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The first video games and software programs famous tech CEOs made when they were young

The first video games and software programs famous tech CEOs made when they were young


The first video games and software programs famous tech CEOs made when they were young

Many famous tech execs, including Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk , were hard at work on video games and other products before making it big-time.

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They are outstanding people, but all of them share same root of success - they have started their businesses when there was almost no competition. If they came up with the same ideas and business plans today I bet 99.9% of money holders would ignore them all :)

How an ex basketball coach tried to pull off the biggest college admissions scam ever, allegedly roping in CEOs and celebsNicknamed 'Operation Varsity Blues' by federal investigators, the largest college admissions scandal to date has allegedly ensnared Hollywood actors, CEOs and employees at some of the country's most prestigious universities. Fortunately, he's not going down alone. 👀

Viral clip of Russian policeman punching female protester stirs angerVideo footage of a Russian police officer punching a young woman in the stomach ... This is what America will look like if we don’t vote They look and act like US police Is that ANTIFA?

Prism Home - Music Promoter Software & Music Promoter ToolsPrism is revolutionizing the live music industry with first-of-its-kind automated, integrated talent buying, venue management software, music promoter software, and music promoter tools.

Your iPhone contacts list could be a vulnerable targetResearchers at Check Point Software Tech nologies Ltd. have discovered a flaw in one of the most-deployed pieces of software in the world that undergirds the...

Podium no place for protests, says U.S. gold medalistThe Pan Am Games medal podium is no place for politics, United States softball g... oh honey... aint the first time it happened... wont be the last 'sit down and shut up' is a good look. Shut up, Monica.

Trump to delay China duties on cellphones, laptops until Dec. 15The Trump administration announced that a new 10% import duty on cellphones, laptops, video game consoles, toys, computer monitors, certain footwear and clothing made in China will be delayed until Dec. 15 just in time for Christmas! blessed Winning...

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