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Queen Elizabeth İi, Kate Middleton

The Royal Moms: How Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton Differ

When it comes to raising her children, the Duchess has her own way of doing things.

3/3/2021 12:57:00 PM

When it comes to raising her children, the Duchess has her own way of doing things.

The palace nursery rooms have changed quite a lot in the time between Prince Charles and Prince George .

The Queenfaced criticismfor her reserved nature with her children, but she didn't comment much on the intense scrutiny. It's clear that she takes the role very seriously though. Back at an awards ceremony in 2012, Kate Winslet told the Queen she"loves being a mum" even more than being an actress,

to which the monarch:"Yes. That's the only job which matters."Getty Imagesof 17Kate admits the struggles of being a mom.The Duchess admits that motherhood, while"rewarding and wonderful" can be"a huge challenge.""There is no rulebook, no right or wrong; you just have to make it up and do the very best you can to care for your family,"

at an event supporting mental health services for families. Read more: Women's Health »

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