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Ted Cruz, Afghanistan

Ted Cruz says Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, notes 'reports of a hostage crisis'

The Republican senator said he and other members of Congress 'have been working around the clock' to help Americans still in Afghanistan.

9/6/2021 12:55:00 AM

The Republican senator said he and other members of Congress 'have been working around the clock' to help Americans still in Afghanistan .

The Republican senator said he and other members of Congress 'have been working around the clock' to help Americans still in Afghanistan .

said during a press conference that less than 200, and likely closer to 100, Americans that wanted to leave were still in the country."We're trying to determine exactly how many. We're going through manifests and calling and texting through our lists," Blinken told reporters at the time.

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Late last week, Ascend—which teaches young women leadership through athletics—posted to its website about the difficulty it was having helping evacuate the Afghan refugees and U.S. nationals"There are 600 people, including US citizens, green card holders, and members of Ascend, who have been waiting on an airplane outside of Kabul trying to leave for the past two days. We call of [sic] the US State Department to help get the plane off the ground and get these vulnerable civilians to safety," the organization wrote.

"We hope visibility will add pressure to force a solution. Six days of talks are not encouraging," Ascend's executive director Marina LeGree told CBS News on Sunday.Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) accused President Joe Biden of abandoning Americans in Afghanistan on Sunday. In this photo, Cruz gestures as he speaks during a news conference in the Hart Senate Office Building on May 12 in Washington, D.C. headtopics.com

Anna Moneymaker/Getty ImagesOther lawmakers took aim at Biden, as the reports of the potential hostage situation circulated on Sunday."As Kamala campaigns in California and Biden goes back on his Delaware retreat, there are still Americans and allies trying to get out of Afghanistan. They have planes. They are ready to go," Representative Dan Crenshaw, a Texas Republican, tweeted.

"But Taliban won't let them, and Biden burned up any leverage we had," he wrote.Senator John Boozman, an Arkansas Republican, criticized the Biden administration as well." Americans and our partners were left behind in Afghanistan because of Pres. Biden's disastrous withdrawal. I'm pressing the administration for answers, including who remains as well as whether and how the individuals we did evacuate were vetted," the GOP lawmaker tweeted.

Newsweekreached out to Ascend and the White House for further comment but did not immediately receive a response.Biden has received widespread criticism for the chaotic end to nearly two decades of war in Afghanistan. The administration of former President

Donald Trumpsigned the peace deal with the Taliban in February 2020. That initial agreement would have withdrawn all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by May of this year. Read more: Newsweek »

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IF he did Cruz - he would have learnt that from YOU a expert at leaving people to die Ted cruz has never worked around the clock for anything other than to get those mean ticket prices to Cancun!!! Politicizing the hell out of this. He did not abandon anyone!! Why are these liars still allowed to push false info

tedcruz bullshit tedcruz Was he on Cancun time or Texas time? He failed to Explain what exactly the plan is and how he plans to pull it off. tedcruz Americans had no business in Afghanistan in the first damn place. tedcruz Oh! Yet you could not lift a finger to protect the dignity of your family when Trump attacked your wife and dad. Silence s gold sir.

tedcruz Vote in '22 anyonebutted tedcruz Yet he didn’t do shit when people in his own state were freezing to death What a pity, that doesn't show a good image of the President.

Vietnamese-Americans Organize to Aid Afghan RefugeesPeople who came to the U.S. as refugees more than 40 years ago and their children are mobilizing to help Afghans with whom they feel a kinship at the chaotic end of another lengthy war in Asia. Great - Now what happened to the investigations into the EpsteinFiles EpsteinFiles EpsteinFiles Where is the non stop Media coverage on this or did it get covered up Like the PanamaPapers because Billionaires, Ex Presidents & High Profile people were involved? US army withdrawing Afghanistan after giving them love , peace and democracy . This is the American terrorism . Afghanistan Breaking news 🛑 Assad army and Russians fighters bombing Daraa city in South of Syria. Daraa Daraa_Under_Attack درعا_تحت_القصف

tedcruz Why did Ted do nothing about the issue before the Aug 31st cut off? tedcruz Didn't you abandon Texans by running off to Mexico during our winter storm. tedcruz Ted helps Americans when he goes to Cancun. That’s how he deals with situations. tedcruz American people are informed by Biden and generalmilley about their actions in Afganistan ? U.S media provides facts to American people? Does any leader in world think America is real friend, partner and ally? Who created Taliban? SanctionPakistan BidenWarCrimes

tedcruz Lyin talibanted working around the clock? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 tedcruz Only thing Cruz works hard is his mouth. tedcruz Remember when you abandoned Texans tedcruz Sadly this means you are not working around the clock for Americans in the US.

