Starbucks Says Customers Must Wear Masks At Its Cafes

Starbucks Says Customers Must Wear Masks At Its Cafes

7/10/2020 2:53:00 AM

Starbucks Says Customers Must Wear Masks At Its Cafes

Several states already require people to wear masks in public spaces like coffee shops to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but many still have no such requirement.

Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionPatrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesPeople gathered outside of a Starbucks coffee shop at Venice Beach in Los Angeles last month. The company's order for all customers to wear masks will take effect on July 15.

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Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesStarbucks announced on Thursday that it would require all patrons to wear face masks at its locations across the United States.The order will take effect on June 15, according toa statement from Starbucks.Several states have already mandated that residents wear masks in public spaces like coffee shops because of the coronavirus, though many still have no such requirement.

Starbucks said that at stores where there's no local mandate regarding masks customers will still be able to use the drive-thru, order for curbside pickup, or get their order delivered. Read more: NPR Health News »

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Oh a bunch of Karen’s won’t be able to get their skinny caramel macchiatos! Darn it! I see many Karen/Ken “I am not wearing a mask in Starbucks” videos in our future Have2Care The whole shutdown is inconsistent, we've already been required to wear mask not only at starbucks but every public place. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

Why are they waiting a week 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Starbucks star this is not hard. Did you mean March 15th? 🙄 Bravo 👏🏻 alice4u2010 Trump supporters are going to be crying. Don't like it stay home. Coffee home for me Why wait? Why not TODAY!!!! They shouldn't be open in the first place! What? People can't make their own damn coffee?

Groundbreaking. Well that's a bit like closing the barn door after the horse got out, isn't it!? Can’t wait! To see all the It’s against my rights to protect myself and other whining and crying about it. These are the same ones throwing an uproar about the grill jockey at Burger King handeling their food without gloves....

Even thru a drive thru? Waiting for Starbucks Karen.... I feel for employees who have to enforce this policy, because from the videos I've seen people get violent over something so simple as being asked to wear a mask. StayHomeStaySafe WearADamnMask they won't be getting my business then Been that way since day one where I live.

thepoliticalcat why wait until the 15th? it should be as of right now. Meanwhile ... Come get Covid19 at your local Starbucks free with any latte, coffee or drink! Offer ends July 15. Aw man, you gonna get some Uggs wearing, North Face jacket slinging, yoga pants sporting Karens really miffed now. Really miffed.

Only now wtf. Wait. They weren’t before? Will they also stop putting things like “isis” on a Muslim persons cup? Uh oh! Karen and Kev are going to be pissed, get out your recording devices!!!!😂 Dear God so many Karen videos coming soon Paging Karen It wasn’t me, it was you...byestarbucks Oh boy I can't wait to see the videos of big mouths stating this is against their rights.

Sure, why not wait a week or so. Time is totally on our side 🙄 Oh boy. Starbucks is Karen central. This isn't gonna go down well lol Uh... Starbucks, why wait? Oh noooo. Expect multiple temper tantrums from Karen’s and Kens ! That will make it hard to drink the coffee. Must our masks now have straws? Why not July 10?

And cue moronic backlash This is stupid. You can’t mask up effectively if you are constantly removing it to eat or drink. They should continue to go orders only. Already required in MA...our infection and death rates are way down and declining BTW.... Great...private sector, individuals have to fill the gap w/o government leadership.

KatCapps starbucks will you actually make New Yorkers wear them or not serve? I’ve stopped going because of the handful of loud mouthed regulars who heckle everyone in a mask and the employees say they can’t ask them to wait outside 😣 The Karen’s are coming ... starbucks public freak out videos in coming in 3...2...1

I'd rather businesses decide than government I don’t go to Starbucks, so I am good. And why would they wait until July 15? So in the past few months we've seen all of these people crying about opening things back up to help the economy, to these same people crying about having to wear a mask to shop in the places they were crying about opening up...

Ugh you show the worst one in the world too, the Venice one that replaced the venicefreakshow ! No chains ever used to be in Venice. Gross. Starbucks is late as fuck. Good, but why not start immediately Why has this not already been a requirement?! karenvasion It's near mid July. And we're just now getting around to mandating mask wearing... JULY.

Make it effective NOW. Annnnddd also, every corporation should do this. Really? How can you drink your coffee with a mask on? Why wait until July 15? Wear masks now, it is already late. Damn, no more Starbucks then. Good for Starbucks. I hope you guys don’t get too much push back from mean customers. Feel sorry for Baristas who gotta refuse lattes to assholes refusing to mask up🙏🏼

Facemask challenges..... Stay Masking and being save!!!!! 👊 Only took them 4 months to figure out we need masks? Is it true, back then they wouldn’t let employees wear masks? Sorry, I was a regular customer but in four months I’ve learned to make my own coffee. They weren’t already doing this? No wonder we have such a surge in cases.

They're just now requiring this? And why wait until July 15. Finally -- a business with some...sense! Then do the right thing and hire security. You shouldn’t force your low paid employees to be the mask police. It’s unsafe for them. Here for the Karen meltdown videos 10 min wearing a mask while in line never killed anyone. Doctors & nurses do it for hours on end during 12hr surgeries. You’re not special Jennifers. Wear your mask. Get your drink. Move on with your day.

Wayyyyy too late, Starbucks. So does that mean Kroger and Target must follow since they are in them. What the fuck took them so long?! WTF y'all been doing before? Today is July 9. Why not immediately? Took them long enough. Way to NOT be a leader. Anybody that disagrees w/Starbucks your own coffee shop and make your own rules... so long as the rules aren’t Discriminatory...

We already do in NY, but it's grab n go. Starting July 7 WA State businesses are required to ensure their customers or clients are wearing face coverings Great to live in a science data driven state ! Wow a little late huh Queue Karen. Funniest thing is that alot of those outbursts are just people with egos realizing they forgot their mask in the car and can’t handle it.

Boy the zombie horde of caffeine-addicted Karens is going to erupt in fury. Good. Why wait? Npr= corporate mouthpiece. Good! Is Starbucks a member of Congress who passed a bill for a law requiring face diapers to be worn at all its locations? How about in parking lots? Gotta fix your article. Dates are off.

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