Suburban House Democrats find hunger for action on gun control back home

Polling shows that suburban voters, especially women, are increasingly concerned about guns and overwhelmingly support tighter gun regulations.


Polling shows that suburban voters, especially women, are increasingly concerned about guns and overwhelmingly support tighter gun regulations.

Polling shows that suburban voters, especially women, are increasingly concerned about guns and overwhelmingly support tighter gun regulations.

Aug. 25, 2019, 4:33 PM UTC By Leigh Ann Caldwell and Stefanie Cargill HUNTLEY, Ill. — At a town hall meeting Thursday hosted by Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood in this upscale, suburban community, the congresswoman’s staff anticipated a healthy dose of questions about health care from the overflowing crowd of retirees. Instead, she was peppered with queries about her stance on gun control and what Congress might do to stem a steady stream of mass shootings. It was a similar scene north of Pittsburgh on Tuesday, at a town hall hosted by Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb in Allison Park, where voters lined up to express their concern about guns. “I have a son who's a senior in high school. Since middle school they've been going through active shooter drills in the schools and that just makes me sick to my stomach,” Ed Modaro said as he opened a question to Lamb. “I'd like to know why you support putting military style assault weapons in the hands of civilians,” Ed Modaro asked Lamb. In response, Lamb indicated that he doesn't support a ban on such weapons but argued that Congress must finish passing universal background checks. Aug. 21, 2019 04:32 The most recent spate of mass shootings, including in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, have renewed focus on the nation's long-running debate over gun control. As House members like Lamb and Underwood have discovered during Congress' summer recess, they have also heightened voters’ concerns and put increased pressure on lawmakers for solutions. That pressure is being felt most acutely in the suburban districts that propelled Democrats’ success in the 2018 elections and boosted the party to win control of the House of Representatives. Underwood and Lamb were part of that wave of suburban Democrats and their 2020 re-election bids are expected to be key to both control of Congress and the outcome of the presidential race. Polling shows that suburban voters, especially women, are increasingly concerned about the issue of guns and overwhelmingly support tighter gun regulations. According to an NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll from earlier this month, 94 percent of suburban women supported expanding background checks to all gun sales and transfers and 76 percent support the ban of selected semi-automatic firearms, known as assault weapons. Fifty-nine percent of suburban women are worried the government won’t do enough to regulate firearms. A poll of five suburban districts conducted by a GOP firm, the Republican Main Street Partnership, found that suburban woman were most worried about working to increase gun safety, more than fixing health care or addressing immigration. Former Republican Congressman Ryan Costello who represented a district outside of Philadelphia but decided not to run for re-election in 2018, said that Republicans are loosing support in what has been reliable strongholds. “We are now in a political environment of managing or trying to shrink vote deficits in many suburban areas, rather than them being reliably Republican strongholds,” Costello said. He noted that backing popular gun policy such as background checks or red flag laws is a good place for Republicans to make inroads with suburban voters. “When suburban voters think of public safety concerns, most are thinking about gun safety, not caravans from Guatemala,” Costello said. Moms Demand Action and other gun violence prevention organizations participate in the Solidarity Walk With Gun Violence Survivors across the Brooklyn Bridge on June 8, 2019 in New York City. Erik McGregor / LightRocket via Getty Images file Republicans, long opposed to most regulations of firearms, have so far shown little indication they are willing to do that. In the days after El Paso and Dayton, President Donald Trump said he supported expanded background checks for guns and urged Congress to consider red flag laws. But after conversations with National Rifle Association President Wayne LaPierre, he has since softened those pronouncements . Underwood and Lamb are navigating the politics of their own districts, too. Democrats in Congress, aware of the polling supporting strong action on guns, have been putting pressure on Senate Republicans to voter on a measure that would implement universal background checks, legislation which has already passed in the House. Lamb, who narrowly won a special election in 2018 and more comfortably won re-election in a newly redistricted district last November, has advocated for the House-passed universal background check bill. But he would not commit to supporting other proposals, including red flag laws, which through a court order would remove a gun from someone at the request of a family member or friend. “I think the most important thing we can do, based on our experience and based on the fact that it enjoys wide bipartisan support and is a strong majority American position, is to pass a universal background check bill,” Lamb said. Underwood went further. She also advocated for the House universal background check bill but added that a limit on magazine capacity is “important” and that a voluntary gun buy-back program should be an option. As for a ban on assault weapons, which House Democrats haven’t made a priority but are having discussions about, Underwood said she is having conversations with voters in her district about if that should be on the table. “I'm a little bit surprised that in this time, where the gun violence prevention efforts have reached, you know, their height in terms of public conversation, we're not necessarily hearing that proactive advocacy, about the assault weapons ban in my district,” Underwood told NBC News in an interview after her town hall. What Democrats know is good politics is to point the blame at Republicans for inaction. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused to call the Senate back in session to pass the universal background check bill or consider other areas of gun control. “I think that the senate must come back and take up these bills. I don't see how it's an option, we are in a moment in our country where the American people are demanding action,” Underwood said. Leigh Ann Caldwell Leigh Ann Caldwell is an NBC News correspondent. Stefanie Cargill Read more: NBC News

The 19th Amendment and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. Gun laws already violate the Constitution and should be eliminated. Stop sending C_A mind controlled loons with teams of actors into no gun zones to fake shoot up everyone. That would help. Go home ladies, your cats are hungry.

