Business, Campbell's Soup Sales Are Booming As People Stock Up - Cnn

Business, Campbell's Soup Sales Are Booming As People Stock Up - Cnn

The pandemic is saving soup sales as people stock up and eat at home

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6/4/2020 2:45:00 PM

As people stocked up for an unknown future and sheltered in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, they reached for soup — and helped spark a turnaround for Campbell.

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I actually used my last can of Campbells tomato soup yesterday to make homemade beefaroni. Now I gotta make a SoupRun if I don't, my grilled cheese game is lost. Yea, and look at them now. Gathering in large groups to terrorize towns and loot judgment free from all the Karen’s and MSM. It’s magic. Haha I saw chicken noodle, and thought this was about Trump.

What sheltered in place ? That was over a week ago. You manipulated the market, and you are doing it again.

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Home prices in April saw biggest gain in 2 years, but they're expected to drop by next yearHome sales may have slowed to a trickle, as much of the national economy shut down in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, but home prices did just the opposite. spoiler warning: they will not home prices are going to get crushed next 12-24 months Home price inflation is the highest in two years.

Campbell CEO expects elevated demand to continue after soup sales soar 35%Campbell Soup said Wednesday that its fiscal third-quarter soup sales soared 35%. Brazil registered record number of coronavirus deaths over the last 24 hours CanadaPotstocks Yes... In the middle of summer everyone is dying for a hot bowl of soup not gona happen IMO

Coronavirus updates: Trump promises to move Republican National ConventionNEW: In a series of tweets, Pres. Trump announced Tuesday the Republican National Convention will no longer be held in North Carolina. Earlier in the day, Gov. Roy Cooper denied the RNC's request for a 'full convention' due to the coronavirus pandemic. Oh please coronavirus excuse there is 5-10,000 protesters in 20 liberal dummycrat citys! They didn’t want to leave their house the last 90 days & would walk 6 feet away from each other and now they are side by side by side & up close & personal in each others faces! LIBERALLIES Lucky North Carolina Cooper is a JOKE