So the republican senate does diddly squat for years, but NOW they decide to work their rears off? I’m calling this 5 Pinocchio’s out of 5.

Qatar envoy: Kabul airport reopens to receive aid, civilians to fly soonQatar's ambassador to Afghanistan says its technical team was able to repair and reopen Kabul airport to receive humanitarian aid, Al Jazeera reports, as economic crisis looms in Taliban -ruled country. Receive Aid but with full dignity and own Muslim conditions, no to coward UN or OIC_OCI slavery! And Almighty Allah is best of Raaziq who can even grant good health and satisfied life. ☝🏽⚖️😇🤲🤲🤲NoHaraamCompromise Afghanistan

tedcruz Biden abandoned Americans? Says the man who abandoned 1. His wife when ted’s god, TFG, called her names 2. His Texas constituents during a power emergency 3. His dog when he abandoned his constituents 4. His daughter when he blamed her because he ran away to Cancun 4. His Dad tedcruz tedcruz Ted Cruz says a lot of things. A lot of things. One thing he's never done is work around the clock. Remember that time he worked around the clock to solve the power grid problem and didn't fly to Cancún?

He says poolside in Mexico. tedcruz That may be what Cruz said, but that's not what he's been doing. He's basically been out doing photo ops and campaigning. He lies a lot, in case you haven't noticed. People are supposed to believe you are helping people in Afghanistan when you will not and do not help the people in your own state Yeah,Right!!!

Make sure you let the people of Louisiana and everyone else hit by Ida know. Maybe you should have been working to help the women of Texas? Drop dead, Cancun Cruz! Right, I'll bet.

Afghanistan drawdown leaves Biden at a crisis point with veterans'We should monitor suicides,' a top official at the Veterans Affairs Department wrote the day Kabul fell. The closing quote by the politically aligned group defining 7 months as 3 and forgetting the guy in charge was VP is on point. Oh please. 🤦‍♀️ Bullshit.

tedcruz The last time Ted “worked” around the clock he was busy watching porn: When did Ted start working!? I call BS! Cruz is doing it from Cancun. Sending them to cancun? tedcruz Ted Cruz was born in Canada. Why not help put Trump in Jail for the attempted coup? 😂 Yea. Ok. Sure they are. tedcruz Question ... How much is the bounty for the man that gets the woman pregnant 🤔 ExpelTedCruzNow RafaelCruz

Remember, Ted Cruz is the same guy who abandoned his constituents as they literally froze to death to go on vacation. Now we're supposed to believe he cares about Americans in Afghanistan. Not buying it. Just more shit stirring by the GOP. GOPTraitors I didn't realize 'working around the clock' was code for point fingers, do nothing and spew propaganda. What exactly are they doing?

Top House Republican Says Taliban Holding 6 Planes With Americans, Afghans ‘Hostage’Rep. Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, says 'zero' Americans have left the country since U.S. troops withdrew. How can people still take republicans serious 🥴 I was wondering when something like this might happen. Iran🇮🇷 1979: Teheran American🇺🇸 Embassy Hostage crisis once more.? Does America have a Commando force.? Has Joe and Dems disbanded the Navy ⚓SEAL.?

