The Physics of the N95 Face Mask

What do you know about what makes the prized N95 mask so special?

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1/28/2022 6:08:00 PM

What do you know about what makes the prized N95 mask so special?

You’ve seen them a million times. You might be wearing one right now. But how do they work to block a potentially virus-carrying respiratory blob?

canHere's how mine worked. I'm using a small plastic pipe—it just works better than a pen:The answer is polarization. Let's consider the simplest model of a molecule of paper. This pretend paper molecule is a sphere with just two charged particles, a proton and an electron. (If you are thinking back to the periodic table, yes, this would make it hydrogen paper. No, it totally doesn’t exist.)

In atoms, the negative electron acts like it is spread over the blue region. We call it an “electron cloud.” I know that seems weird, but weird stuff happens with tiny objects like molecules. The important thing is that the center of the negative blue cloud is at the same location as the positive charge. In this state, it's unpolarized.

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it is a good business. Love the irony of using a photo of a mask with a valve Not with a valve, please ! You should remember how respiratory system works ... But then, if the electric charges of those masks are so important for protection; - adding a surgical mask on top of N95 would reduce their effectiveness, and apparently that is not the case. - just having several N95 hanging around the head would capture still more particles. 🤔

rjallain Is there somewhere we can we buy electret material? rjallain I like your article, and its connection to static electricity. In it you mention two different ways to make the electret material. Which way do most mask manufacturers use? IF the mask works, why so many people that use them are getting infected ?


9 NIOSH-Approved N95 Respirator Face Masks You Should Be Shopping Right NowBecause quality *absolutely* matters in this case. 😳

Vaccine Manufacturers Have Been Granted Immunity From Prosecution Meaning in the event of Adverse Reaction or death from the vaccine They are shielded From Liability And Cannot Be Sued After two years of learning awesome deceptive marketing with cloth masks, who isn't ready to learn awesome physics? These masks are an amazing educational tool.

Just Don't Take The Vaccine: The Global Elite Intend To Reduce The World's Population By 90 Percent To Below 500 Million By Engineering Pandemics In The Laboratory To Unleash Upon The World To Depopulate The Planet why are you guys so focused on masks? N95s will kill more fat people than covid. Plastic made in China

How Many Times Can I Reuse My N95 Mask?How often you can safely wear an N95 or KN95 mask will depend on how it’s used. Here’s what you need to know and how to get a free one now.

Free N95 masks coming to Utah to fight COVID-19 — but when?Some of the independent and chain pharmacies started receiving the free N95 masks promised by the White House, but others don't know when — or if — they'll receive them. Dude they're like a dollar Who gives a crap...time to move on from the flu variant! The cost of masks literally now free as an indicator of what they are truly worth.

Here's how to get free N95 masks from pharmacies or community health centersGot your free mask? As many sites now ban cloth masks, the feds are giving out free N95 masks. Where can you get them? Now on ABC7 No thanks!! Coming up on my 23 month anniversary.

Free N95 masks: How and where to get themSome officials cautioned that the masks, which are part of the Biden administration's push to make 400 million masks available for free to U.S. residents - will be sold in limited quantities per customer. Uh, yeah…I’ll get right on it Where is the off ramp for the masks mandates? Don’t N95 masks have to be fitted to the individual to be somewhat effective? Also, are these mask made in the USA, please answer these questions.

Free N95 masks are arriving at pharmacies and grocery stores. Here's how to get yoursSome retailers are starting to get the first wave of the 400 million free masks being distributed by the federal government. Every person is allowed to receive up to three masks.