Squirrel tests positive for the bubonic plague in Colorado

Public health officials have announced that a squirrel in Colorado has tested positive for the bubonic plague.

7/14/2020 1:59:00 PM

Public health officials have announced that a squirrel in Colorado has tested positive for the bubonic plague.

Public health officials have announced that a squirrel in Colorado has tested positive for the bubonic plague.

“Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis, and can be contracted by humans and household animals if proper precautions are not taken,” officials from Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) said in a statement released to the public.

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MORE: Police look for woman who deliberately coughed on a 1-year-old baby after argument with motherIt is possible for humans to be infected with the bubonic plague through bites from infected fleas and by direct contact with blood or tissues of infected animals such as a cough or a bite.

Jefferson County Public Health said that cats are highly susceptible to the plague from things like flea bites, a rodent scratch or bite, and ingesting an infected rodent. Cats can die if not treated quickly with antibiotics after contact with the plague.

MORE: Woman, 72, gored multiple times by bison after getting too close taking picturesOfficials also said that dogs are not as susceptible to the plague as cats are but still may pick up and carry plague-infected rodent fleas. Any pet owner who suspects that their pet is ill should contact a veterinarian immediately.

“Symptoms of plague may include sudden onset of high fever, chills, headache, nausea and extreme pain and swelling of lymph nodes, occurring within two to seven days after exposure. Plague can be effectively treated with antibiotics when diagnosed early. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should consult a physician,” said JCPH.

MORE: Man throws burning American flag onto police car, spits at cops during arrestBATH, ENGLAND - APRIL 23: A squirrel looks from a tree in Royal Victoria Park on April 23, 2013 in Bath, England.BATH, ENGLAND - APRIL 23: A squirrel looks from a tree in Royal Victoria Park on April 23, 2013 in Bath, England.

Matt Cardy/Getty ImagesMORE: 8 big cats confirmed tested positive for coronavirus at NY zooRisk for contracting the bubonic plague is extremely low as long as the proper precautions are taken and JCPH published a list of them including eliminating all sources of food, shelter and access for wild animals around the home, not feeding wild animals, maintaining a litter and trash-free yard to reduce wild animal habitats, having people and pets should avoid all contact with sick or dead wild animals and rodents, using precaution when handling sick pets and having them examined by a veterinarian, consulting with a veterinarian about flea and tick control for pets and keeping pets from roaming freely outside the home where they may prey on wild animals and bring the disease home with them.

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“All pet owners who live close to wild animal populations, such as prairie dog colonies or other known wildlife habitats, should consult their veterinarian about flea control for their pets to help prevent the transfer of fleas to humans,” JCPH said.According to the CDC

, even though there is no vaccine for the plague, it can be treated successfully with antibiotics if caught within 24 hours of exhibiting symptoms.“Arguably the most infamous plague outbreak was the so-called Black Death, a multi-century pandemic that swept through Asia and Europe,”

according to National Geographic. “It was believed to start in China in 1334, spreading along trade routes and reaching Europe via Sicilian ports in the late 1340s. The plague killed an estimated 25 million people, almost a third of the continent’s population. The Black Death lingered on for centuries, particularly in cities. Outbreaks included the Great Plague of London (1665-66), in which 70,000 residents died.”

However, the CDC says that there is now only an average of seven human plague cases per year and the WHO says the mortality rate is estimated to be between 8-10%. Read more: ABC News »

They have antibiotics for the plague now please quit making this a big deal. People will start killing these animals See, self quarantine, face masks, washing of paws, and complete social distancing stopped the plague among squirrels. End of sentence, period, any questions? Congrats on finding the ONE squirrel outta like millions of those fuckers.

Posted 2018... 🥱🥱 I have a question, who brought tha squirrel over the border? Better yet what company was it keeping... Honduras rats? Is that the bubonic squirrel? Shouldnt we be focusing on Covid? Jk So? The rats had it last year in AZ or something. Stop this fear mongering. And armadillos can pass on leprosy whats your point ?

