İnvesting, The Economy İs Falling Apart But Wall Street Had İts Best Quarter İn Decades - Cnn

İnvesting, The Economy İs Falling Apart But Wall Street Had İts Best Quarter İn Decades - Cnn

The economy is falling apart but Wall Street had its best quarter in decades

It has been a rough quarter for the US economy, with the country plunging into a pandemic-fueled recession. Yet the stock market is alive and kicking — in fact, it's having its best quarter in more than 20 years.

6/30/2020 11:40:00 PM

It has been a rough quarter for the US economy, with the country plunging into a pandemic-fueled recession. Yet the stock market is alive and kicking — in fact, it's having its best quarter in more than 20 years.

It has been a rough quarter for the US economy, with the country plunging into a pandemic-fueled recession. Yet the stock market is alive and kicking — in fact, it's having its best quarter in more than 20 years.

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Positive Hope In Stock Market Enabled Because Of Republican President Mark Patrick Seymour And Christ Jesus Trump2020 beating the scamdemic Why isn't it being reported on news that death rates & hospitalization 's & length of stays going down? Some say beginning herd immunity. Some say virus mutated to weaker form. ?

The Lord bless America and our President/Vice President Yeah? Then why aren’t retirement mutual funds making good gains? You Can Earn massively By Just Buying A Product (shopping)From A Company (Longrich Tell 3 about longrich too, let them register too and longrich pays you your % directly to your account every thursday. I'm a testimony No meeting of target, no flushed point. ask me how to Register

If I go to the casino, lose $1,000 at craps, and then win $750 at slots, I’d hardly consider that “one of my better days” At least we now know where the stimulus package monies ended up.😕 More stimulus package for the wealthy please. The capitalist system is broken. Government should start a public bank where no one can touch your 💰. Also dont spend what you dont have. So dont try to spend too much of what you have.

And Trumpis going to say it’s all because of him - right here on Twitter, just as soon as someone reads this to him The rich getting richer. To me this signals the potential availability of jobs. One feeds into the other. It's a symbiosis. Because the orange nightmare gave them billions of our money. 🤨

That’s because it’s all BULLSHIT! Thats cool, the rich get richer. Nothing new here. Trump takes credit in 3, 2, 1, ... go Wall street is rolling in the dough because congress and the president decided to take care of their rich corporate friends and handed us 1200 bucks. We need to collectively say enough is enough. Get rid of Republicans and Democrats. They have both sold us down the river.

What about the 1 in 4 workers that are unemployed in the US? The stock market is not the economy but we will hear about this being attributed to Trumps great leadership 🙄 CNN seems sad that Wall Street is resilient So Trump how are all of the unemployed benefiting from this ? Yah it’s all the stimulus money that went to those that didn’t need it for food and rent. People who got $$ and didn’t require it for food and instead bought stock need to go help the working class that are getting evicted right now. You should all be ashamed.

MAGA Tell me again how many people are out of work? Yeah, that economy is doing spectacular when people can’t pay their bills because they don’t have jobs. WHO IS SPONSORING BLM Stocks aren’t rising in value. The dollar is declining in value. It just shows you how disconnected wall street is from main street American.

That’s what happens when the Fed prints trillions of dollars. The cost of things go up. Sure tell that to people with 401ks Now do what it climbed from.....defundwallstreet That's because the economy isn't the stock market. It is only a playground for the rich. This is trumps fault This Explains all. MAGA!

Thank goodness for something positive and hopeful. Finally. Not Fake News. Imagine if there was no virus what it would of been! Pres Trump doing an amazing job on the economy. So the already rich got a little bit richer. This happened during the Great Depression too. Didnt change the fact that life sucked for the other 99%. And it's worse now because US companies on the NYSE dont actually make stuff, at least not in the US.

This ca not be fkn true! I don't think the corporate earnings support this climbed. While people are out of work and the virus is running wild. people are suffering but the rich don't care neither does trump and his administration, there only doing this cause they want trump to win, If countless businesses can figure out how to operate safely, then it's past time that Pelosi and Democrats in Congress do too. No more getting paid to skip work.

To the MAGA dildos in middle America just trying to pay the bills! What do you think about this? Hang in there it will trickle down to you That's one -Uge bubble And Cnn is not happy 🤣 Where would it be if the feds hadn’t been pumping $$ into it? Yeah, no way that this can go wrong....... Soon The rich will be more richest... And... WallStreetSboom

Take your profits before they vanish! You take Trump political $ and then promote his failures? Which is it CNN? Yup, because Wall Street is not the US Economy. Wake up from that BS 'The rich get rich and the poor get poorer. . .' Trump is a miracle worker. Invincible BUT! It means absolutely nothing to the average Americans just the rich getting richer.... Get a clue!

