Teaching skills online is a way to make money while avoiding COVID

Teaching skills online is a way to make money while avoiding COVID

11/28/2020 4:48:00 PM

Teaching skills online is a way to make money while avoiding COVID

If you have a skill that other people want to learn, you most likely have an online class that could enable you to profit from a distance.

help you handle the technical side of an online class — the software and sales. Better yet, there is no charge to design and post your class online. These sites charge a commission only when someone pays to attend the class.All you have to do is talk into a camera — most likely on your phone — in the same way you’d talk to someone you were training in person. You can use a simple tripod to help you film. Upload your video, type in descriptions of what people can learn with your class, hit the publish button and you are an online instructor.

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AdvertisementBaby stepsKeep in mind that you don’t need to teach people everything you know to sell a class. Quite the opposite, in fact. Classes are best when you break them into bite-sized pieces.Consider teaching people to do one simple thing, such as building a wooden stool. And divide your course into relatively short lessons — 15 minutes to an hour — to keep it digestible for new learners.

Your first lesson on building a wooden stool might be about safety and the tools and supplies you need. Details are key. Explain the specific saws, blades, screws and wood type and why you’re using those. You might also demonstrate how to safely use and store the power tools. This information is probably second nature to an experienced woodworker. But to millions of people who haven’t built anything more complex than Ikea furniture, those details are revelatory. headtopics.com

In the second lesson, you might walk through cutting and sanding pieces. Lesson three might involve the assembly, staining and showing off the final product. Again, things you know — like the— are not common knowledge. Make sure your course covers all the basics.

AdvertisementPricingYou don’t have to charge a fortune for your course to make this worthwhile. If you charge $20 for your video series, for instance, you gross $2,000 for each 100 people who buy it. Your profit — after costs — will vary based on how much you invested in materials and on the platform that you use to sell the course.

With Thinkific and Teachable, you pay a modest 10% commission on each sale. But they expect you to market the class yourself.If you’re no good at marketing, you can sell through Udemy. Udemy does some marketing for you, but it charges dearly for the service: It takes commissions of 50% to 75% when it finds the customers for you.

You don’t have to pick just one platform. You can also publish your classes on Udemy and one of the other platforms to see which works best for you.AdvertisementUsing online platforms in concert Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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