The Bedtime Drink That Keeps Me From Doomscrolling

The Bedtime Drink That Keeps Me From Doomscrolling

1/24/2021 9:57:00 AM

The Bedtime Drink That Keeps Me From Doomscrolling

The most fun (and important) step. Hand mixing turmeric doesn't always yield the most homogenous results. But this tiny frother gives you golden milk just as good as the one you'd pay $12 down the block for.

.I spent hours falling down the dark hole that is Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram, always unable to climb my way out and into a restful night’s sleep. After weeks of complaining to my dad on the phone, he suggested I try the forgotten bedtime tradition of my East-meets-West family. When I couldn't sleep as a kid, my parents would mix a warm glass of milk with turmeric, nutmeg, and honey. My childhood sleep-inducing drink now has a trendy name because of the new wave wellness movement: Golden milk.

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Here's my secret recipe:It took months of R&D, but I've finally perfected the deep sleep-inducing magic drink. The key is to start with the Brooklyn-basedGolde's Turmeric Latte Blend. Instead of simply pure turmeric, it's a mix of six organic, good-for-you ingredients that also create a slightly-spiced nightcap on their own. The base is coconut milk power—genius—because it gives you a super creamy finish with just-a-hint-of-sweet flavor. It also has ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom for a cozy, chai-like vibe.

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