'Storage Wars' Star Jarrod Schulz Denies Pushing Ex, Gearing Up For Trial

'Storage Wars' Star Jarrod Schulz Denies Pushing Ex, Gearing Up For Trial

6/19/2021 9:14:00 AM

'Storage Wars' Star Jarrod Schulz Denies Pushing Ex, Gearing Up For Trial

'Storage Wars' star Jarrod Schulz is gearing up for trial in his domestic violence case.

during a heated argument inside an Orange County bar.Our sources say there are conflicting witness statements about what went down ... we're told one witness says Jarrod didn't push Brandi but gave her a shoulder bump, while another says Jarrod was sitting on a barstool the entire time.

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Law enforcement sources tell us Brandi did not need any medical attention after the alleged incident and there were no visible marks on her body.Jarrod pled not guilty Monday and the trial is set for July 12. Read more: TMZ »

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First regardless this shouldn’t have happened period Not Jarrod! He seems like such a suave, mild, docile fella on tv. Screaming at and demeaning her in public, does not prove (or even mean) he was violent! Why did they split up? That’s lame Man. This guy just screams “I will shower your daughter with a lifetime of love and respect”

😭 tmz must be slow posting this yuuuuuup

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