Before that, go over federal, state laws and NFA, ATF Regulations. We got laws, its people that we have a problem with. Polling shows you are completely full of dog poop. Your polls have been epically wrong and you use “polls” to direct your narrative. BTW that isn’t journalism sure! Enough not to vote GOP. Not if it doubles their tax burden.

oh really? I’m not. Actually the headline under the picture says surburban democrat voters.... Guess they don't live in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, NYC, LA, Houston, Atlanta,Birmingham, Newark, Camden,Philly, St Louis, Phoenix- sure I forgot 20-50 more

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How about we put this on voting ballots. Screw Washington Something's nor right. White suburban women are pro-Trump, what gives? Bzzz! Wrong again! Still waiting for someone to define assault weapon. I mean if I hit you with a baton used by military police have I not used a military assault weapon? So anything I can use as a weapon to assault someone is an assault weapon, even my foot

I’m concerned that they will make law that will try to confiscate guns. If they do that I think whoever trys to enforce will end up getting hurt!! This is normal for politicians-they enact laws that will put everyone who has to enforce em in danger while they sit in there castle. Yup. I agree, we need to get guns out of the hands of criminals.

I call Bullshit Not if the were educated in the matter. Ppl.need to turn off the DNC news Come to Queensland children are allowed to lurk the suburbs with just Glock G18 Gel Blaster Guns with 20 metre + range to shoot water projectiles at all? How long till the Police here put one down even if it is deemed only a toy will the copper have to face court to be acquitted?

Keep guns out if the hands of the mentally ill and the addicted. Also we need to really dissect who is killing and why, no politics allowed. Let’s make fact based decisions not knee jerk legislation.

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Media pushes false narrative, then polls .... And they are probably the most uneducated on the subject matter to. Who did you poll? Complete false Emotional creatures Polls? 🤣 It's not common sense if you have no idea what you're talking about. Here we go with the polls again. I lost confidence in them in 2016.

gotta love the poster tryhards. Regulation isn't the answer. In the 50's there was zero mass shootings. And you could buy a fully auto through the mail. Ask yourself what has changed since the 50's and you will have your answer.

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More lies, BS and propaganda Funny thing is, if you polled them to test their knowledge of current gun regulations, hardly anyone would know them. Molon Labe Jungle justice finding itself back to the American culture unless gun production and ownership issues are addressed. “Our nonstop propaganda to convince people to give away their human rights to the government is going as planned!” FakeNews FakeNewsMedia

If they can figure out how tighter regulation on the 99.99% of gun owners who obey our laws will stop the inner cities thugs who obtain guns in a way that can't be regulated then, have at it. Fools Dissent is criminalized. 'We need a 2nd Amendment' 'We need independence' 'President Trump please liberate Hong Kong'

GunReformNow Polling shows waning support for the 19th amendment.

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DNC propaganda Illinois has the toughest gun laws for buying guns and the worse murder rate in the country. So background checks don't work there. This has been going on for years with nothing being done by democrat run cities. What is the answer? FAKE NEWS! Suburban voters—particularly women—will also be the undoing of Trump next Nov.

No Its funny to read all the 'they know nothing and I know everything' responses here. Fake polls Why would anyone believe anything you assholes NBC write? Polls🙄😆😆😆

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The poll was obviously taken by white women that live in low crime areas that believe what they see on mainstream media. I get so confused with table tennis the MSM plays. White soccer moms are good again? Yes! Finally things might move in the right direction Ah, the liberal MSM media. Maybe in Kalifornia, but suspect elsewhere.....

Biological women or people that identify as women? Some of these could be biological men that identify as women. This needs to be clarified. It is also disrespectful to make gender assumptions like this. Thank goodness our rights aren't based on what essential oil moms think. What do the citizens of the cities especially those affected by “ gun violence “ say or do pollsters avoid those demographics?

A population that has limited experience with firearms supports tighter firearms regulations? Sure. Should women vote this election? Why?

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4lisaguerrero Common sense is taking hold... What are the odds of fake news producing fake polls? Countries with strict gun control laws actually do have significantly fewer gun incidents. Facts

America not China. 2019 not 1776. 2A No one should be armed enough to fight their own government that's crazy! No tyranny here. Mass Shootings Last 60 Years 2019, no one needs to fight their own government. Ever. AKA dumbing down... No, I don't. I'm for real solutions. Not political ones. Tighter gun laws won't work. If anything the opposite might fix the problem. Someone wanting to do harm 2 others with a firearm, tend to avoid people and places that have someone possibly shooting back. I know crimminals do

Another federal gun control law will have no effect on gun violence. Or violence in general. much great accept those ladies the right they are demonstrating Are these the same polls that predicted Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide?

Guns aren’t the problem. Lack of parenting, morality, and treating people like garbage is. Hey ladies, common sense says if you dont want a baby , dont have sex. Abortion is murder.... While supporting murdering babies , abortion is a crime. Because media are pushing gun violence incidents and NOT reporting lives saved by possessing a gun. There were anywhere from 500,000 to 3 million defensive gun uses in 2008.

women are ruled by emotion first, logic second. The 'Males' are house broken, neutered and content to conform for that once every 10 weeks sex. This mindless school of jelly fish, father, mother, son and daughter, becomes useful beasts of burden -Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars We kiss our loved ones in the morning as they leave for school and work, never knowing if a crazy person with a gun will shoot them dead in a few hours. The NRA is a terrorist organization. NoGuns

And at the same time, federal courts are spending more time addressing the issue of gun control laws being a violation of constitutional rights. California and New York are already dealing with the possibility of their state laws being thrown out by the courts. they are right to be concerned, we are the most violent country in the free world

Fake news. Suburban dems females have always been anti gun the majority of them. Go .

Imagine the same headline about “speech regulations”. We have an Amendment for that too. downwithCNN watch tim pool it time for new news

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