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The 151 Best Truth or Dare Questions And Dares to Do With Friends


10/17/2021 11:05:00 AM


Let the games begin.

What’s the last thing you Googled?When’s the last time you got caught in a lie?What gross smell do you actually enjoy?Who was the last person you said “I love you” to?Have you ever had a paranormal experience?If you were handed $1,000 right now, what would you spend it on?

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Who’s your celebrity “hall pass” if you were to meet that person while in a relationship?Have you ever cheated on an exam?What unexpected part of the body do you find attractive?What’s the most awkward thing you’ve ever been caught doing?Have you ever flirted with a close friend’s sibling?

What was your first concert?If you had the choice to never have to sleep again, would you take it?If you had to get a tattoo today, what would it be?Even if you’d be paid $1 million for it, what’s something you would never do?If you could travel to the past and meet one person, who would it be?

What popular music artist do you secretly hate?Where do you see yourself in 10 years?Name your go-to karaoke song.What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?When have you been in the most trouble in school?If you had to always be overdressed or underdressed, which would you choose?

Who would you cast as you in the movie version of your life?Related:What’s the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?Do you have any phobias?Have you ever had your fortune told?If you had to move to a different country tomorrow, where would you go?

What do you want to be remembered for most in life?Do you believe in soul mates?Have you ever re-gifted a present? What was it?What’s something you only do when you’re alone?What movie (or franchise) are you most embarrassed to love?Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Describe them.

What gross food combo do you secretly love?If you could become besties with a celebrity, who would it be?What’s the most embarrassing nickname you’ve ever been given?If you could trade lives with any person you know for a day, who would it be?Best Dare Questions and Ideas for Friends

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Do a free-style rap for the next minute.Let another person post a status on your behalf.Hand over yourto another player who can send a single text saying anything they want to anyone they want.Let the other players go through your phone for one minute.

Smell another player's armpit.Smell another player's bare foot.Eat a bite of a banana peel.Do an impression of another player until someone can figure out who it is.Say pickles at the end of every sentence you say until it's your turn again.

Imitate a YouTube star until another player guesses who you're portraying.Act like a chicken until your next turn.Talk in a British accent until your next turn.Call a friend, pretend it's their birthday, and sing them Happy Birthday to You.Name a famous person that looks like each player in the room.

Show us your best dance moves.Eat a packet of hot sauce straight.Let another person draw a tattoo on your back with a permanent marker.Related:Put on a blindfold and touch the other players' faces until you can figure out who's who.Serenade the person to your right for a full minute.

Do 20 squats.Let the other players redo your hairstyle.Gulp down a raw egg.Dump out your purse, backpack, or pockets and do a show and tell of what's inside.Let the player to your right redo your makeup.Prank call one of your family members.Let another player create a hat out of toilet paper — and you have to wear it for the rest of the game.

Do a plank for a full minute.Let someone give you a wedgie.Put five cubes in your mouth (you can't chew them, you just have to let them melt—brrr).Bark like a dog.Draw your favorite movie and have the other person guess it (Pictionary-style).Repeat everything the person to your right says until your next turn.

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Demonstrate how you style your hair in the mirror (without actually using the mirror).Play air guitar for one minute.Empty a glass of cold water onto your head outside.Lay on the floor and act like a sizzling piece of bacon.In the next 10 minutes, find a way to scare another player and make it a surprise.

Lick a bar of soap.Eat a tablespoon of mustard.Post the oldest selfie on your phone to Snapchat or Instagram stories (and leave it up!).Attempt the first TikTok dance on your FYP.Imitate a celebrity of the group’s choosing every time you talk for the next 10 minutes.

Read aloud the last five things you searched on your phone.Do karaoke to a song of the group’s choosing.Post a photo (any photo) to social with a heartfelt dedication to a celebrity of the group’s choosing.Find your first crush on social and DM them.Peel a banana using just your toes.

Let the group mix together five of whatever liquids they find in the fridge, then drink it.Wear another player’s socks like gloves for the next five minutes.Put on makeup without looking in the mirror, then leave it like that for the rest of the game.

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