Because we’re all going to die of Covid? Uhm...wasn't this after wall street's worst quarter ever recorded in history? And we're not even back to par yet. Not really much to celebrate. 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪 Wait for the bankruptcy and 3rd qt reports. It's a big lie. Watch out for that bubble bursting When market pumps -- economy is decoupled from the market, when market dumps -- economy is bad thats why it crashed.

After losing 1/3 of its value in the last quarter, that's not too surprising. Over the last 6 months the Dow is down 3000 points. Awww. Look at you fake news crying ... Will that pay rent? Where’s the breaking news about the two teens shot in the Chaz zone last night? YOU don’t report news! You report Lies!

PPe, gun sales, health care, liability, Alcohol, streaming providers, online porn...toilet paper... Thank you Corona virus love Wallstreet HELL YES BILLIONAIRES MAKING COIN FROM PILES AND PILES OF DEAD AMERICAANS AND DEAD WORLD WIDE IS THE BEST!!! The capitalist con artist at work for the billionaire class. Us peons don't matter anymore.

Because America has faith in realDonaldTrump! He is Leading us through this COVID19 pandemic and restoring our economy. Sure tRUMPass just bought with friends, family, owed Favors to people (too many to mention) just bought up in billions to boost market making the tRUMPass look good. The economy, polls and American deaths don’t matter to tRUMPass. Just the election and his own prosperity.

Why want report stories that matter Well if you did a good deed for your viewers and readers you would encourage them to join the bandwagon, get to work, and invest their earnings. Instead, it's all gloom and doom you report to them and it's depressing. You suck CNN. Let's me guess that was because of Obama😄😄😄

No matter how hard the MSM tries, the economy will continue to rebound and grow leading up to November. Trump2020LandslideVictory Says same lefties and news that want us to shut down all year. This is why wealth inequality is such a problem. The 1% keeps growing, the 99% meanwhile is drowning. Very scary

Nothing changes for the struggling if the powerful don’t struggle as well. By itself a Wall Street indicator sole purpose is to portray wealth concentration in a small group, now it is evident that they indirectly suggest social detriment and environmental deterioration, any other indicators they want to use to disguise this are just ridiculous...

This is purely speculation. This is not a market operation. No new jobs will come out of this. God and FRIENDS are coming and they hate liers Falling apart! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you WISH the economy was falling apart! CNN breaking wind again! How dare cnn deliver good economic news !! Liberal media supposed to stick together with TheDemocrats to oust Trump ! This ain’t helping

It’s only relevant if you bought the bottom. Most people hold so who cares?

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Wall Street is underpricing a Joe Biden presidential win, Wells Fargo's Chris Harvey warnsWells Fargo Securities' Christopher Harvey suggests a change in Washington could hurt the market recovery. TradingNation Lmao TradingNation Has CNBC now shamelessly turned into Fox News? TradingNation LOL Wells Fargo is still in business? BountyGate

Wall Street ends higher on Boeing bump, stimulus eyedWall Street stocks closed higher on Monday and the S&P 500 was poised to clinch its biggest quarterly percentage gain since 1998 as investors hoped for a stimulus-backed economic rebound, while a surge in Boeing shares helped boost the blue-chip Dow. Kind of sad the company that hid safety information for a year, and ended up killing hundreds of people, will get to profit off of the pandemic. there is no logical tether to reality with the market...Boeing is NOT selling planes, they cant fly the one that keeps crashing, and America can't land in the EU for the foreseeable future. WTF? Lol, unemployment 50%, people without jobs, no consumption & stocks all time high lol, pure fraud, why then we need to work if rich use printed cash for own stock buybacks & not real sells, that's criminal theft of public wealth. Not capitalism anymore but Gov't oligarchy

Wall Street faces danger signs after best quarter since '98A stock rebound marked by Wall Street's strongest quarter in more than two decades has slowed in recent weeks, as a resurgence in coronavirus cases threatens to derail the economy's recovery from a deep downturn. The disconnect is real Oh you don’t say .. They’ve finally come around to the recession ? Duh .. All the world best crooks are living and breatging in wallstreet, and we are proud of them.

Wall Street set for lower open after strong quarterly reboundWall Street was set to open lower on Tuesday as coronavirus-related worries and simmering U.S.-China tensions weighed on sentiment at the end of what is expected to be the S&P 500's best quarter since 1998.

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