Steven Spielberg Won’t Direct ‘Indiana Jones 5,’ James Mangold in Talks to Replace (EXCLUSIVE)

Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones 5, James Mangold, Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg Won’t Direct ‘Indiana Jones 5,’ James Mangold in Talks to Replace (EXCLUSIVE)

Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones


Steven Spielberg Won’t Direct ‘ Indiana Jones 5,’ James Mangold in Talks to Replace (EXCLUSIVE)

After a long development process, Steven Spielberg is handing the directing reins on “ Indiana Jones 5” to another filmmaker for the first time in the franchise’s 39-year history, …

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Steven faz mais 3 filmes jurássico Park. O primeiro em 1993 Eu chorei muito tinha 7 anos. Passei o filme inteiro chorando com medo. Faz filme bem assustador, coloca algo a mais no filme. Good, but why? Funny idea: if Harrison Ford plays his actual age (which, assuming 'Indiana Jones 5' comes out sometime next year, will be 78), and the character of Indiana Jones was born in 1899 (as his online bio states), then the year in which the movie is set would have to be... 1977! 🤓

DisneyStudios Spielberg is as much Indiana Jones as Ford. Don’t destroy another franchise. Let it go or get Spielberg back and get the hell out of his way. He didn’t just back out for a fresh voice this close to production. Golly gee, first predator HarveyWeinstein finally gets busted. Then suddenly BobIger steps down as CEO of Disney. Now StevenSpielberg steps down as director of Indiana Jones 5. Very interesting...🤔🧐

No point doing it if he’s not directing it...! Let the movie go. Let Indian Jones remain cool. OR, bring in Shia to take over since that was teased in the last film. Don’t fuck it up Why do we need an Indiana Jones 5? Like HarrisonFordLA too old. Give it a rest

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His last great movie was 20 years ago: Minority Report. Spielberg is So Overrated! So he's only making 'high art' films now? (Read: crap) 👍 Then who cares about the fifth Indiana Jones film? Just cancel the project and leave it alone. No one wants this. 3rd was marginal, 4th was a complete flop and now they want to do a 5th.

Cool... but hand the reigns to Patty Jenkins instead. Probably going into hiding after he found out his daughter’s doing porn Maybe Spielberg sitting out Indy 5 is for the best. He usually knows what he's doing. James Mangold is himself a fantastic director with an eye for struggling characters and imaginative action scenes.

How to explain to mom that it’s ok, I’m 38, I don’t need Xmas presents anymore? Now do that to Spielberg 🤧🤧🤧🤧why

Why Steven Spielberg's daughter is pursuing sex work'I've always been a very sexually natured person, which has gotten me in trouble before.' Because she's a degenerate with no moral compass or dignity. There. Saved you all a click. Rich white girl in rich white world problem

He's going to be working on his daughter's new film? Is George Lucas being replaced too? Because that would be good. Good. Judging by the last movie this seems like a good idea. So long as nobody is swinging through the forest on vines w monkeys I’ll be happy. James is quite talented person, no doubt about it. But this is ur job, Steven. Your fan, we all want to see ur world.

Is he focusing on his daughters porn career now? It's absolutely wrong decision, Steven. Only your eyes can create Indiana Jones story. Stay cool, hero! Yeah, but maybe not this guy 🤦🏻‍♂️ Stick to what we know and love; adventure, comedy and good ol’ story telling. Not the latest PC, over use of green screen, climate change, electric cars, 5G, Smart this and that, gender fluidity and... oops, I’ve sent myself to sleep.

I am ok with this. That's disappointing. One of the main reasons indiana jones is so great is because of spielbergs direction.

Every Harrison Ford Movie, RankedWe ranked every Harrison Ford movie performance, and the top spot came down to two of the most iconic roles of all time Han shoots first! Fugitive

Does Indiana Jones find himself somehow on the moon looking for a big mountain of cheese. What else could happen, he finds jimmy Hoffa's grave, prevents JFK assassination, his real dad Richard Nixon?...what.!!! There was a 4th? Mangold is a great choice! Please let this happen. I love Spielberg but come on, he shouldn’t have let KOTCS turn out as it did. The Spielberg of this current age is not right for Indy anymore. Mangold can definitely make a film the character deserves.