These are chartered planes from a religious group funded by Glen Beck. There's about 100 Americans and nearly 1000 Afghanis. Talk about not vetting people and just flying them into the US? Well, I can't really blame them from stopping the planes until it's proven who they are. tedcruz Personally: I'm just glad Joe is in there & not TFG. TFG would do what was best for himself & that I can guarantee you 100% NurseMom2Be Replying to patriotnot45 TFG couldn’t even get buses of people back to their vehicles from his rallies; this could’ve been so much worse Ted

Remember when Ted abandoned Texas and his dog for the beaches of Cancun? tedcruz I’ll believe that when I see it Really, Working around the clock helping non-Americans, but takes a vacation when the people of Texas almost froze to death! tedcruz US doesn't have MONEY for infrastructure. What a shame! Rooting for china

tedcruz and what are you doing Ted? Planning your next trip to Cancun? tedcruz Is this, by any chance, the same Ted Cruz that left us in February during the worst freeze we’ve in in centuries for the warmth of Cancun Rich coming from this chump… tedcruz He was at the border. How can he be working around the clock?

tedcruz Too bad he didn’t help his neighbors and fellowTexans but went to Cancun instead. Follow the $

CNN panel blasts Biden admin's inability to communicate clearly on COVID: 'People feel jerked around'A CNN panel blasted the Biden administration on Sunday for getting ahead of the science on booster shots, noting Americans are getting 'frustrated' by the haphazardness at the White House. bullshit. Message is clear FoxNews, get vaccinated and improve your outcome. You kids just want to spread nonsense. That’s one way to lower your viewership. (Big Joe) I would like to talk about my son Bo. Fox News story is that we should watch more CNN because that’s what seems MOST important! Got it. 👍

tedcruz Nonsense! No one could’ve predicted this end. Shouldn’t Trump have predicted his Cult would attack the Capitol? After firing up his Cult for months with lies that 7 million votes were stolen, it was foreseeable. You can dream Trump would’ve done better; it’s doubtful & pointless! tedcruz Waaaah! My Trumpy would have done it so much better. It would have been nice and orderly, yeah. Just like Disney World. Like Disney World, see? Everyone so happy! I’m sure Trump would have done better, cuz he does everything perfect. Just perfect!

tedcruz Don’t take credit for things you don’t do tedcruz Let me guess: your working from Cancun! tedcruz Around the Clock? That's not what Ted Cruz's twitter postings indicate. Maybe his STAFF is working around the clock and HE is taking credit for their work Wait, 3 months to get out and they're still not out? Perhaps they don't want out.

tedcruz Why don’t you go to Afghanistan? I hear the weather is lovely there, kinda like Cancun. You’ll love it. Take the family, take the dog. tedcruz Now Cruz defends Trump, the insurrectionist, attacking Jewish and Catholics. We know he failed to defend his wife and father when the insurrectionist attacked them.

tedcruz Ted Cruz defending mini Trump in CA. tedcruz So why haven’t they evacuated all the abandoned Americans?

Rep. Michael McCaul claims Taliban holding Americans hostage 'for demands' in Afghanistan'This is really turning into a hostage situation, where they're not going to allow American citizens to leave until they get full recognition,' the GOP congressman said. Funny the only planes at the airport are one from Pakistan and one from Turkey. No commercial planes.

tedcruz tedcruz President Biden armed the largest terrorist fighters in the World, with the best weapons in the World. Better than NATO countries. I never seen so many Cartels, and terrorist so happy, that Biden is President, and Democrats are back again, so they can operate, normally again. tedcruz The article co conveniently says nothing about what Ted & his buds are doing. Pres Biden got 124K out by deadline. The group mentioned had warnings since March to evacuate. Why didn’t they.

tedcruz Teddy, quit flapping your lips and do something. Heck at least the dems started stuff against Trump. You and other Rep just give us lip service. For Gods sake man, DO SOMETHING! Republicans especially the would-be-president, hates Joe Biden a lot that they're willing to make-up stories just to discredit the government. SAD.

tedcruz Again kremlincruz opens mouth and out comes spewed 💩. What, no flights to Cancun? Wait until Cruz realizes these are Afghanistan people with dual citizenship papers with whole families that need to be brought out; brown people. The topic will fade from Cruz's lips. tedcruz Fighter for “Liberty “. Give me a break .

