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Personal Celebrations & Life Events, International News

Sweden's Princess Madeleine shares rare photo of Prince Nicolas to mark his sixth birthday

Sweden's Princess Madeleine shares rare photo of Prince Nicolas to mark his sixth birthday

6/15/2021 6:13:00 PM

Sweden's Princess Madeleine shares rare photo of Prince Nicolas to mark his sixth birthday

Princess Madeleine and her husband, Christopher O'Neill, reside in Florida with their three children

The sweet Instagram snap showed the young royal leaning his head on a steering wheel of what appears to be a golf cart, while a beach could be seen behind him.The royal mum's caption read: "Happy Birthday, dear Nicolas! We love you to the moon and back. Keep on truckin'!"

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WATCH: A who's who of the Swedish royal familyPrincess Madeleine and her husband, British-born American financier Christopher O'Neill, who moved their family to Florida in 2018, are also parents to Princess Leonore, seven, and Princess Adrienne, three.

Prince Nicolas, Duke of Ångermanland was born in Stockholm on 15 June 2015. He arrived just days after his uncle Prince Carl Philip tied the knot with Sofia Hellqvist.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Princess Madeleine of Sweden (@princess_madeleine_of_sweden)

Princess Madeleine shared a new photo of Prince NicolasIn the run-up to the wedding, there were reports that Princess Madeleine could miss her brother's nuptials due to the advanced stage of her pregnancy, but she and Chris attended the happy occasion with their eldest daughter, Princess Leonore.

In an interview with Swedish magazine, Mama, in 2019, Madeleine revealed that she was actually having contractions during the wedding, and her son, Prince Nicolas, was born two days later.MORE: Princess Sofia's baby son Prince Julian to be christened this summer

MORE: Queen Maxima looks gorgeous in recycled floral jumpsuit for royal outing Princess Madeleine was heavily pregnant at Prince Carl Philip's wedding Princess Madeleine is the youngest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

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In 2019, the king made some changes to the royal house, announcing that the children of Prince Carl Philip and his wife Princess Sofia, and the children of Princess Madeleine and Christopher will no longer be members of the royal house.

This meant that Carl Philip's sons, Prince Alexander, Prince Gabriel, and Prince Julian, as well as Princess Madeleine's children, Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas and Princess Adrienne, lost their style of Royal Highness and in future will not be expected to perform duties incumbent on the head of state.

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