If Mangold can do something like what he did with Logan then I'll be perfectly fine with this :) Why are they bothering with a 5th one After that crystal skull s*it what’s gonna be in this one predator hunting down ru Paul in Antarctica and indie having to save her while simultaneously Shia le bouf wrestles with the army of monkeys from the last one

Aixx ara sí que el món s'acaba... unIndi sense el Spielberg no és IndianaJones Spielberg wants someone else to direct the movie. Cool. Nooooo!!! Not having Spielberg directing Indy is like George Lucas selling Star Wars to, lets say, Disney and...oh crap! Never mind. 😞 It's a very, very solid choice.

Why Steven Spielberg's daughter is pursuing sex work'I've always been a very sexually natured person, which has gotten me in trouble before.' Because she's a degenerate with no moral compass or dignity. There. Saved you all a click. Rich white girl in rich white world problem

He got his clone to do it Enough already, retire the franchise. Its going to be dire. Number 4 was trash. Why What I thought he’d already started filming it though? 🤨 Some film making is just about getting people a job. IDEA 💡: no one should direct it because no one needs this movie. Harrison killing off Indi. I’m calling it now.

What if Steven Spielberg’s heart isn’t in it anymore? Maybe we should have asked that in 1991 with Hook? Does this have anything to do with Bob Iger leaving? Is the pressure mounting with the porno daughter, who clearly was a prop to begin with? I hope that family can heal.

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johncampea still think Speilberg ans Kennedy are on good terms? No! Spielberg needs to make that DC Black Hawk film!! Psuedo Spielberg. JJ Abrams should direct it lol Please keep him how he is, please let his mantle pass to someone worthy to be his successor Can they also cast new actor with Harrison Ford

Like Coppola passing on another Godfather. Good he isn’t doing this. Spielberg maybe wants to be present to help his daughter through whatever it is she is putting herself through.

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I know the title for the next film “Indiana Jones and the Dead Men Tell No Tales” R Kelly's a huge fan of Mangold movies, for real Just as long as there's more glass aliens, more fake Russians, more atomic refrigerators, more computer monkeys and gophers, and especially more Shia LaBeouf. Lots more. All the LaBeouf, in fact.

robertliefeld OH.'s gonna be....SO, good. Lmao. Is he gonna hand over his daughter too? right well thats a NO from me then. No. Mangold is a stellar choice. Is this film even needed? latasrinivasan No.........just reboot the franchise with Chris Pine

Oh...The guy who did 'Ford vs Ferrari'? Do go on. Mister Mangold, I await your entry. I mean this with the utmost respect (as it was a good flick) and the best of luck going forward. Mister Spielberg, wise choice. He's likely to do it justice. Fuck these remakes Certainly part of the Disney austerity program.

Working Title: 'Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Nursing Home.' Big game hunters are not cool :(((noooo Maybe now that Shia is back in the game they can finally follow through on setting him up as the successor? If you really wanna keep going I guess it’s time to truly start something new instead of milking nostalgia 🤷🏻‍♀️

Oh come on!

An Indiana Jones movie without Steven Spielberg is unnecessary. By the way... Hollywood, stop with all these sequels, remakes, reboots, please! The crystal skull didn’t do well.... Harrison is long in the tooth... De-age technology such as in the Irish man. Oh HELL no!! Denzel Washington as Indiana Jones or we riot

Yes please, he’s such a talented director Can we call this one 4 and pretend that crystal skull never happened? If James wants it, that's fantastic. One of the best directors in past 15 years. Maybe someday, we can get a StarWars film from him cuz he would have made a masterful BobaFett film. He is my pick for a future episode of TheMandalorian & a CadBane film. Guy can do no wrong

Spielberg is a legend, but this is great news. The crystal skull was so bad I really don’t want them to do another.