Whats the news here? Lots of wild animals may have bubonic plague. Prairie dogs,mice,rabbits,etc,etc. Lol So.Who in the world cares. ABC, the Doom News Network... Plague has BEEN here, and although not connected per se, it's found in almost every State with a high incidence of hantavirus. Do endeavor to grow the **** up.

ABC news is a clickbait supermarket tabloid What happened to your murdering Hornets? The real plague is stupidity - it's running rampant! Great Cool... ugh Trying to create more panic? This isn’t new news.. Before long every disease in the world will descend upon us compliments of the nutty Liberals!!!!! Scare tactic from the media....kinda getting old guys! 🇺🇸

Let me guess - its President Trump's fault again? In 2019 ABC wrote this and we are still OK people! This isnt a new plague.... Now add that bubonic plague is easily treatable with common antibiotics you fear porn junkies. Admit it. You never saw it coming. Squirrelpocalypse This is a projection story. Look up how many times squirrels have been mentioned with the plague over the past many years. Nothing new here.

When did squirrel went to Mongolia A goat in Minnesota 3 STDs... I have no words... abc is really stepping up on original & serious journalism...can you say more (nuts) fodder for Controlavirus agenda Fuck that squirrel Oh God! It's migrated in 8 years! How do we stop them!? Now we’re testing squirrels? wheresfauci?

Was put in ER or he got lost in the woods? I wonder. Squirrel lives matter. SLM Leave it to the dumb asses over to go around testing random squirrels in the Colorado mountains for bubonic plague 🙄 JustWhenYouThoughtTheyCouldNotTopThemselves SquirrelsWearTinyMasks That’s not new. Rodents have been testing positive for plague in the four corners for years. And Hantavirus.

Oh my Lord. God help us. Don't eat it stupid! Its not a plague anymore! 🤔 We would never know if Mr. Squirrel didn't get it tested. Oh FFS. This is total bullshit. after the marmots in Mongolia 🇲🇳, that sucks. Eh Not much different than South Dakota prairie Dogs, they have signs up warning people of possibility of them having. SO- look dont touch, DUH

The globalists eugenicists are testing positive for crazy as hell with a 4th reach genocide. I thought Colorado doesn’t have fleas....too dry and it freezes. Not conducive weather for these insects. Strange..... FakeNews Along with several hundred chipmunks and prairie dogs. the quality of your news reporting is reaching all time high levels

That’s it!!! Quarantine all squirrels!! WHO in Gods name is testing squirrels and where the HELL did they get a test for it? Watch out for those things. News abc has been tested for being fake news and a POS. The left know they can’t beat Trump... so on to the next emergency lol Have they started testing the rabbits ?

Fear mongers, not news reporters. Lol I read we have about 7 human cases of the plague in the US every squirrel tested positive? Guess is hoping for a BIG story. Sorry...but NOPE.... So tell it to wear a mask and stay in its tree. Yeh, it's stupid suggestion. Think about it. More FakeNews & lies. EnemyOfThePeople COVID? Predict a retraction next week. And? This is NOT abnormal in the slightest. Read a REAL science book sometime. Squirrels and ESPECIALLY Prairie Dogs carry Bubonic. Probably a lab in Florida. Are squirrels required to wear masks? If not why not? What insurance coverage do theses illegal immigrants have?

Must have gotten botox... Nice try assholes. Did the sick squirrel show up at the ER on its own? Plandemic Calm down, abc. I'm not in the mood for your fear mongering. Yersinia pestis, the bacterium responsible for bubonic plague, naturally occurs in squirrel & prairie dog populations in western US. Each year a small number of cases are reported. This isn't another pandemic.

Oh shit... close California! More fear mongering by DemoKKKrats. Murder hornets didn’t pan out, so let’s try squirrels carrying the plague. Time to start rationing nuts . What's next The NUT? Well we are testing more. Why did they test the squirrel in the first place Damn....I broke the 6 ft rule 😳 Nuts! He’d been feeling a little Mediaval.

