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The days of passengers bringing pets on planes could be ending as U.S. looks to tighten service animal rules

Planes will no longer be 'Noah’s Ark in the air.' Is that fair?


Planes will no longer be 'Noah’s Ark in the air.' Is that fair?

Airlines claim the number of support animals has been dramatically increasing in recent years.

Airlines say the number of support animals has grown dramatically in recent years. They lobbied the Transportation Department to crack down on what they consider a scam — passengers who call their pets emotional-support animals to avoid pet fees that generally run more than $100 each way.

See also: ‘It’s kind of like in the mafia when you get made’ — how baseball players cash in after entering the Hall of FameVeterans groups also sided with the airlines, arguing that a boom in untrained dogs and other animals threatens their ability to fly with properly trained service dogs. Last year, more than 80 veterans and disability groups endorsed banning untrained emotional-support animals in airline cabins.

Transportation Department officials said in a briefing with reporters that they proposed the changes to improve safety on flights. Some passengers have been bitten by support animals, and airlines complain that they relieve themselves on planes and in airports.

Current rules do not require any training for emotional-support animals. However, airlines can demand that the animal’s owner show them a medical professional’s note saying they need the animal for support.The new rules would also bar the current practice by many airlines of requiring animal owners to fill out paperwork 48 hours in advance. A department official said that practice can harm disabled people by preventing them from bringing their service dog on last-minute trips.

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Anxiety/stress.... who doesn’t have it? Using that as an excuse for special privilege should come with proof that the individual receives active treatment. Don’t bring your German Shepard & expect me to give up bulkhead seats again because your dog needs room. Completely fair. Legit need for service animals is understandable—carrying your purse poodle for show is not. Just follow the rules set up for those that actually need it.

Leave your pet at home. K thx. Most non trained dogs were a scam to take your pet free. For less than dinner you can emotional pet certificate on line Maybe if airlines weren’t so goddamn ridiculous on price for taking pets and have such strict requirements to fly them people would stop taking advantage. But they drive prices up to retarded amounts. So people found another route. And will continue to do so.

Did you see this? fwmj

No more turkeys or possums as U.S. seeks to redefine 'service animals' flying with their ownersThe U.S. Transportation Department on Wednesday proposed new rules aimed at preventing passengers from falsely claiming their pets are service animals aboard U.S. airline flights. In the biggest change, the department suggests no longer considering an emotional support animal to be a service animal. How about a Emu wearing Sunglasses Any work on emotional support Cicadas

Proposed airline ban on emotional support animals sparks debateThe U.S. Department of Transportation may allow airlines to crack down on emotional support animals amid concern that passengers are taking advantage.

Emotional Support Animals Could Soon Be Banned From PlanesThe Department of Transportation is considering new rules that would restrict service animals on airplanes to specially trained dogs. Should be the department of health. Good And next they will do away with disabled people being on flights

A Brooklyn Man Registered His Beer as an Emotional Support AnimalEmotional support animals are under attack: Yesterday, the Department of Transportation proposed a new rule allowing only specially-trained service dogs to qualify for the special…

DOT proposes new rules for emotional support animals on planesA new proposal, unveiled by the Department of Transportation, proposes to strictly limit the definition of a service animal to dogs, banning emotional support animals. So I can’t fly with my emotional support gun now? la vache à 1 âme 🐮 !!!!! First of all! I can't believe the Airlines fell for this Nonsense! I totally agree that the 'Pets' should be properly trained AND have a Certificate stating they are a service animal! People took way to much advantage of this!

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