I would love to send a copy of my book to either one ir BOTH of them☺😉 Thank fucking god. I love you, Steven... but Indy 4 was an abomination. NOBODY should direct Indiana Jones 5! Just do a decent reboot Why Nooooooooooo !!!! Spielberg is rubbish now so good. Plus his friends are starting to get locked up.

why dont you just reboot it Mangold is an amazing choice. I'm expecting the best Indy since 'Raiders'. Indiana Jones and Depends of the left lane campers. Who cares?

RealHughJackman as Indy the 3rd We can't that guy to direct the 5th feature, he doesn't have the things that we all know; The great shots, better directing, great music by John Williams, and the mystery piece. Oh God this opens up a Pandora's box. Please for the love of God don't let this be yet another franchise for Jar Jar Abrams and Alex Klutzman (among others) to have an opportunity to destroy.

they shoulda got vince gilligan This actually makes me... MORE excited Sad. Another good series murdered to bring it to an end. Good choice. Mangold is at the top of his game. Spielberg makes better non-franchise films these days. Munich, Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can, War Horse I've got a better idea. End Indiana Jones forever.

Who cares, the God damn Chinese death plague is coming for us all!!!!

😮 So, Indy 5 is going to be trash Indiana Jones and the Replacement Hip. OMG THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!! What? Indiana Jones 5? Seriously? Why? Temple of Doom was the worst, I can only imagine how many good nerds we lost jumping out of an airplane thinking an inflatable raft would gently lower them down, such a loss of revenue for comic stores nationwide

How about canceling it and rebooting in 20 years? 'Indiana Jones and the Sex Change of Terror' Steven 1 was great, but 2,3 n 4...opioid addiction ?

最悪だ・・・ Mangold's the blandest of the bland. Maybe they should drop it for now. No one wants this movie I can't watch Indiana Jones without Steven Spielberg even though I love Harrison Ford No need to go on with this anymore... Indiana Jones 3 was the best and should've completed the story with that. I expected that

Let a young director direct it Disappointing like when Michael Jackson told his brothers to leave the stage at the Motown Awards

You can’t make a Indiana Jones move without Steven Spielberg he is amazing and has changed the filmmaking industry Indiana Jones is Lucas + Spielberg + Ford! When Lucas sold his company to disney was clear the end of Indy as we’re used to think! It’not necessary to do a reboot but I hope they’ll do lime 007 and recast someone else! Maybe it will work or maybe not..

They better get a move on it. Indiana Jones and The Search for More Money Indiana Jones and the Cane of Arthritis? Hard Pass. An Indiana Jones movie isn’t really an Indiana Jones movie if it doesn’t have Steven Spielberg or Harrison Ford Great choice of director. 🔥 Should anyone direct an Indiana Jones 5?

Steven Spielberg hasn’t made a good movie in 10 years. Lets not forget he destroyed the franchise w crystal skull. Yo Spielberg, remember me?

Sorry James, but no Spielberg no Indy 'It took 12 years, but I finally admit that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was an absolute shit-show...' - Spielberg, hopefully... At least bring back the main characters from Indy4. DO NOT force it WITH IDENTITY POLITICS! AND NO WOKE BS! Remember the fans come FIRST.

Of course. Spielberg only works with and promotes Jewish directors. He would never give this to goyum (black, Latino or white) Spielberg is as ethnocentric and racist as Benjamin Netanyahu robreiner JuddApatow AnnCoulter ava Joy_Villa RealCandaceO seanhannity EvaLongoria Are you telling us that Kathleen Kennedy can't keep her former boss from leaving a Disney era Lucasfilm?

From one White Jew to the next white Jew. What a great story 👏🏼 I honestly think this is great news (if your ok with an Indy 5 movie to begin with). I feel like part of the reason for this movie being delayed is Spielberg's apprehension. Maybe now things will push forward and we'll get a slightly gritty tone which is what this film needs.