Squirrels are a type of rodent. Where do you think the bubonic plague comes from...rodents. jeez you're the very reason why journalism is dead! FAKE NEWS!!! Lol. Really. Hahahahahahaa. No more murder hornets? Enemy of the people. We're not buying your bullshit stories anymore. was he symptomatic or did he just visit a walk up testing site..or tree..

why does this remind me of the killer Asian giant hornet Scare? Thought and prayers to you. Funny China had been having same problem with other animals! All squirrels need to wear masks and stay 6ft apart from other squirrels. Raccoons too. That's nuts Prairie Dog populations get this all the time in CO. 🤣🤣

So treat it with gentamicin and shut up Bubonic plague...great, just great Put a mask on it and ration its acorn intake. One squirrel. And? Your point? 🤷 Many mice in NM have Hantavirus? News Bonic Plague... That's fine journalism ABC. Very important topic. No it didn’t ABC news is a tabloid at this point PANIC PORN!

Did he check himself into the hospital? No squirrels in my Yards anymore. 2020 SMH 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😷😖 Goddamn it Awww nutz and we thought the covid was bad, right? America : 'FUCKING SQUIRRELS GET TESTED FOR THE PLAGUE, BUT I CAN'T GET A FUCKING CORONAVIRUS TEST?' Of course it did. 2020IsGonnaKillUsALL MASK THE SQUIRRELS!

So ... are we allowed to shoot squirrels? NO MORE TRYING TO AVOID THE LITTLE BASTARDS Ok please don’t kill all the squirrels you crazy hunters! Kill the people that eat the wild animals that brought it here! Really? Have you stopped this low? Nevermind. Stupid question. california squirrels especially in Los Angeles and Frisco already has it

Oh my Lord!!! This has been a very scary year!!! I wonder how far in the back of the squirrels nose they had to stick that Q-tip! We test squirrels for plague ? It’s like armadillos carry leprosy. bonostaf1 Nooo, poor squirrel! He's a month early....bubonic 2020 was next month. Now will people agree squirrels can be a menace, a danger, A risk to all we hold dear? squirrelhunterr PestControlNews

All squirrels are now required to wear face masks That's nuts I thought USA always had cases of the plague every year? So how did you figure out to test the squirrel and how did you test. Think I am stupid!!! Liberal bs The end is near people! ... as if squirrels were not bad enough already... So basically its the beginning of the end

🙄 So, there was this squirrel, who identified as a Prairie Dog..... The plague has been around a long time! Nothing to fear, unless you live in a third world democrat run sesspool. And I thought the aliens were finally going to arrive! 😠 Why the HELL are you putting out headlines like this? That is a common occurrence in rodents. It is also easily treatable with antibiotics. It is absolutely disgusting to stoke this kind of fear in a population that may not know it’s common. Especially NOW. You people are sick!

7777MYNAME STOP THE FEARMONGERING. TELL THE TRUTH FOR ONCE. Colorado Squirrels just wanna have fun coloradosquirrels This same story was happening a few years ago old news.... Campground closed after ground squirrel tests positive for plague Was the squirrel community upset about the news? Ummmm Has he been bubonic tested !

this is not news lol, i bet it's really covid, put the mask on This is a real tweet! they've been ramping up to the bubonic plague for while now. It was counted as a positive Covid 19 case though. Fuck yeah, bring it on. BRING IT ALL ON 🙄 Prairie dogs get it all the time. It’s still an issue out West. (AZ)

Don’t they have anything better to do than test every living thing on the planet ? It’s because they are giving them the disease , that’s why That better be a picture of the actual squirrel or there will be a defamation law suit! Just a random squirrel? Really? 😂😂😂😂😂 I am so done with 2020’s crap For the love of GOD

So do the prairie dogs we have known this for years this is nothing Was this before or after Murder Hornets? I am so glad the squirrel community is creating diligent of them Holy Hera! The rodent population of Colorado i.e. squirrels, rabbits, prairie dogs have had the plague for years. This is not news to me. Now me and my pellet gun are gonna go take care of the issue because I don't need my dogs getting that shit.

