The Disproportionate Criticism of Kamala Harris

For @MollyJongFast's latest, she explores the disproportionate criticism of VP Kamala Harris

6/12/2021 4:31:00 PM

For MollyJongFast's latest, she explores the disproportionate criticism of VP Kamala Harris

By all rights, she should be enjoying some bump from her unprecedented ability to crash through one of the most impermeable glass ceilings.

on a ridiculous boat trip on the Rio Grande River. They wore bulletproof vests and carried automatic weapons and looked like middle-aged tourists (or, in some cases, elderly tourists who had just eaten something a little too spicy). For these Republicans, the border is about photo opportunities and fundraising emails. It’s a chance to show their constituents that they are “out there” doing something when, really, they’re just performing theatrics. And reporters are helping the GOP with this message, pressuring the vice president to do her own photo op.

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Policy isn’t made at the border. There are no presidents in those camps, no elected leaders in boats on the Rio Grande. The situation at the border is a humanitarian crisis and should be treated as such, but this crisis won’t be solved at the border. America needs to work with the leaders of these countries to address climate change, poverty and crime. “These are not new issues,” said Texas Democratic representative Silvia Garcia when I called her to ask for her input, “and it will take both short- and long-term solutions to address them. The VP understands this and she is working hard to make sure that we get to those root causes. This is a giant step in the right direction.”

Kamala Harris seems to be experiencing what Obama went through, a kind of rightwing media hazing. But instead of almonds and tan suits, she’s being targeted for tweets or nervous laughter in an interview. The mainstream media wants to cover things fairly; the conservative media wants to destroy democratic stars before they can get traction. And Kamala Harris finds herself at the nexus of this tension. The question isn’t why Vice President Harris didn’t go to the border, the question is how this question eclipsed all the others.

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MollyJongFast Disproportionate to who? carriecordero MollyJongFast Obviously the GOP is attacking her in preparation for her run for the presidency. MollyJongFast Black + South Asian + Woman = Disproportionate Criticism MollyJongFast Missing from this discussion is her contradictory policy stances. Her campaign literally had to ask what message they were supposed to ccomvey. By definition a candidate with weak policies has hollow support - I'd argue the majority of male candidates have the same problem

MollyJongFast She is being Hillaried. MollyJongFast Kudos to our fantastic Madam Vice President! A truly great lady! MollyJongFast Thanks Molly! MollyJongFast CDonatac MollyJongFast VP Harris is doing the job she was charged to do. She doesn't have time for gotcha' questions, haters, & MSM criticizing & dissecting her every move. Black women are used to tuning out White noise because we hear so much of it, yet we still succeed & MVP will too. You gon' learn.

MollyJongFast The criticism comes from the fact she is so unlikable, she had to drop out of the Dem primaries early. Only the media likes her. It is not racism or sexism. She is unlikable for many reasons unique to her. MollyJongFast u went down the list of narratives that’re excuses and keep us separate. Kamala spent her career doling out the questions and demanding answers. now she has to be the one with answers, no matter how they’re phrased or from whom. we hired her. she has to step up to new skills.

Kamala Harris, yet to visit border, meeting TX Dems who blocked voting billSymone Sanders, senior advisor and chief spokesperson to Vice President Kamala Harris, said Harris would meet with Texas Democrats 'who in May blocked passage of legislation that would have made it significantly harder for the people of Texas to vote.' We can Not go into the impoverished community to ask for donations to Help their Kid's, when it's our job to Help them.. our agenda is gonna take the upper class citizens that care about the future.. PromoteAKTUstudents Screenshot from our online class How one can understand Only 1 month study in this quality has been done and university is forcing to give exams Help Help Help

MollyJongFast As I never watch TV news I had no idea who LesterHoltNBC was until he moderated a Dem primary debate. He struck me as a pompous, self-aggrandizing ass then, & everything I’ve seen since—including what you mention in your article—has only confirmed that assessment. MollyJongFast America is misogyny.

MollyJongFast Disproportionate? No, comma a la is fake and God help our country if she becomes President. quinncy MollyJongFast She's the future presidential nominee and will get the full Hilary treatment. Times 10. MollyJongFast A smart, powerful woman of color? Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty much the nightmare of every GOP voters and politician.

MollyJongFast I like MollyJongFast but I disagree that VP Harris is only being treated unfairly by the conservative press. You mentioned NBC Lester Holt spouting GOP talking points. That is not an exception. This is racism and misogyny. Not her 'nervous laughter.' Get it right. MollyJongFast Not sure who the VP took to her Guatemala & Mexico meetings, but if there's another conversation with Central American leaders her team should take along-- if they can find them-- a few normal Republican Reps & Senators.

MollyJongFast She’s a woman. She’s a woman of color. Is the treatment of her really such a surprise? MollyJongFast Well, it’s kinda warranted when the only sound bites you generate are “don’t come here” and “umm but yea but I’m i haven’t been to Europe” MollyJongFast She does very little and giggles when she is challenged.

Meghan McCain rebukes Kamala Harris over 'joker laugh' after border visit questionThe vice president has said she plans to visit the border but has not set a date yet.