No Lucas or Spielberg? A hard pass. Sigh. At least we have the original 3! Indiana Jones 4 does not exist in this dojo. Which means it's gonna be a number of prequels which is good but which in turn has potential to be another Goonies movie depending on how far back they want to go and how many prequels they want to make. I'm guessing at least 3.... IndianaJones5

Spielberg The greatest director since the mid seventies .... Spielberg indy5

Not interested in any Indy movie without Spielberg or Ford. Or we could just completely do without another one🤷🏼‍♂️ ffs🤦🏼‍♂️ A real shame. No George, no Steven...hell recast Indy and start over then. Sorry I'm all for a new direction but go out on a high with the original crew! Pfff! You know why... 🤫

Si la prod est suivie par la même Team que starwars ce sera sans moi... surtout que lucas devait le faire avec Spielberg au départ. S'il arrêté c mauvais signe... jj abrams 😂 Gutted NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO No offense to Mangold... Just kinda makes me sad. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Franchise

I really hope the script is based on “The Fate of Atlantis”... Soooo.... why not George Lucas no biggie I wont watch it. I hate when they drag these out like this Because wearing the same glasses and goatee is how you secretly get passed the baton. this is okay 👍🏼 😢 Steve moving on to direct his daughter.

Don't make it. The last movie sucked and Harrison Ford is like 90 years old and couldn't care less. Yeah no thanks number 4 sucked.. they should have left it at Last Crusade

shouldnt hand it to anyone , just drop it Last one was awful, just stop Well lock me in a fridge and hit me with a nuclear blast Mal asunto Bob Iger out and Spielberg jumps ship fast SpyderDan1985 He is 73. Mangold is a top tier director and it doesn't get much better than him so that's good news.

BittrScrptReadr Awful idea. Indy isn't Indy without Spielberg in the director's chair even if a talented dude like Mangold takes the helm. Not interested. Then don’t make it. Easy. Who really cares - This Franchise is spent. Harrison Ford is 78, it's not the same as in the 80's when these movies were good. Yeah that's over 30 years ago IndianaJones

So you’re saying 5 might actually be better than 4? O God! That means it will be woke garbage. Death to another franchise. So, no burning Nazis obsession? Spielberg just loved to burn them in these movies THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! 😡 Disney is hurting creators (StevenSpielberg included) FOR THE LAST TIME! They really want to ignore people like Spielberg, because they won't tolerate what he even wants! Well! If it's war Disney wants, then war they shall have! 😡 Sorry for the rage.

Hearing that Spielberg is not directing Indy 5 makes me sad. 🥺 I’ll still see it, but it just won’t be the same. 😒 disappointed Indy5

Weak StevenSpielberg is giving away a movie because he is going away for being a Pedo ? Pedos must Go ... So, will it be called Indiana Jones and the Hex of the Hydra? I will 'Observe' this movie when it comes out. 😉 Reminder of two things: 1.) They’re supposed to be filming in “two months” according to Ford. 2.) Mangold was supposed to direct a Boba Fett film. Then they cancelled it. Why would he choose to work with Lucasfilm film now?

Now why would someone hand a trillion dollar movie franchise to a guy who has yet to make a movie that turned even a modest profit? Oh, that's right... it's because they both wear funny little hats. Just keep George Lucas away. That god awful Crystal Skull almost ruined Indy. Indiana Jones 4 was a pile of shit. If 5 is going to be similar maybe it just shouldn't be made.

What Harrison Ford will look like by the time Indiana Jones 5 comes out Fine....but no aliens this time, ok?

Ford V Ferrari and Logan are incredible movies. I LOVE this choice. No. George Lucas doesn't get a say? Boo... Thank god, it wasn't Disney Because he will be in prison . This is one of the most horrible humans ? Alive. Weinstein x 100. I think it's the best thing to happen to Indiana Jones since Short Round , great partnerships are hard to come by,

Looks like we have even more reason to espect him to be killed off. So based on his history, this basically means Hugh Jackman will be the new Indiana Jones... Can’t we just let a franchise be finished? Is that still an option? Just let it be great and finished... Do we have to reboot everything ever made?