In Cancun? Yea right. tedcruz Working around the clock? Bullsh*t. You've never done a single real day of work in your entire life. tedcruz .TexasGOP .GovAbbott work around the clock failing Texans Positivity Rate 9/4 - 11.72% 167.5K tests Cases 7d rolling average - 19,062 DEATHS 7d rolling average - 246 Hospitalisations 9/5 - 13,732 ICU Covid patients Statewide 9/5 3,832 Available ICU Statewide 9/5 337

tedcruz tedcruz Go get ‘em, Ted! tedcruz HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you havent worked around the clock a day in your life tedcruz Where is Mr. Biden ? Pitiful ! Why don't these so-called Woke football players go there and help ? No ! They are too busy with this 'woke' nonsense. Sociopaths. 'It's all about me.' When the righteous rule, a Nation rejoices. When the wicked rule, a nation mourns. Proverbs 29:02

These are all problems caused by the hasty withdrawal of troops, and the current efforts are to make up for previous mistakes You mean Rafael Cruz?

tedcruz TedCruzisADisgrace Well than just have king Trump fly his airplane to Afghanistan & bring back them Americans, once the Taliban see trump they will immediately bow down & obey trump the most incredible Man God has ever created! Just like he ‘helped’ his fellow Texans during the power grid failure?

Ted Cruz abandoned any sense of credibility with the Trump fiasco... Now he wants another 5 minutes of fame... tedcruz when freedom died in panjeshir.voice of blast is heared in london...help panjeshir tedcruz The Taliban government of Texas-Kevin McCarthy, Greg Abbott and Cancun Ted, fight against each other against women's rights and want to incapacitate them. What a shame for a free country.

So tell us how please. In detail. And how it differs from what the U.S. government is presently doing. tedcruz Please if there are troops left over there in Afghanistan ,please get them out. You're helping while you travel to Mexico? Maybe GobiernoMX SECTUR_mx restrict Cruz from traveling to Mexico SenTedCruz

tedcruz How many hours do that clock of his have? He's working around the clock on this. Working around the clock on the 'border crisis'. Working around the clock on booking tickets to Cancun. Seriously, that's a magic clock and I want one! Liar. tedcruz Is that code for being in Cancun? The same guy that didn't help the people in Texas last winter, right. The truth is not in him.

HillaryClinton sent planes to help people leave & I didn't see Newsweek report on that event. We have proof. I haven't heard that SenTedCruz lifted one finger. All I see is him running his mouth as always & his fat fingers all over twitter...with all the $ he's made.. no plane! Whatever Cruz says, do not believe it... Whatever Cruz does, do not trust it to benefit others unless it benefits Cruz 1st. What Cruz says and does today will be different tomorrow. Cruz work to benefit Cruz ! ! !

This is the same guy that was drinking margaritas in Cancun as a child in Texas froze to death in his bed... You honestly take him at his word? tedcruz Ted Cruz doesn’t work around the clock, on anything But he needs to work with the state department.

tedcruz BidenIsADisgrace tedcruz from Cancun. Nothing but evil Cruz fled to Cancun when the going got tough in his state, what makes one think there is any truth to what he is saying 😂😂😂 tedcruz tedcruz My daddy said that Ted's father was a pal of Lee Harvey Oswald and Crux has not been able to prove daddy was wrong.

Oh please he didn’t do a damm thing for the state he represents when the electric grid failed! Afghans who are there weren’t left they chose not to leave they had 6 mo notice tedcruz Working around the clock on Twitter we think 🤡 tedcruz I doubt if Texas is one of the states that they would want to go to.

Lol 🤣

cancun during a freeze in Texas tedcruz Cancun Ted needs to reflect what abandoning responsibilities really looks like. He is a veteran! The amount of good PR Newsweek gives to an insurrectionist who fled his state during a crisis is really gross. Speaking of abandoning Americans SenTedCruz tedcruz Why won't these Republicans name who is left in Afghanistan and why. Seems all that I keep hearing left is Afghan contractors. Republicans don't give a shit about them unless they can use them for political pawns. They don't want them to come to America either.

I bet you di CancunRafael SenTedCruz 🧐 The Senator that abandoned his constituents! Right!!! I don't trust cancun Cruz, I need receipts

The best way to solve this would be for Cruz to go to Afghanistan and rescue everybody. Cruz does love to travel.