The Economist endorses Joe Biden for president

The Economist's Zanny Minton Beddoes joins Morning Joe to explain why the magazine is endorsing Joe Biden for president.

10/29/2020 4:31:00 PM

The Economist’s Zanny Minton Beddoes: “If we have another four years of Donald Trump, the America that the world has come to see as a beacon — a beacon of democracy, as a beacon of leadership — is, I fear, going to be an America no more.”

The Economist's Zanny Minton Beddoes joins Morning Joe to explain why the magazine is endorsing Joe Biden for president.

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He say what ever, his not running for himself! Biden never was a beacon, he's dark and calculating like all the Democrats! Trump 2020 DO YOUR JOB AND GRILL PELOSI ON THE STIMULUS. YOU COWARDS!! This corrupt politician ENRICHED HIMSELF AND HIS FAMILY! COMPROMISED BY COMMUNIST CHINA AND MOSCOW! SEX TAPES AND CHILD MOLESTING ON THE HARD DRIVE!! REPORT IT!!!

And you and Obama are the cause of much of this social upheaval crap going on starting with the Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown affair by making it as if black men are specifically targeted and the ensuing riots and the war on cops You have stopped being a beacon of ... 4 years ago, when this corrupt man was elected ...

Booming economy at least before Covid which isnt Trumps fault & is improving, lowest unemployment, securing borders, peace w N Korea & MidEast, ISIS territory defeated, energy sufficient, low taxes, prison reform, adversaries think twice, defends unborn. A great record to me The Biden-Sanders, AOC Manifesto will totally cripple the United States.

TRUMP'S ECONOMY- BANKRUPTCIES DUE TO TRUMP VIRUS. Wow you are obviously campaigning for Biden CNN!!🙄 🙄 I remember the days when news/media could not do that, but instead left it up to the people!! Blah blah blah blah blah blah blahbblahbblah blah blah hate Trump, ok we got it MSNBC!! 🙄🙄

Joe Biden is a Criminal Traitor that is bought by China and Russia. wake up people. Yea Hoe I agree! You mean the imaginary America you like to portray in movies that never existed will be lost? We aren't a beacon of anything other than a country founded on racism and hatred and still standing on it today.

This November 3rd the America people have a history making personal obligation to both themselves & their grandchildren to take back The USA from the Kingdom of Trump & his Republicans. Vote for life and let not one of Trump’s needless 230,000 + lives lost be in vain. VOTE! The economist is endorsing a man who took money & sold is out. More in the laptop than just $ - Biden can be blackmailed by foreign governments but you endorse him? WHY?

Bro. You must be lost. Trump is literally saving the Republic from the tyranny of the 'Great Reset'. Also stomping human trafficking, lowering taxes, making peace in the middle east, exposing the fake news media, exposing big techs censorship, and many other things. WAKE UP Yes! See, you president You mean you want the world to keep shitting on the US? Does the Economist even no anything about economics?

This goes Zanny all right! He has got his facts backwards! Unfortunately! A good protest mask site on Etsy with sayings such as 'Mask Worn Under Protest'. DNC should provide Dem candidates with a supply to hand out free to protesters at Dem appearances. A great tool for Biden to continue after the election & maybe get some people to wear them.

Why do strong influencers wait to speak till half the population has already voted America is going to go from superpower to supervillain under Trump. JOEBIDEN2020 Blahahaha!!! Now that’s just plain funny! Trump 2020... taking back America! Guys wake up! discover G news or G TV from hell laptop Thank you

And the TheEconomist knows. Look 👀 2107 NY Cover. If you know Tarot- they were spot on. BlueTsunami2020 VoteBidenHarrisToEndThisNightmare I don’t know how a Reputable Institution will ever endorse an selfish & shameless trump ever. This has been debunked YOU REALLY NEED TO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING IF JOE BIDEN AND THE CORRUPT DEMOCRATS GET IN TO OFFICE THERE GOES OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FREEDOM AND THAT IS THE TRUTH WHY DON'T YALL TALK ABOUT JOE BIDEN SON TAKING MONEY FROM CHINA

jeanbirch1001 A shame an endorsement as important as this one gets hardly any attention. Maybe they should claim it's part of the 'platinum plan' and get a rapper to endorse it. 🙄 Who is jojo YELLING at? 😂 Where is your story about the Tony Bobulinski meeting with Joe Biden, Have you no ethics. I was under the mistaken impression you were a news organization.

We really don’t see you as a beacon of democracy Trump or no Trump you’re just not a democracy... soz Has anyone stopped to think how far the stock will fall if Biden wins Rich people will pull their money out and jobs will fall as well. BET KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianAggression DontBelieveArmenia StopArmenianOccupation

With you and your horrific 50 years of incompetent actions our country would be in trouble Have Jill around to make sure you remember things Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah hate Trump, yeah ok we got it MSNBC!! 🙄🙄 We are a republic. To call it a democracy shows either ignorance or ill intent toward America.