Mangold ! Now I'm paying attention to Indy 5 Hey, at least it's not JJ Abrams The worst news. Can we please get new ideas instead of sequels and reboots? It should start off with Indy waking up in bed, turning to Marion, shaking her awake, and saying, 'Honey, I had the weirdest dream we had a son who was an asshole, & we fought commies for the head of an alien, & there was something about a fridge...'

He's not stupid. We don't need anymore of these movies. Oh, praise the lord. Hopefully now we can get away from Spielberg's daddy issues which were on display in 2, 3, and 4 and only worked in 3. 4th film was shit, this will also be a dog turd. I love James Mangold as a director. IndianaJones It's never going to happen 🤣

I'm old enough to remember when Indiana Jones 5 was just a joke in a John Mulaney bit. J. A. Bayona would be a good option too. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had a bad script, but a good director. Here comes JJ Nobody wants this movie to be made El bueno de Spielberg esta haciendo musicales ahora. Dejaros de quintas partes...

They waited too long. Harrison Ford is old. The last one was a stinker compared to the previous anyways. As long as Spielberg is producing the film it will OK. Ford Vs Ferrari was an excellent movie and I am sure James Mangold will do a fine job. Would have been nice to have Spielberg do this but getting Mangold is not too shabby.

How about make something new

DON'T MAKE THIS MOVIE!!! Last Crusade ended it perfectly. Mangold better do the Bob Dylan biopic before Indiana Jones 5 then or I might fight. Just let the saga die in dignity and do something new for a change Good because he’s doing a terrible job with it Oh no don’t piss me off even more now! nospielbergnoindy

ItsJimmyHowlett بیا ببین چه خبره. pinata1138 Indiana Jones and the Search for the Last Dollar. But we don't need another Indy I blame the porno daughter for this. Arthur_H1 ...👀

Great. Now cast this guy as Harrison Ford If this means no shitty Kaminski cinematography, then this is great news! Maybe Mangold can suggest Christian Bale for a role. Because Steven Spielberg a diddler. This is random but I like to throw it out whenever the opportunity arises - could someone get Spielberg interested in reviving the Napoleon film into which Kubrick poured so much effort? Could be spectacular

Mangold needs to bring Shia LaBeouf’s character Mutt back He is probably spending more time directing his daughters new flicks like Indiana Bones and the Temple of Poon. Yeah, that's not a good idea. robertliefeld WAIT WHAT?!

Great news!! mang0ld is a brilliant filmmaker : be awesome to see his take on this classic character, but it’s a shame that it won’t have Spielberg touch and magic. But this could be the perfect person to pass it on Don’t do this. Leave it alone. Please. Perfect choice if we can't have Spielberg What's the fucking point then?

TeetMe harrison ford v. ferarri No no no noooooo James Mangold is great... but we all want Spielberg Upgrade 75 yr old Indy lmao HARD PASD

Interesting. Now go ahead and Bond this by recasting Indy. We've seen old man Indy. He lost the magic. Please... just don't make this movie. They're totally going the Logan way with Indy 5, aren't they? Uh i kinda thought this was his thing Fuck beans ☹️ If they let mang0ld co-write it and use his team, this could be really, really good

ScottWamplerBMD won't be happy What!!!!!! Steven S has to direct IJ5. Harrison Ford is 90 years old!!! EriktheMovieman If there HAS to be one then Mangold is a great pick

James Mangold is a great choice to take over for Steven Spielberg no one should direct it because it should not exist You mean...PRACTICAL EFFECTS?! HE IS BACK ! (Will George Lucas be involved? I don't know if want him back or not) what Wait... Indiana Jones 4 never happened, so there can't be an Indiana Jones 5. 🤷‍♂️

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