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Stephen Colbert Brings Back Bernie Sanders Impression: “I Promise You Will Feel The Bern”

Stephen Colbert Brings Back Bernie Sanders Impression: “I Promise You Will Feel The Bern”

2/25/2020 6:26:00 AM

Stephen Colbert Brings Back Bernie Sanders Impression: “I Promise You Will Feel The Bern”

It’s been a while since Stephen Colbert did his Bernie Sanders impression, but tonight he dusted it off in honor of Bernie’s big win in Nevada. Colbert recapped the results of this week…

Colbert got a good laugh out of Sanders’ speech, and began to imitate the Vermont senator.“What I’m saying is — multi-racial, multi-generational orgy at my place, I promise. I promise, you will feel the Bern and the Bern will feel you,” Colbert shouted at the audience as he waved his arms wildly.

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Moments later, the comedian began to mock former Vice President. After coming in second with 20% of the vote, Biden held a news conference saying the press had declared his campaign “dead” but the results show “we’re alive.”“Bragging that you’re alive may not be most stirring campaign rally,” Colbert quipped.

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