Take a Journey Into HYBE's 'Insight,' The Newest Museum to Celebrate K-Pop

On two underground floors of the new HYBE headquarters in Seoul, a new museum dedicated to #Kpop has opened.

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On two underground floors of the new HYBE headquarters in Seoul, a new museum dedicated to Kpop has opened.

On two underground floors of the new HYBE headquarters in Seoul's Yongsan district, a new museum dedicated to K-pop opened to the public last month.

are reconstructed to the music of unique artists such as DJ Dguru. Standing in the middle, surrounded by huge screens on which the dance videos are played, was an overwhelming experience, and I saw many others just as mesmerized as me and watching the fascinating dance videos repeatedly.

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"Inspiring Story" is where many interesting exhibitions can be enjoyed in one space -- interviews with artists on their thoughts about the lyrics of their songs and visualized pieces created by various artists groups such as Sunny Studio. There are also a three-dimensional map and pop-up books that have been transformed from HYBE’s"A Flower for Love" and"The Queen's Knight," which have been loved for their unique world views. Despite the diverse attempts at visualizing stories, they fell short of the overwhelming sense of energy that the artists directly convey through their movements.

Courtesy of Billboard KoreaThe two separate sections of the museum are connected by a dramatic display of the history of HYBE and all the trophies their artists have won. The long path HYBE has walked on is integrated with the corporate philosophy and made into a video, and the best part is when a spotlight is turned on the wall display full of trophies. The impressive array of 180 trophies won at some of the most prestigious music shows, including Billboard Music Awards, MAMA and Korean Music Awards, were enough to wow the visitors.

Leaving visitors' cheers behind, I move on to continue the exploration on the first floor underground, where the exhibition begins with"SEVEN PHASES," an art piece by Taiwanese-American artist James Jean. After passing through BTS-inspired character drawings portraying members as the spirits of flowers and another unique piece named"Garden" inspired by the"Universal Truth" lyrics"A flower resembling you that bloomed in the garden of loneliness," a complete hands-on experience awaits the visitors where they can extensively engage in HYBE music with all five senses. Visitors can also enjoy the display of HYBE artists’ costumes, accessories and souvenirs, as well as an augmented-reality game where they are divided into two teams and participate in the game. This can be a love it or hate it activity depending on the person, but it definitely adds fun elements to the whole experience at the museum. Even so, the most popular photo spot out of all these unique spaces is by the picture in a frame designed to celebrate BTS’"Dynamite" hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Courtesy of Billboard KoreaA two-hour tour seems too short when the exhibition ends with videos playing the artists’ interviews and"Resonance," a completely sound-proof space where you can completely immerse yourself into the surrounding music and sound. The interview videos are edited with style and show the artists’ genuine characters, but the most memorable moment out of the entire tour has to be in"Resonance" where you can explore the complete silence and tranquility, which is a rare experience that can resonate for days to come. It’s the moment where people who meet through music get to be genuinely serious with music in a space that’s filled with silence."What if there was no music in the world?" is written on the wall and it suddenly seemed like a very different question after the exhibition.

The music in us has grown and brought all of us here. Read more: billboard »

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Fix it please 😑 it's for BTS and HYBE artists Celebrate k-pop high? It's about BTS and HYBE artists 😑 Correction: Only BTS and artists of Hybe labels 😉👍 Uhm, it's just HYBE Artists not Kpop lol

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