Racism, Texas, Voter Suppression

Racism, Texas

Texas Democrats Strike Jim Crow 'Purity of Ballot Box' Language from GOP Voting Bill

Texas Democrats strike Jim Crow 'purity of ballot box' language from GOP voting bill

5/10/2021 3:03:00 AM

Texas Democrats strike Jim Crow 'purity of ballot box' language from GOP voting bill

Lawmakers struck the phrase from the bill after a Democratic representative pointed out its racist origins

“Well, you may have missed it then,” Anchía responded. “And this would have been very obvious, I think, to anybody who looked at that language. That provision was drafted specifically to disenfranchise black people, black voters, following the Civil War. Did you know that?”

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“No, that’s, I’m sorry to hear that,” Cain replied meekly.“Are you familiar with white primaries? Have you read about those?” Anchía asked.“We’ve heard and read of such things. I’m glad that’s gone. That’s a disgusting thing,” Cain said.Anchía went on to ask Cain whether he realized that the language ” ‘purity at the ballot box ‘ … gave rise to all-white primaries” and was “used during the Jim Crow era to prevent black people from voting.” “Did you know that in states across the country that penal disenfranchisement schemes were put in place including in Texas as far back as 1845 to effectively lock African American people out of the political process?” Anchía asked. “Are you aware of this political history?”

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Typical and pathetic A purity bill to disenfranchise black voters and others that GOP want to exclude, and therefore renamed so Republicans could avoid thinking of themselves as Ignorant racists for doing so, still stinks! What a misleading headline ... EndWhiteSupremacy So it's fixed...

Jim Crow Ballot 'Purity' Phrase Yanked From Texas Vote Suppression Bill At Last MinuteGOP lawmakers ultimately decided not to advertise the segregationist nature of the voting measure. But winked and acknowledged that it was MORE than implied wow he’s pretty advanced for a 14yr old white supremacist Sneaky little shit!

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‘They’re taking over’: Right-wing extremism flourishes in North Texas suburbsAs Capitol rioters, QAnon believers and other radicals gain in number, one moderate Texas Republican warns: 'We’re on a self-destructive path.' AMERICA, don't say you weren't warned...👍😷🤔😯😖 Propaganda nonsense The Real housewives of boogaloo... They most certainly are behind the Colonial ransomware attack

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