Stray Kids Unveil Dynamic '아니 (Any)' Video

The '아니 (Any)' video follows the release of @Stray_Kids' debut album in June

9/29/2020 3:33:00 AM

The '아니 (Any)' video follows the release of Stray_Kids' debut album in June

Stray Kids unveiled the energetic video for their equally infectious "아니 (Any)" track on Sunday (Sept. 27).

unveiled the energetic video for their equally infectious"아니 (Any)" track on Sunday (Sept. 27).The clip finds the eight-member group amid sultry colored lights, neon signs and flashing lights as they proclaim in the hook:"There are so many things in the world, but I don't want any / There are so many things in the world, but I just get to kick them all out / Maybe I should move to a different planet."

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The video follows the release of Stray Kids' debut albumGin June, and their first album repackage on Sept. 14. Read more: billboard »

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