This is how it starts. First it’s one cute little squirrel 🐿, then you throw in wasps that murder. Next add an infected bat 🦇. Mix in Fire Ants lighting 🔥 in the forests. And then.... the birds, oh my, the birds! What on gods flat earth is going on? Ah Huh!! We now have found our next virus plague.....🤔😏😜🤥

How did they manage to catch one like? Those sods are fast.....🤔😑 Pretty common. You even reported on it last year. Stop stoking ridiculous conspiracies and hysteria. Great now plague infected freakin squirrels. Mother nature is pissed. artologica artologica still squirrels of the day? And WHO did it again

WHAT!!!!!! Plagues, plagues, plagues... enough. Seriously, not to long ago a saw this. I thought maybe it was one of those fake news sources. GOD FORBID, hasn't it been exterminated. Was the squirrel displaying symptoms? Have you instituted contact tracing to see if other squirrels have been exposed? Is it bigotry to order squirrels to shelter in tree?

Since 2010, there have been a total of at least 50 cases of bubonic plague. This isn't new or news. Please stop trying to scare the public with this nonsense. I've always known squirrels can have rabies and they will bite, so I leave them alone. Problem solved. Okay and? This is a usual thing Whose idea was it to even test the squirrel. Right in the middle of a HUMAN mask mandate..... “Let’s test this squirrel for plague” So obvious

Lol!!!😂😂😭🤣 Not now, squirrels. 2020 keeping at it TrevorTR773 Say what? Funny funny 😆 needed to laugh 😂 Seriously 2020, come on already give us a break. Who tested the squirrel? 🤔 More lies deceit and fake news again Next! 🤦‍♀️ You people are insane. gtconway3d Change that dinner order to rabbit please.

did it just show up at A&E? Why not? 2020 The rats didn’t do a good job the first time so for round 2 it’s squirrels. “YOU DONT FUCK WITH SQUIRRELS MORTY” ~Rick Sanchez IDK what's funnier the story itself, or you geniuses thinking this is news worthy! 🤣 BREAKING some squirrels have warbles! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Well its been pretty slow around the country anyway. Really? Who found this squirrel? Why did they find it and why exactly was it tested for the Black Plague? Y'all are kidding, right 2020. The gift that keeps on, well, killing I guess. danielleeevee LOL Omg!! Say it ain’t so!!! 🤣🤣😅😅😂🤣 Fuuuuuuuuuuck you 2020

LMFAO please delete your twitter and get off the air. THIS is just one of the MANY reasons no one takes you seriously anymore. gasp. This isn't news, you avoid all rodents in Colorado and New Mexico because of the plague. This isn’t fair! I was promised murder hornets!!! Now they get bumped for death squirrels. 2020 is bs 😜

Damn, 2020! How the hell does that happen? Do we have something else to worry about now? Probably not, but how did the squirrel get it? The Murder Squirrels have arrived. Just when you thought this year couldn't possibly be more fun?!?!! That’s nuts! 🐿 Would have been nice if you worked this part of your story into your Click Bait headline 'Risk for contracting the bubonic plague is extremely low as long as the proper precautions are taken' . You don't surpise me ABC.

This is the year that my infectious diseases class came to life 🤣🤣🤣 You people are nuts. What's wrong with you people ⁉️ You are trying to scare people to death. How did they end up testing the squirrel? More Bullshit I call bullshit. I'm sick of the lies and fearporn. Wake TF up ppl. God gave us an immune system. I for one trust in that.

Uh-oh. 😂😂😂 JessicaGirardo Oh great! Just what we need. Darlyndd1 Much ado about nothing. And the hits just keep coming Covid-19, Racism, and Bubonic Plague..Oh God, please have Mercy among his children. squirrels lives matter Not news. Rodents test positive for Yersinia pestis all the time in North America. I don't know how many times I had camping plans rearranged in the Angeles National Forest because a campground was closed when a squirrel was found with plague. Enough with the PanicPorn.

These squirrels are out of pocket. So did the squirrel pop along to his local doc after feeling unwell?! This is intentionally misleading. The bubonic plague never left CO or Utah or a bunch of other places. Just stop the scare tactics already. What do you expect with all those homeless people? 2020 can fuck right off.

