The latest bipartisan talks to collapse: background checks

Every time bipartisan negotiations collapse, it serves as reminder that making bipartisanship a prerequisite to governing is hopelessly misguided.

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.MaddowBlog: Every time bipartisan negotiations end in failure, as happened again yesterday, it serves as reminder that such an approach to governance is doomed.

Every time bipartisan negotiations collapse, it serves as reminder that making bipartisanship a prerequisite to governing is hopelessly misguided.

Note, he said"" bill, not"the" bill -- suggesting the House version stood no realistic chance of success, but a narrower proposal might have a chance.To that end, Murphy negotiated with Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) on a measure to bolster background check rules by

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on who can register as a federal firearms licensee, closing an unintended loophole that allows unlicensed sellers to transfer weapons to dangerous people who skirt the background check system.Yesterday, those negotiationseffectively collapsed.Bipartisan negotiations seeking a narrow deal on expanding background checks for gun purchases have fallen apart, according to lawmakers involved in the talks.... "[Murphy] knows I'm available and I know he's available if somebody's got a new idea," Cornyn said. "I don't think that there's a lack of goodwill. It's just a hard issue where the country is so divided."

In a written statement, the Connecticut Democrat added,"I have been very open to compromise and I think Senator Cornyn was negotiating in good faith. But we haven't been able to get to a bill that would meaningfully increase the number of gun sales that require background checks. The good news is that I'm still talking with other Republican colleagues about different proposals to expand background checks, and I'm committed to getting something done."

In the grand scheme of things, the breakdown in these negotiations wasn't exactly a stop-the-presses development on Capitol Hill. At issue was a narrow and modest proposal, which was the subject of quiet discussions. A pair of prominent senators, one from each party, sat down in the hopes of working out an agreement, but they couldn't quite settle on a solution. These things happen.

But what's notable is the frequency with which these things happen -- and the appropriate lessons to be learned from the failures.Democrats tried to strike a bipartisan deal on COVID relief, but Republicans balked. Democrats have tried to reach a bipartisan compromise on infrastructure, but those talks aren't going well, either. Democrats made all kinds of concessions during bipartisan talks on forming an independent Jan. 6 commission, but Republicans wouldn't take"yes" for an answer.

On issue after issue -- voting rights, immigration, gun violence, et al. -- the relevant players keep sitting down, keep looking for common ground, and keep walking away empty handed. Read more: MSNBC »

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