas's junior Senator voted... Considering where Texans poll on common sense gun measures it shouldn’t surprise us that he is actually representing his constituents

14 Senate Republicans buck NRA to advance bipartisan gun billFourteen Senate Republicans bucked the National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment advocates on Tuesday to advance bipartisan gun control and school safety legislation.

US Senate Britt, Brooks race tops Tuesday's primary runoff electionMONTGOMERY — The two Republican candidates in Alabama's U.S. Senate primary runoff on Tuesday can each boast that at one point they had Donald Trump's endorsement in the race.

Missouri Senate GOP hopeful Eric Greitens hunts political opponents with guns in adMissouri GOP Senate hopeful Eric Greitens posted an ad Monday depicting him and people dressed in military-style uniforms hunting down political opponents with guns. Good way not to get elected. Hooked on phonics worked for me. Extreme political appeals like this become more mainstream every day. Things like this make me more convinced that we are almost literally living in The Last Days! they may as well forgo the military outfit and just stick to their tried and true colors of KKK dunce caps ...

Former GOP Missouri Gov. Blasted For 'RINO Hunting' Senate Campaign AdEric Greitens released a campaign ad that imagines gun-toting supporters bursting into the homes of his political opponents. When your skin color says you can do anything you want smh This is terrorism. He is exactly what we need. Liberals will cry about everything

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