Tablet Computers and 8 Other Pieces of Tech That Date You

Is your tech dating you? We found 8 gadgets due for extinction—and some modern-day upgrades to try instead.

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10/23/2021 3:45:00 AM

Is your tech dating you? We found 8 gadgets due for extinction—and some modern-day upgrades to try instead.

From wired headphones to wooden rowing machines, gear can leave you looking seriously behind the times. Here, nine items due for extinction—and great upgrades to try instead.

EVERY FASHIONchoice you make broadcasts to the world who you want to be. So if you’re still rocking Ed Hardy shirts and acid wash jeans, you’re admitting that you were last cool about a decade ago—and perhaps not entirely cool to begin with. The same is true of tech, where the gadgets you use daily tell a story, whether that narrative defines you as an ardent first adopter, a respectably up-to-date player or an out-of-touch Luddite.

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“Tech has always been an act of conspicuous consumption. But now it has become about status signaling, even peacocking,” said Matt Klein, a cultural researcher and the creator of Zine, a newsletter that studies how technology and psychology interact. “People want to signal their choices and tech is evolving so fast, it’s easy to draw distinctions and determine who’s behind the curve.”

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Yeah more shot we don’t need. Peddle that shit. Earn your pay. What an absolute crock of shit this listicle is. JoannaStern should have thrown herself in front of matthewkitchen’s keyboard before he could hit publish. Also, it omitted the one upgrade that makes sense in porch pirate times: Smart doorbell over traditional

Don’t tech shame people. To each his own. My car still has a regular key. Do you know what's better than being up to date on the latest superficial fashion and tech trends? How about not giving a damn about what other people think of your fashion and tech choices. You being authentic with who you are will never go out of style.

lmao advocating for smart locks At least my still working ipod did not make the list! If everyone consumed like Americans we would need 4 more Earths. I'm about to meet the parents this weekend remind me of them, GPS on the car so they're lost all the time, first gen flat TV, no Netflix, Computer's on Windows XP...WHAT! I come here with my phone I'm Marty McFly

Out, I take it? I really dig the raptor with earphones listening to an ipod.

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