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Atx Television Festival, Audra Mcdonald

‘The Good Fight’ Creators & Stars Tease “Messy” Fifth Season Influenced By Capitol Riots & Murder Of George Floyd – ATX

‘The Good Fight’ Creators & Stars Tease “Messy” Fifth Season Influenced By Capitol Riots & Murder Of George Floyd – ATX

6/19/2021 7:26:00 AM

The Good Fight ’ Creators & Stars Tease “Messy” Fifth Season Influenced By Capitol Riots & Murder Of George Floyd – ATX

On Friday, the creators and stars of Paramount+ legal drama The Good Fight gathered for a virtual ATX panel, teasing what’s to come in Season 5. As has always been the case, the show will be …

Related Story'The Good Fight': Diane Lockhart Faces Shifting Dynamics In Season 5 Trailer“Once Adrian leaves the firm…Liz is having to step into even more of a leadership position, and as the top Black lawyer at this firm, she has to step into this thorny issue. I think she very much likes the idea of the firm being led by women, but understands the optics of it being dominated by someone white,” said McDonald. “It’s a difficult dance she has to do, because she also very much respects Diane. They have a complicated but deep friendship and have been through a lot together, so it’s a very tricky spot.”

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Robert King said during the panel, moderated by NPR’s Eric Deggans, that the show won’t look to present “easy answers,” as this storyline unfolds.“I don’t know if we’ll have any resolution. I think the show speaks to how intelligent human beings are trying to find the language of reconciliation, and trying to figure it out,” added Baranski. “We’re living the questions. We don’t have answers; we’re walking question marks.”

Both Baranski and McDonald praised Robert King and co-creator/showrunner/EPMichelle Kingfor their willingness to examine complex subjects with total authenticity. “What I always say about the Kings is they always step up to the line…and say, ‘This is what’s happening’ and shine a light on it,” said McDonald. “They’re not afraid to get messy, and that’s what happens this season: It gets messy.”

While Michelle King said the show’s examination of “Liz and Diane’s struggle with each other in their partnership” might not have come about, if not for the events of the past year, she’s wary to touch yet on their long-term impact on TV storytelling. “In terms of impact on the industry, that will be a great discussion to have in two years because I think it will [reveal] how much of this talk [of change] is real. Because three years ago, people were very interested in #MeToo and what that meant for women, and we don’t hear much of that talk anymore,” she said. “So, while we hope that conversation will be ongoing, it’s a little bit of ‘We’ll see.’”

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