The official Thanksgiving food power rankings

The official Thanksgiving food power rankings


The official Thanksgiving food power rankings

One man's opinion on the best (and worst) Thanksgiving dishes.

in the 1950s as a way to encourage people to use cans of the soup — pretty clever, eh? That, along with Rice Krispies treats, are two of the best examples of brands using their leverage to infiltrate our kitchens in a way that endures to this day.

“It’s not too late to have kids,” your relatives will say, as you double-fist biscuits and rolls.

What’s more American than apple pie? IDK, lots of things?

A well-prepared apple pie is still a thing of gloriousness — sweet and tart, with a crumbly, buttery crust — but the centuries-old

For children of my generation, Brussels sprouts were a comically, hyperbolically maligned vegetable. Now they are served at literally every fancy or fancy-adjacent restaurant in the whole of the United States.

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lucaspeterson Buzzfeed 2.0 lucaspeterson is awesome and usually nails it, but this was almost intentionally provocative. sure, people don't 'love' turkey - but it's the core of the holiday, good or bad - and people that make a great turkey leave guests satiated if not surprised. below tofurkey? ptooey.

lucaspeterson Great article - made me lol! Thank you ! lucaspeterson Hiring Lucas Kwan Peterson may have been the smartest move the LA Times ever made. latimes That is not how you slaughter something your going to eat

Never-Mushy Coconut Rice, Thanks to One Genius SwapNever-mushy coconut rice, thanks to one genius swap by aqnguyen:

Why “Gut Shots” Are the Key to Healthy Holiday EatingMeet the secret to enjoying your Thanksgiving feast sans food coma–induced slump.

Choose Between Thanksgiving Foods To Reveal If You're On The Naughty Or Nice List This YearAre You Naughty Or Nice Based On The Thanksgiving Foods You Choose?

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