MollyJongFast This is a joke, right? The leftest liberal media machine hasn’t criticized her once and criticized Pence non-stop. MollyJongFast Maybe if she disavowed and apologised for smilingly posing for a photo with a group of border patrol agents she’d get more respect. kat223 MollyJongFast Very on point article. You are correct. If she was a white male it would definitely be different. Numbers can be changed to suit the reviewer, but truth is revealed in their actions no matter who they may be. She's more trustworthy than any GOP white male. Truth will set us free.

MollyJongFast She is attacked constantly like Obama, because, both have some unmovable values and principles that can not be bought by those looking to spread corruption. MollyJongFast We cannot allow the right-wing media to “Hillaryize” Kamala. They will trash any potential Democratic female star in an effort to make her popularity tank. Republicans want the first female president to be Republican. Please expose this tactic.

MollyJongFast She went on her first foreign south American tour and handed out cookies with her head on them. If Melania did that, Molly would write an article about handing out cookies while kids die in cages. Kamala does that? 'Why are you being mean?!?' Hypocrisy at its finest. MollyJongFast She is incompetent. Period.

MollyJongFast Republicans: 'Why hasn't Kuh-MA-la visited the moon yet? Why does she hate science?' Yeah, they deliberately mispronounce her name bc they SO respect the office. They're trying to marginalize, smea & contain her bc she's a threat just by being herself. MollyJongFast Let me provide some clarity…she’s black. The right has big problems with that. They embraced Trump because of eight years of a black President. We need to kick them all out of the mainstream world.

MollyJongFast She is not the Border Czar. She is doing the job POTUS asked her to, address the root causes of folks leaving their country and making that dangerous trek. I do think she should have been better prepared for Holt's Republican talking point question. I'm she will be next time.

Here’s How Much Kamala Harris Is WorthStaff writer at Forbes. Email me at and follow me on Twitter mtindera07. “Second Gentleman” has such a ring to it! 👌🏾 Priceless.

MollyJongFast And while the criticism swirls around her, she’s doing exactly what she should be doing as VP & exactly what Biden does too: ignoring all the bullshit & doing the jobs that they were elected to do. MollyJongFast She’s the new Hilary. They hate strong intelligent women and must vilify them.

MollyJongFast Lmaoooo 🤡🤡🤡 MollyJongFast PLS this article is trash. 😭 The writer doesn't even know the difference between South Americans and Central Americans. How are you going to write about Kamala and immigration when she just went to Guatemala (that's in Central America, Molly!) and told them to stop coming over!

MollyJongFast What Kamala Harris is not: To pence (v.): to be obsequious; to lack dignity; to supplicate and debase oneself before another; to brown nose; to be a sycophant; to engage in cringeworthy servility; to lack all self respect. Antonym: to have character. MollyJongFast She should take her A$$ to our southern border and address what is going on. It’s disgraceful and disgusting!

MollyJongFast LMAO MollyJongFast Molly, your article about VP speaks to the truth of the matter. Brava. ErikVidor MollyJongFast’re saying a woman has been disproportionately criticized? MollyJongFast The MSM is doing a fabulous job being hypercritical of our VP. 🤬 They are ensuring she doesn’t break the next glass ceiling just like they did with HRC & her emails. The misogyny and racism is absolutely infuriating from the MSM.

Biden's first foreign trip as VP was a breeze; Harris' was into the lion's denContrasting inaugural vice presidential trips — Biden's to Europe in 2009 and Harris' to Latin America — show their different roles in the No. 2 job.

MollyJongFast She shouldn’t have to deal with it, but I guarantee she can. MollyJongFast of course MollyJongFast Second in command of the free world. The first woman to ever do it. Of course she will face criticism. But my GOD! Isn’t she good at it! Keep it up VP We are with you...🇺🇸 BidenHarris

MollyJongFast 'The mainstream media wants to cover things fairly; the conservative media wants to destroy democratic stars before they can get traction. And Kamala Harris finds herself at the nexus of this tension.' -MollyJongFast MollyJongFast Evil white supremacists! 🥵🤬👹 MollyJongFast Intelligent women frighten the white establishment. VP Harris is STELLAR!

MollyJongFast MollyJongFast lol

Exclusive: Vice President Harris to kick off national vaccination tour in South CarolinaVice President Kamala Harris is traveling to Greenville, S.C., on Monday to kick off a national vaccination tour by top administration officials, pushing towards the goal of getting shots in the arms of 70% of U.S. adults by July 4. I’m sure all the anti vax MAGAs will take the advice of Kamala Harris. All while thousands of illegals flood into the country, invited and transported by this administration, with no vaccinations. Kameltoe pretends all is well. LOL.

Opinion | Harris' Guatemala trip was a disaster because America won't own up to its mess'Do not come,' she told potential asylum seekers before laughing off having never visited the border. So much for new beginnings with a new administration. THINK Fresh off your lilibet think (sic) piece? Nah, you just like to bash powerful Black women. THINK BS! THINK Ha hahaha stop the racist fckers VP don’t even waste her time yoir fale shit