They must have used the PCR test. Well Shit... talk about fear mongering this is all over the news. when I lived in Colorado 12 years ago the state dropped to antibiotic food for the prairie dogs because of bubonic plague Of course. Because 2020. Thankfully we have a cure for that. 2020! 🐿😁 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nothing else to do but test squirrels?

Remember when Tigers were testing positive for COVID? New level in Jumanji This is NORMAL in nature folks... Don't fall for the garbage panic story from the media. Darn.virus is climbing trees Makes sense this year. The squirrel had to wait in a fake line that ABC had people pretend to wait in for the cameras so they could produce more FakeNews.

CosmicActorVist Poor thing... Thanks Obama!!!! No information in the article on what led to the squirrel being tested in the first place. All the squirrels I'd ever seen in Colorado looked like this. It must be one of them illegal alien squirrels from south of the border. Colorado should build a wall and make New Mexico pay for it!

So are we testing animals to prevent disease spread to humans? Like bat to human? 🚨 payshhh steer clear lol What happened to the Murder Hornets? Did I miss the Murder Hornets? Jetzt reichts aber soll es darauf abzielen die Tiere alle zu töten? ihr seid irre geworden. hört auf mit dem Corona - und Krankheitenwahn

Thats nothing new in CO. Its been around forever I wanna know how did squirrel get bubonic plague? They just said there was bubonic plague in China. So how did it make it to a squirrel in Colorado from China? Who is doing this?!?!? I mean... is testing squirrels for the plague pretty common? KaiserPhenx 2020 will not leave us be

Diversion. 2, 987 🐮 💩 Right in my backyard... Super Duper!!! I’m glad they found it, but who’s running around testing squirrels? THE WHAT NOW 123limabean It's beginning to look a lot like Deathmass. Fake news Right on talk about going squirrelly! Best close up shop and hide Sure it's 2020 why not? why not? ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ 2020

This crap is always circulating somewhere in wild animals. So please go ahead and shut up with this fear nonsense. What the hell can the public do with that information anyways? This is not surprising, the plage never went away we just figured out how soap works. Is that him, ABC? Shoot him..with a rifle........not a camera.....

Don't eat him.💁 LanieWalters I am officially announcing that this shit isn't new. It's just overflow from the same old shit ABCnews.go is full of. As you were, thank you. Well, there's a solution on how to handle the squirrel This is what is coming next! The Plaque! Any bets that Trump's criminal accomplices will hoard all the tetracycline?

No more road kill stew for the THE END IS NIGH! IT IS THE BEGINNING OF THE ADORABLE END!!! 😳😳🥺🥺 Lovely, just lovely! What’s next? The 2nd coming? Dear Lord 🙏🏻 Is it right that it wasn’t a squirrel after all but the love child of Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz being raised by Devin Nunes and it wasn’t Bubonic Plague but an advanced case of Rabies.

That's it, I'm moving to the moon. ColleenB123!! msm is the biggest joke lol Really? That's nuts. Slow the testing down please! WHAT Good thing we already have medication for that! If you have a second, would you mind covering some *news* here and there (not to interfere with your squirrel stuff!) how Poor reporting. How about finding out why a random squirrel was even tested.

More FAKE BS MSM.... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤬 It’s not the first time CO has had plague squirrels. It’ll be okay. Because 2020 couldn’t possibly get any more horrifying! _dieuoff C'était obligé ça ? Genre, on a pas assez de fléaux à combattre ? Shut down the nation again! GriffCovfefe was he Asymptomatic like all the other squirrels?

I'm sure when the squirrel dies, the state of Colorado will name him Chipper McSweeney, male, age: 31 and report that he died of COVID-19. TonyBakercomedy gtconway3d I really thought it would have been mice or raccons that caught it first...I guess I lost the bet. This isn't as scary as it sounds. The plague has always still existed in the wild.

the plague, as well as the hantavirus, are fairly common in western states . . . Is it next event Libs prepared? Are we done with Covid and riots/looting/systematic racism events already? 🤮🙄 i don’t believe a word MSM is saying. Please just stop! 😭😭😭 We need a day or two to take a breath. I can't wait until this year is over.