As a Brit, I agree with Economist’s ZMB. In my lifetime I’ve seen respect & influence of UK diminish worldwide and now even within the Nations of the UK. Same will happen to USA. Trump is an uncultured, uneducated, psychopathic bully that represents ‘you all’ to the world. Ecommunist? Used to be a reputable publication

Please stop with the beacon thing. Get over yourselves sometimes. The fact that a hard 40% you support a man so evil and amoral proves you’re as full of shit as anyone else- just bigger and richer. Lying, cheating and the state cheating you out of your taxes ?! Is it fair that you have to pay so much taxes and Trump only pays $ 750! Is that the way of the Americans? Do you want that? That's Trump's and Pence gone!

Yeah, and we really trust with globalisation 😎 Yep. Very scary. America, ignores UN in 2003 and invades Iraq World: 'What a beacon of leadership!!' At least we have a liar with some manners Please RETWEET FAR AND WIDE... Fear. Division. Chaos. It’s all LoserTrump has EVER had. However, this boy, Jonny, lost his father in the Parkland High Shooting in Parkland, Florida. Restore Decency. Humanity. Leadership. VoteBidenToRestoreAmerica

Haha or saved from a socialist dystopia 🤣 Whatever. You’re all EMOTIONS and ZERO critical thinking! Trump2020LandslideVictory MAGA2020LandslideVictory MAGA 4MoreYears 😂😂😂😂😂 BlasineA Voters MUST ask themselves. Did Toddler DONALD really contract COVID or did something else bring him to WRH? 'Dr.' Conley was spinning. Why? Follow the money! At his KILLING FIELDS self-love fests, DJT did a lot of screaming. Post-COVID patients wouldn't be doing that! BLUE!

Thank goodness! That whole lead from behind apology tour we are so sorry for being US thing has to go. Obama got a Pulitzer prize for an idea, rather the be country that brought peace to the ME without a cash payout. Morning_Joe Congrats on being in the top 28 news shows on TV Joe. That’s quite an accomplishment. Your advertisers should demand half of their money back. Funny how U make it seem like the majority of Americans agree with your constant Trump bashing when in reality its just a million losers

Cool fear mongering and misleading statements coming from MSDNC as usual. MSDNC is a disgrace to ethical journalism. Biden is the lead of a criminal business that has made his family wealthy. Bobulinski is a patriot who is telling the truth. Watch the Tucker Carlson interview and get educated instead of manipulated by the Dems

Defeated! Held prisoner by industry & the age of self-preservation. A planet of billions controlled like puppets by the rich. Fake leaders seeking fake power & the life of luxury it affords the ignorant. Those who have tasted it will do Anything to keep it! Even Destroy Nations! Great interview by TuckerCarlson TuckerCarlson with TonyBobulinski and his sincerity and honesty was obvious. The American newspapers should run with the headline “BIDEN CLAIMS PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.” Anybody voting for this man needs to reevaluate their own intelligence level

Why do we need Russian interference in an election when we have the “unbiased” mainstream media? Morning_Joe The great American comeback is on! Vote Trump! Don’t let the media, big tech, liberal elites, purple hair college kids and the radical left destroy our country! Vote Trump! MAGA! The great American comeback is on! Vote Trump! Don’t let the media, big tech, liberal elites, purple hair college kids and the radical left destroy our country! Vote Trump! MAGA!


Biography Traces Political Mistakes And Personal Scars That Shaped Joe BidenIn Joe Biden, New Yorker writer Evan Osnos writes about the candidate's enduring quest to become president. He says Biden has a different mindset today than he once had: 'He's a man who is at peace.' If you want to vote for the guy promising solutions to problems his own supported policies caused, Joe’s your man. at peace in a perpetual fog of dementia... quite sad really. The press is destroying itself.

Sorry, there will be no return to normalcy under Joe Biden'Biden becoming president will not make COVID-19 disappear and return the country back to normal. Just vote for whatever form of abnormal you prefer,' writes Glenn Harlan Reynolds for usatodayopinion. usatodayopinion I agree usatodayopinion Yeah imma take Biden normal over Trump normal usatodayopinion So let’s just stick with the guy who fucked it up in the first place

Joe Biden leads President Trump by double digits in CNBC All-America survey pollWith just one week to go before the 2020 Presidential Election, Joe Biden holds a strong double-digit lead over President Trump in CNBC's All-America economic survey poll. Polls, analysis, speculations hurt us more then anything. Ignore these number and VOTE This is a comedy routine 😂

Joe Biden Is A Dad Who Has Suffered Tremendous LossJoe Biden was able to truly connect with Corey because he too has known and survived unimaginable grief. True, still he is corrupt

Kayleigh McEnany Once Had Some Pretty Nice Things To Say About Joe BidenKayleigh McEnany once praised 'funny, likable' Biden as a 'man of the people' who resonates with 'middle class' over 'tycoon' Trump I'm sure someone once said that Hillary was a sweet young lady - things change. Kan MakeanyLIE seem acceptable to GULLIBLE She saw the real Joe

Harry Styles Endorses Joe Biden: 'If I Could Vote in America, I’d Vote With Kindness'Harry Styles believes a U.S. president should treat people with kindness like he sings about. And he shared an ad for the candidate he thinks would do just that. I released this last night, let me know what y’all think..keep it 💯🤝🥶🥶 produced by QuezWhoo available on all platforms Well who cares because you can't as he should