The Families of 28 Missing Indigenous Women Seek Justice in Haunting New Documentary - E! Online

The Families of 28 Missing Indigenous Women Seek Justice in Haunting New Documentary

10/26/2021 8:47:00 PM

The Families of 28 Missing Indigenous Women Seek Justice in Haunting New Documentary

Three cases in Big Horn County are investigated in Oxygen's Murdered & Missing in Montana, premiering Nov. 12. See the first look trailer.

, premiering Friday, Nov. 12, investigates why these cases remain unsolved—and at times, even overlooked."Native American women are the most stalked, raped and murdered out of any women in America," the trailer states. "They go missing, they're found dead. What's the pattern?"

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The "crisis in Montana" stems from 28 missing women in Big Horn County where assailants are believed to be taking advantage of reservation laws. "If a non-tribal person commits a murder on a reservation, tribal police can't even make the arrest," a lawyer explains in the teaser.

Or, as one Indigenous woman explains, Big Horn County is where someone can go to "get away with murder." Read more: E! News »

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