Ps tvchiquita stay away from the squirrels! RobertaSotgiu is that you, Sis? 😚 Did they just find him hanging out on a wire and decide hey let’s test him for a Plague from medieval times or what? WTF people - wake up. They should test your network, you guys probably gave the squirrel it Bingo! I’ve got a Bingo here!

Bucketsince88 gabe_traffic stop licking your balls you don’t know what you might catch ? hjr3rd That's just nuts Squirrels must now wear a mask. TreySmith73 Hide your nuts! They will be in short supply since healthy squirrels will be hoarding them during squirrel lock downs! Bruh how did they line that little guy up for testing wtf

Wahahahahahahah! Just like the time abc used videos from Italy to make it look like NYC hospitals were over run by covid patiences 👍🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 Will they have the murder hornets with them? Stop it CORONAVIRUS, MURDER HORNETS, SQUIRREL PLAGUE....THE TRIFECTA OF DISEASES 🤣 gtconway3d Not now, 2020, we're busy !

good maybe the left can demonize squirrels now instead of law enforcement officers A squirrel is just a rat in a fancier coat. 🤮 Stay afraid Sheeple.......stay afraid..... Or maybe🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Shut off the damn tv, strap your common sense back in and think for yourself. But hey, keep wearing those masks....

Prairie dogs also carry plague in the USA. I have lived in Colorado for 20 years. It is a known fact that the gopher population here has it as well, and has had it for decades. This is nothing new. Nice try at the media pushing fear mongering though. Welcome to 2020. I certainly didn't have Bubonic Plague on my Bingo card.

Thank god that squirrel wasn't found in Northern Florida. It may have been someone's lunch. PlagueSquirrel vs MurderHornets EnjoyTheShow 🍿😎🍿 This is a great article, if I want to learn about the History of the Plague, how it’s transmitted, & what animals can be infected. This article is a shitty & piss poor article if you want to learn how this squirrel was identified & then tested for the plague. BubonicPlague

Cool cool. We were getting bored. From July 7th - 'the apparent outbreak of bubonic plague that has hit China is not of dire concern, according to the World Health Organization' .... So it's 0-for-2 as far as WHO and pandemics go. Get the fuck outta here with this bullshit. That's nothing new in my part of the world. Rabbits have been found to have the plague. We also have watch out for Huntavirus.

Don't tell anybody that armadillos commonly carry the plague. ABC News has gone to the squirrels This happens fairly often, especially in the southwest. Uh, that’s random. Squirrels. And of all millions of them they found that one Bubonic plague is endemic in animal populations and is found now and then. Because fleas are everywhere.

If we would just stop all this testing it will quickly be down to nothing and just go away like a miracle! Testing creates cases haven't you heard? If they didn’t test it, there wouldn’t be a plague! Why did they do that? Yep. Nature is fighting back. We’ve known for years that rodents carry the bubonic plague. But yeah continue to drum up fear and push for shut downs on the uneducated masses

Mother nature is firing all guns, if one thing doesn't work add another. Think she knows Trump is in charge? stephontiv be careful with your squirrel friends 😳😳😳 Wondered what they would present to us next? Normal year looks like to me. Washington Plague Squirrels gtconway3d Holy Crap! Lets all avoid eating squirrels

I went on a nature walk in the Lake Tahoe area 45 years ago, there was a sign stating “bubonic plague” in the squirrel population. We didn’t take that trail. I made it out alive and I still got to vote in person. Why not report actual news? This is much more of a real issue that needs addressed. Not some squirrel with the bubonic plague.

