The New York Public Library's İconic Lion Statues Are Wearing Lion-Sized Face Masks - Cnn

The New York Public Library's İconic Lion Statues Are Wearing Lion-Sized Face Masks - Cnn

The iconic lion statues outside the New York Public Library are wearing face masks to encourage humans to do the same

The iconic lion statues outside the New York Public Library are wearing face masks to encourage humans to do the same

6/30/2020 5:23:00 PM

The iconic lion statues outside the New York Public Library are wearing face masks to encourage humans to do the same

The marble statues that sit in front of the New York Public Library in Bryant Park are now sporting face masks to encourage New Yorkers to follow safety guidelines against coronavirus.

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At least that ' King ' of the jungle cares about those around him! DanRather The statues have less rock in their heads than Trump supporters Love it. adamjohnsharpe humankind deserved this virus I AM PERSONALLY READY FOR PRESIDENT LION STATUE!! DanRather Pound sand They really need to put those mask on Mount Rushmore!!

So will that statue get effected from Corona 🤣 That's cute Lions represent racism and they should be removed. So do I fit in with the cnn crowd now? THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU This is mental illness in its purest form I love this 😀 And what does this accomplish exactly? A month ago, the iconic lion statue at the Mitsukoshi department store entrance in Tokyo started wearing a mask with their company logo.

Waste mask👎 Proving its easier to communicate with concrete than a anti-masker... ishnation Thank God lions don't do arguments like people. They haven't torn those down yet.... They are white. White badddd Well, they say that cats can catch COVID-19 as well, so... Dear dear me they have to give you little bells and cues for you to do what you are told. they dont think of you as people. they think of you as a pawn on the board game Risk, to be moved at their whim when they see fit to benefit them and only them. how long are you wearing it?

Statues encourage Humans to do lots of things. I'm good with my own local library, but this is definitely one I'm not visiting anytime soon. Standing with authoritarians is not standing with America. They should definitely do that to mount rushmore! 🚨Did Fauchi take GainOfFunction technology to China in 2015 after it was outlawed in America as ‘too dangerous?’ If so, why? Did Fauchi tell the world live that this President WOULD definitely face a surprise outbreak this term? If so, how? Questions MSM really should be asking!

Does that qualify as “defacing”? The Romans feed people of all colors to the lions. That statue upsets me. I want it removed now. I ❤️ NY and nypl Looking forward to visit my librarian friends. Cheers. Unbelievable! I thought American was intelligent but... Poor Lions! I'm 35. Its nuts 60 year old white men decide whose racist. (CNN /NYT investors predomenently white men from racist families). George was killed by a democrat cop, under a dem police chief, governor and mayor. Kkk was dem, slavery all Dems Now they want to blame white RNC?

Thanks so much Communist News Network I will worry about masks when this stops People who really need to get this message do not go to the library.... covid is fine and sh!tty and getting worse BUT THE MOST SCANDALOUS THING IN HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY IS TRUMP NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT RUSSIAN BOUNTIES. THAT IS THE ONLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY STORY THAT MATTERS.. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, EVEN COVID, RIGHT NOW, WITH - okay covid BUT

So you're gonna talk about these statues but not the dozens the left BLM anarchists are destroying?! The depth of your hypocrisy is truely unbeleivable. ROARRRRR! Put one on Trump will save more people. Antifa and BlackLivesMatter are literally on their way to topple those statues as we speak. Mask Leak Your Eyes Warm? Virus 0.1µm Blood Cell 7µm SURGICAL MASK FILTER ABOVE 30µm 6 Foot Nonsense Forgot VAPING BREATH REACH! ALREADY HERD IMMUNITY CURED Just WuFlu Think Caution Not Panic Cruise Ship Data Most Walk Away Unscathed OANN AmericanThinker newsmax FDRLST

It looks so cute Defacing public monuments should be a jail sentence. Smh sad our country gotta go this far just so maga freaks will listen but still not gone listen cause trump not wearing one Tear down the lion! It’s racist!

Teens Strike to End Segregation in New York City Public SchoolsFor four months this winter, 1,300 NYC high school students joined Monday morning school strikes to fight for educational equity & school reintegration. TheFutureIsMs is a series of reports by young feminists, made possible by SayItForwardNow: SayItForwardNow These kids are too stupid to know what to eat for breadfast.

Famous New York Public Library Lions Mask Up To Set An ExamplePatience and Fortitude, the marble lions outside of the New York Public Library at 42nd Street, don face masks as the city and the library system work to reopen while avoiding the coronavirus. Is this a ploy to try to protect them from vandals and destruction? If so, smart... OMG, played trivia with friends last night, names of the marble lions was one of the questions, and I got it wrong. 😂

New York Public Library's Lions Are A Roaring Reminder To Mask UpPatience and Fortitude are leading by example. That’s symbolism that we can can respect, admire,&love. Yay, library!! The masks are fabulous! They look ridiculous and are nothing but a cringe virtue signal

Jacksonville, the new site for Donald Trump’s convention speech, will require masks in public, indoorsJacksonville, Florida, where the Republican National Committee moved the party’s convention, announced it is requiring face masks in all public and indoor locations. 😂😂 They will walk in feeling defeated from the mask 😂 I mean Muzzle 😂😂😂

Social Distancing, Masks Help New York Keep COVID-19 Cases DownUntil recently, New York was the epicenter of the nation's coronavirus crisis. The state locked down hard and now has numbers many other states might envy.

New York's Cuomo says Trump should mandate masks in public to fight virusNew York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Monday that President Donald Trump should issue an executive order mandating that people wear masks in public and he should lead by example and cover his face. I'm frustrated by his complete lack of ability to get the cops to wear MF masks. ken and karen st louis | McCloskey St. Louis Couple Pull Guns on Protesters China’s National Security Commission met in secret amid coronavirus pandemic