The 11 Best Killers Remixes

Check out the 11 best remixes of #TheKillers songs


Check out the 11 best remixes of TheKillers songs

Here are the best remixes of The Killers for your listening pleasure.

Grab the Kleenex. Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix of "Mr. Brightside" will take you on an emotional journey. Rock along to the acoustic strumming, dreamy pads and bright hi-hats.

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best remix full stop WanessaCamargo 🍀🎹🎶 🎹🎶🔊

Cramer Remix: These stocks should be bought in this environmentJim Cramer reveals why blue chip stocks like Walmart and Proctor and Gamble may work best in this market. Consumer Staples. Noise! noise! hard ttalk! no brain! Just bla bla

Cramer Remix: Put new IPO Revolve on your shopping listJim Cramer breaks down Revolve's recent IPO and urges investors to wait for a pullback before getting in on the stock.

Watch Jon Stewart Shred Congress Over Lack of Health Care for 9/11 First Responders'Sick and dying, they brought themselves down here to speak to no one,” Stewart said. “It’s an embarrassment to the country, and it is a stain on this institution” Thank you to Jon Stewart for speaking out for 911 victims🇺🇸🙏 Americans are into culling the herd, using lack of a universal medical plan to do it. It’s barbaric, but many seem to lack the morals to change that and figure oh well, survival of the fittest! Esp. those with the ability to pay. Funny dat.

11 Things to Avoid Doing Right Before Getting a Spray TanBe wary of these common spray tan slip-ups.

Channel Your Inner Surfer Girl With These 11 Adorable Rash GuardsSporty Spice would definitely approve.

11 Meals to Fuel the ADHD BrainBoost brain power with breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas using ingredients like peanut butter, fresh fruit, and low-fat dairy. These ADHD-friendly recipes are sure to become family favorites.

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