Stop with this bullshit please How the fuck did they knew that was a sick squirrel 🐿 in order to examine it ? Does anyone actually believe this? Lol How did they decide to test this squirrel? Here we go again with more fear mongering...mandatory testing of all squirrels or we can’t leave our houses... Open season on squirrels? 💥🔫

FakeNews And I'm sure you will take full political advantage of it - that is if anyone listens to you any longer! RosieM1919 That would mean the squirrel's fleas are the carriers? gtconway3d Nope, didn’t make my 2020 card. Bubonic plague is bacterial and not the threat it once was. Don’t this alarm you, friends

Yeah, that is where it lives. Anyway, has trump answered for the russians paying to kill our troops? Has he got a plan to stop this virus besides denial? Report on that, because a squirrel isnt going to kill me. Be careful out there, 43SquareMiles, 2020 is drunk. listo, seria todo, noh vimoh. Bet you anything Trump appoints the plague-stricken squirrel as his senior science advisor within a week.

2020 can go fxck itself Off to buy more toilet paper. Squirrels are not being tested to keep the number of cases low. I received a bubonic plague vaccine 50 years ago when I joined the army. Do ya think I am still covered? We have been dealing with rodents and plague for years no one has done nothing!! Now there’s mass hysteria on the rise over this lol! Here’s my point:

So, do we now have to wear a squirrel skin cap with a mask?! 😂 I wonder what SenatorCollins thinks of this 😂 Why did they test it in the first place To see if the injection they gave it worked That’s not a good sign Remember squirrels are Rodents that bring Bubonic Plague Not now squirrels with Bubonic Plague

Should I ask what prompted testing a squirrel for the plague? is that just something we do now? Is this like the killer bee that was supposed to terrorize us in the state of Washington a couple months ago...but just disappeared...? This is rare but NOT unusual occurrence in Central & Western, nothing to see hery, truly. It happens every year. There are reservoirs of bubonic plague around the world, generally in hot dry, rural places. Most likely, 1-6 Americans will get it this year & be fine w/antibiotics.

gtconway3d Public health officials have announced that a large number of Americans have tested positive for stupidity. Right now realDonaldTrump and PressSec are trying to come up with a few lines to spin this that Obama caused it and the squirrel is a relation of Biden This is not new. There are parts of California and Arizona where signs warning of plague among squirrel populations have been posted for years.

It was only a matter of time, its been verified in the wild rodent population in national parks all over the west Yep stay indoors or you might get sick Where is it coming from? Note dates of Black Plague: 1665-66* (triple 6 year) 'National Geographic is owned by Walt Disney, the parent company of ABC News.' Recall that Disney logo has been found to have stenographic *triple 6. Disney is long known to be associated with occult & Illuminati symbolism.

Can 2020 get even more bizarre? 🐿 juliabhaber Let it loose in the WH. Guess what FakeNews, patriots in the military know every FF you're going to try. Nothing will stop your demise. Patriots are in control. Suck it I doubt it Crap Oh for fucks sake!!!!! I didn’t know squirrel testing was a thing. We just shoot them to keep out of the bird feeders.

2020 is 👇 Why are we testing random squirrels? It happened already years ago on 2017, Arizona Stop the fearmongering bullshit. That’s fucking awesome! It’s just what we need right now. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😭🐿 How often do squirrels get tested for the bubonic plague? And why was it tested? More Fear Mongering from the propaganda arm of the Democrat (Communist) party.

2020 is shaping up to be quite the year Not uncommon in CO. We don't get our panties in a bunch about it. So fucking stupid to report on this ABC. Stop using test kits from China. Good thing that squirrel went in for testing - I hope his family will be ok.................................. Is this a C-H-I-N-A squirrel?

They recently had a human case of Bubonic plague in China along with a strain of the Swine Flu. While I wont say this is fear mongering it not nearly like what it sounds like Bubonic Plague is found all the time in Colorado, especially in the groundhog population. I am done with 2020. What's next an Asteroid.

Seriously! This is the next wave. Come on already! This is not news, sheesh. We really can’t catch a break out here Uuhhhh...mommy? gtconway3d For all the people trying to make a cute squirrel rescue/adoption video for The Dodo. Prairie dogs in Colorado carry it all the time. This is an obvious fear push. Get fucking bent, Disney.

