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After Movie

The 'After' Series Is Getting the Graphic Novel Treatment

. @aftermovie is being turned into a graphic novel. Yes, you read that right! 😍🥵See an exclusive first look here ⤵️

7/28/2021 5:07:00 PM

. aftermovie is being turned into a graphic novel. Yes, you read that right! 😍🥵See an exclusive first look here ⤵️

'We were guided by the novels, and from that starting point developed the look and mannerisms for Tessa, Hardin, their family and their friends.'

Afteris being turned into a graphic novel, andTeen Voguehas your exclusive first look at the adaptation, led by author Anna Todd.Scheduled for a March 22, 2022 release,After: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)chronicles the beginning of the emotional, whirlwind romance between college students Tessa and Hardin.

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Volume Twois slated to arrive in fall 2022, and five additional volumes will follow.Todd worked closely with artist Pablo Andrés to create illustrated depictions of Tessa and Hardin; the newAfterbook series will be published by Todd's Frayed Pages Media in partnership with Wattpad and Hugo Publishing, and partners around the world. “Getting to create the look for each character and choosing eye colors, hair styles, tattoos, clothing, and settings that are true to the novels has been a blast," Todd told

Teen Vogue. "We were guided by the novels, and from that starting point developed the look and mannerisms for Tessa, Hardin, their family and their friends. Readers might see some familiar visuals, but Hardin and Tessa in the graphic novel are totally new creations.”

For the cover, Tessa and Hardin are seated in one another's arms. An accompanying inside page (see below for the excerpt) shows one of the first illustrated interactions between Tessa and Hardin. In the scene, Tessa is invited to a party, but her reluctance to attend is pointed out by Hardin. It's only after Hardin guesses that she won't attend that Tessa changes her mind.

Artist: Pablo Andrés. Courtesy of Frayed Pages Media/WattpadAn accompanying description of the graphic novel explains that the story will focus on Tessa, “a good girl with a sweet, reliable boyfriend back home.” It's upon running into Hardin that everything changes. “Good looking, confident...and rather rude, even a bit cruel. For all his attitude and insults, Tessa should hate Hardin. And she does—until she finds herself alone with him in his room. Something about his dark mood grabs her, and when they kiss it ignites a passion she’s never known before,” the description reads.

The graphic novel will follow along as Hardin begins “making excuses and disappearing, again and again. He’ll turn away, yet every time when she pushes back, he’ll only pull her in deeper. Despite the reckless way Hardin treats her, Tessa is drawn to his vulnerability, determined to unmask the real Hardin beneath all the lies. A good girl...a bad boy... something undeniable...and everything AFTER.”

Todd confirmed that readers are in for some surprises, tellingTeen Vogue, “Like any adaptation, we have reworked some of the storyline to fit into the space for a graphic novel. It’s been really fun and so cool to shape the story into a graphic form. You’ll have to read it to find out [how it differs from the novel].”

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News of the graphic novel comes as fans prepare for a brand new film in the Hessa saga. Read more: Teen Vogue »

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annatodd wattpad annatodd aftermovie Just preordered my copy and I cant wait to have it in my hands&in my After Collection, as soon as I’ll receive it I’ll for sure have my face attached to the book&I’ll finish it in a few hours if not less, just can’t wait😍 annatodd love you,proud of you❤️ hyagoflp

aftermovie Eww why tho annatodd aftermovie You are spoiling us and i couldn't be more grateful and excited 💖 after series forever lies in my ❤️ aftermovie Oh no... annatodd aftermovie Hey anna congratulations 💜 The Brazilian fandom is very happy 🥰 aftermovie Congrats, annatodd! 🥰🤩 aftermovie I will definitely buy!!!

aftermovie FrayedPagesEnt aftermovie annatodd in the comics will there be the real story with zed and Tessa?🤔🤔😅

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annatodd aftermovie Ulle_81 did you see this ? 😉 annatodd aftermovie meu deus eu tô tão orgulhosa :(( annatodd aftermovie ANNAAAAAAAAA aftermovie OMG THIS IS SO COOL annatodd aftermovie Wooow!!!😍🥰💖♾️ aftermovie Congratulations Anna on this! I'm happy that you get to explore various types of media with the After franchise, this is totally unexpected. I'm excited 🤩💕

aftermovie Damn it, annatodd. I'm hooked again. 👀 Also, does Hardin have dirty blond hair now? 😆 aftermovie IT WILL BE BETTER THAN THE MOVIES SO I'M VERY HAPPY THANK YOU we are so excited for the after book series to be turned into a graphic novel by annatodd and wattpad 😍 aftermovie you play with my patience 😭♾

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aftermovie OMG I’m so excited 😭❤️‍🔥 annatodd aftermovie Probably not a popular opinion but I’m writing it anyway as you’ve announced today that Hardin and Tessa are totally new creations Why change the two main characters and why not stand by your original characters aftermovie im soooo proud annatodd ily❤️‍🔥

aftermovie I LOVED THIS!!!!! aftermovie Omg this is incredible I need this ASAP!! 😍 aftermovie annatodd this is SO AWESOME!! I can’t wait and you must be so excited and proud! annatodd aftermovie I’m actually really excited for this !! annatodd aftermovie This is other level, I HAVE NO WORDS PEOPLE! I love it ♥♥

annatodd aftermovie Anna i am so happy 💜 annatodd aftermovie OMG ANNA, i'm so happy with this news 💜 CONGRATULATIONS

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annatodd aftermovie Wow this is really amazing !!!!! belovedafter aftermovie anna, and her fantastic work, i'm in love with this woman annatodd annatodd aftermovie ANNA I'M SO EXCITED!!! 😭😍😍😍 Omg I love the idea , I can't wait to add it to my After collection !! 😭❤ annatodd aftermovie This is gonna be weird 😭

annatodd aftermovie I love it! Congratulations annatodd aftermovie omg how beautiful this is going to be, congratulations annatodd 💞♾ aftermovie OMG annatodd, THIS IS AMAZING, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ❤️ annatodd aftermovie OMG Anna this is so amazing!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!! Congratulations!!!! aftermovie Aww yay! This is amazing!

annatodd aftermovie I'm so proud of my baby 😭

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