Taco Bell employee fatally shot by gunman after apparent argument at drive-thru in South LA: Police

1/9/2022 8:44:00 PM

Gunman opens fire in drive-thru at Taco Bell in South L.A., killing employee

Gunman opens fire in drive-thru at Taco Bell in South L.A., killing employee

A gunman opened fire in a drive-thru at a Taco Bell in South Los Angeles, killing an employee, authorities said.

Email SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A gunman opened fire Saturday night in a drive-thru at a Taco Bell in South Los Angeles, killing an employee, authorities said..Android — and choose the alerts you want.‘The Bob-Spread': US Men's Bobsled Team Strips Down for Calendar Before Olympics “I'm actually feeling fine,” said the 16-year-old Liu, a two-time national champion who was in third place after short program.

The shooting occurred shortly before 11 p.m.at the fast-food restaurant near the intersection of Century and Avalon boulevards, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson said.He then demanded that the store employee open the safe.The victim was shot in the torso with a semiautomatic handgun after an apparent argument, according to LAPD investigators.Emergency responders arrived to find the employee unconscious and not breathing.“I watch like, half of the guys' event because I forgot they competed today, and I was like, ‘Oh my God! They already started.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.The deceased individual's name was not immediately released.Two suspects were being sought in connection with the shooting, described only as males between 20 and 25 years old..

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Was it a person of color who killed this pobrecito? What in the name of Humanity is going on with our world. Hopefully they catch this POS soon Public hangings, anyone? Praying for this family. ❤️🙏🏾❤️ so sad 🥺 hope they find justice but may he r.i.p. So sad 😔.. this hurt to read. Sending love and prayers to his family. RIP

Hope they found the gunman and gets life in jail 💔 — senseless Prayers to his family 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽 I'm so pissed off and sad. A tragic event, my condolences to family. Sending positive vibes to son who witness his dad killing

Taco Bell is selling a $10 monthly taco subscriptionTaco Bell is rolling out what's arguably the tastiest subscription service yet: daily tacos.

not fair, just trying to make a living and this shit happens. life's not fair Kind of crazy we’ve heard nothing from tacobell ! Corporate is based in Irvine, CA just a ways away from where this location is located!! here’s the link for anybody that would like to donate 🙏🏽 This is so fucking tragic. Lost for words. Fuck man

🙏 Rip🙏 Come the fuck on man… RIP Sad for the family..My prayers and condolences for the famil. May he Rest In Peace 🙏✝️ Damn, over some TB 'Meanwhile, two suspects were being sought in connection with the shooting, described only as males between 20 and 25 years old.' Hmmm 🤔 Great description 👍

Police Investigating Armed Robbery at Dallas Taco CabanaTwo suspects are at large after robbing a Taco Cabana in Dallas on Friday. Hope no one's hurt but who robs a Taco joint? Inside job. Nobody says to their criminal pal bruh let's hit the cabana. That’s ashamed

But the gunman lives matter. Rest In Peace. Such a tragic and senseless loss. Absolutely awful pedro_garcia42 Come on man is this what we doing now? tacobell Y'all really just going to leave it up to the franchisee to provide support to the family To win a fight u need 3 things: Skills, attitude, plan. He had the attitude (justice), he might have had the skills (to fight), what he lacked was a plan for what to do when the other guy, who has a say, pulls a gun.

God bless you sir, you are with your Heavenly Father now. 🙏💔✝️😔 This is so awful RIP….😔🙏🏼

Liu Joins Bell, Chen on US Figure Skating Team for Winter OlympicsAlysa Liu has joined U.S. champion Mariah Bell and runner-up Karen Chen on the American figure skating team for the Beijing Olympics.

🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Keep voting GavinNewsom , ericgarcetti ( MayorOfLA ), and GeorgeGascon for more of this. Expect a lot more, with most criminals walking. To his family, I’m so sorry. Y’all deserved better than this. Hard working people deserve to be safe at work. Prayers 🙏 Missing description: black male, 16-21 yo, at least 5 priors, recently released from prison for good behavior 🤦🏿‍♂️

💔💔💔💔💔💔 No one is safe not even at work. People are just so eff’d up now. Shame the police are too busy harassing and fining homeless people to attend to real crimes. black it again mane Catch the bad guy I hope that mf gets caught! That's so fucked up man. Smh. RIP 🙏🏽

Bell Tops Chen to Win First US Figure Skating ChampionshipMariah Bell put together a mesmerizing free skate at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, edging Karen Chen on Friday night for her first gold medal and taking any drama out of whether she’s headed to her first Winter Olympics

There Was a Shooting At a Burger King in Harlem NY, A Women Cashier was Shot on the Same Day My god. 😢 There’s no where else on earth that’s more violent than here. Take the fake 20 . Its not worth your life working and doing right at a huge corp . I would have took a fake 100 if something felt wrong Eyewitness News on Sunday said the dispute started over what they believe was a fake $20 bill. That’s the way the George Floyd riots started! boycott

People with guns are getting restless just letting their pieces lay there. they feel like they need to use them now. So much senseless killing lately. Bless us all!!! This is really sad. I hope they find the guy but don’t look like it’s happening. A description of the vehicle and more detailed description of the suspects would of been nice for the public to know. Do better!

Damn a father & son working together & the son had to watch his dad die, what a wild story He didn’t like them wings Can someone please remind me again why there’s a staffing shortage in the restaurant industry? 🤔 Customers were bad b4. But today, they’re deranged

Virgin Orbit lands in Times Square NYC to ring NASDAQ bellAnother kind of countdown hit New York City's Times Square Friday (Jan. 7) as a commercial spaceflight company celebrated joining the NASDAQ stock exchange.

That’s just sad, RIP. Wild Wild West Cgriffin3323 they didn’t advertise this as part of the wings 😢 Selling them Bullshit wings! Word is he was mad because he just found out they no longer have the mexicanpizza on their menu 😂 At least the police did not hassle the killer there's no way that those wings are that good..

Sensitive bangers at it again

Mariah Bell Wins First National Title at Figure Skating ChampionshipsMariah Bell secured her first national title Friday night, becoming the oldest women's skater to win the U.S. Figure Skating Championships since 1927 'the oldest women's skater to win the U.S. Figure Skating Championships since 1927' She's 25!! She's still a kid herself. 😐

RMGNews b-b-but people on Reddit keep telling me the violent crime here in LA isn’t thaaaat bad, isn’t getting worse 🤔 Disgusting! ABC reporting sex and age but intentionally leaves out the obvious factor….oh well. We all know the race. Male blacks 25 years. K. You know it’s not racism to describe the shooters. Their age is is cute but simply telling me the location tells us what we need to know. Just unfortunate you choose to hide the description due to wokeness

Sick!!!! May the innocent person RIP!!!!💐 Now let’s see if it dominates the news and rally’s and protest and Al Sharpton speaking out like the case where the police accidentally killed that girl while trying to protect the public it dominated your broadcast last night. Over some tacos? SMH 😳🔫 For $10 a month, Taco Bell customers can get one taco per day for 30 consecutive days. Some forgot to tell him.

WTH is wrong with people?

Absolutely awful. Will Al Sharpton be getting involved in this one too? Just another typical viloent night in South Central L.A. nothing out of the ordinary here. I would change gunman to human garbage. Killing someone because you can't use fake currency to buy food? Who gives birth to human beings like this? Given the location, I think we all get it.

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