Loki, $Alchemy_Keywords

Loki, $Alchemy_Keywords

The Essential ‘Loki’ Comic Reading List to Unravel Marvel’s Greatest Trickster

Read the #Loki comics that influenced the series and possibly... the future?

6/11/2021 8:15:00 AM

Read the Loki comics that influenced the series and possibly... the future?

There’s more to Disney Plus’ new series “ Loki ” than Tom Hiddleston’s admittedly unmistakable charm, as great as that may be; the Marvel version of the mythical figure, which debuted in …

Journey Into Mystery”#85, has more than half a century’s worth of comic book history of mischief and troublemaking behind him, with his crimes ranging from the near-genocidal to the utterly mundane. If the TV show has left you wanting more, then here’s where to find it.

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Update:Now with even MORE Loki titles. ‘Loki’ Omnibus Vol. 1Courtesy of AmazonThe earliest appearances of Marvel’s Loki are a strange thing to revisit from today’s perspective; he’s at once more archly, stereotypically evil, while also managing to be almost cartoonishly unthreatening. (In his very first appearance, he’s defeated by getting stuck in a piece of construction piping, and then almost drowning; when he first faces the Avengers, he falls down a trapdoor and gets stuck in a lead-lined furnace. It’s all very silly stuff.) 

Nevertheless, this is where everything begins, and there’s a certain thrill watching Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and their peers figuring out how to make Loki work in real time, in front of everyone’s eyes. The upcomingLoki Omnibus Read more: Variety »

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Loki can get it

How to Watch 'Loki' Online: Stream the Marvel Show for Free On Disney+Episode 1 of the Tom Hiddleston-starring ‘ Loki ’ arrives on Disney+ today and we’ve found all the ways to stream it online if you don’t have a Disney+ subscription alright, fukkit I’ll watch it.....

‘Loki’ First Day Viewership Scores Record For Disney+/Marvel Series Per Samba TVHow popular are Marvel series on Disney+? Extremely. Samba TV reports that Loki in its Wednesday premiere drew 890K U.S. households, which according to the the third-party streaming stat org is &8… Glorious! MARVELOUS!!! That premiere was sooo good

Let's Get to Know the Cast of the New Marvel Series 'Loki'Hoping they're just as mischievous as the God of Mischief himself...

The Best Marvel Gifts for Fans in Time for ‘Loki’ Series PremiereEven if you didn’t get your hands on a box of the limited edition Loki Charms cereal, we’ve compiled a list of other exciting gifts and treats that will do the trick for any discerning Marvel fan.

Tom Hiddleston on Mobius, Loki, and Queer IdentityTom Hiddleston has 'always been aware' of Loki 's queer identity. 'I see it as my responsibility,' he tells V.F., 'that I honor the aspects of the character which are there in the canon.'

Let's Get to Know the Cast of the New Marvel Series 'Loki'Hoping they're just as mischievous as the God of Mischief himself...