Thats super normal... why the hysteria? So now the plague is responsible for higher chinese flu rates? 🤣🤣🤣 gtconway3d RhondaBarket Did the squirrel have to wait 3 days for his results while he quarantined? Did they mention that this happens every season and across several species? Like cotton tail rabbit, prairie dog, marmot..... FearPorn

Aw, nuts!! Squirrels Lives Matter!! Everything that comes from your network IS the bubonic plague. Omg STOP IT. STOP TRYING TO SCARE PEOPLE. Plague has never gone away, and exists in rodents in western USA and elsewhere. Also, it’s treatable with antibiotics. Just to be clear, plague is endemic in Co, Az, Nm, Ut. It’s always there especially near the 4 corners region and is a constant problem around flagstaff.

The Coronavirus is the modern day version of the bubonic plague. Both infect and can kill the very same people who carry the same DNA gene marker. It’s called the “These People are Sick” in the head gene. POTUS will cure them if they choose or they can take easy way out. Another case for injecting disinfectants.

gtconway3d Wonder what'll befall us next? Didn't think I'd die quite like this. MAN!!! How can one squirrel get it? It's will be gone for Easter !! Im a disabled Combat Vet calling ATTENTION 2 the massive FRAUD in the VETERANS FIDUCIARY PROGRAM! Countless victims are being robbed(by inside employees&con artistsall levels-theyre even HELPING a felon rob ME)of their benefits, rights&voice!PLEASE HELP STOP THIS ABUSE & retweet

I love how you guys are now just looking for things to try and scare us with. This is sad. Why are they testing squirrels? Best wishes little fella. Speedy recovery. SquirrelLivesMatters I did a double-take thinking this was from TheOnion 2020 really does suck, is cursed and has a festering hurricane cloud over it all at once.

You guys don't even try anymore do you.. Are we that stupid? Didn't have that on my 2020 bingo card. Who saw the squirrel and said “We need to test it for something.” I mean gotta be thousands of squirrels. ***ABC News tomorrow: 'Govt mandates face-masks for squirrels. Tree climbing is banned. All bird-tables are closed' ***

marinajundiai If only he had been wearing a mask.... gtconway3d Turn that squirrel loose in the white house Public health officials have announced that COVID-19 is one of the biggest scams the world has ever seen. Shut OFF the MSM news! It itself, is a PLAGUE!!! Lord Jesus Christ 🙏 have mercy upon us. We truly are living in the last days.

Your endless fear porn is laughable it this point. . . A.B.C. ? . A LWAYS ? B EING ? C RIMINAL ? . Wtf? I dare say the Bubonic plague is not limited to one lone squirrel. BubonicPlague How about testing protestors and looters I was stationed at Fort Carson for 3 years. Anyone on station had to get vaccinated against the Bubonic plague. The place is over run with prairie dogs that carry it in the regular. So basically F¥€|This squirrel, Johnny come lately wannabe.

Awesome, we just need it to have one more disease 😷 to complete our collection for 2020. 🤦‍♀️ Ya Sureeee ABC 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for the Laugh tho. fk that made my whole day!!! Good thing that squirrel went to the doctor when it wasn't feeling good Seriously are these people on crack 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

Man it doesn’t get any better than this running out of popcorn gotta run to the store unmasked and pick some more up 🤣 still can’t stop laughing maybe he got stung by a murder hornet 🐝 😂🤣😂🤣 Someone goofed up and pushed 'the plaque' out of order... Just so happens the black death has been around for centuries, never really went away. Good thing is it's treatable with today's medicine.

Why would they think to test for the plague anyway We have been talking about this at work for the last week or so. The war for hygiene must be won!! VGKnightinArmor 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🦠 cc emmaroller Welp. I guess I have to stop feeding the squirrels in my yard. 😭 Trump has order all squirrels to be shot on site by our military. National guard will be activated . Squirrels from overseas will be quarantined for 14 days. And none will be allowed to cross our borders “this virus is worst than COVID-19” Trump said from his bed this morning

Bet it was those darn prairie dogs Ok my 2020 Bingo card did not have this Going to be difficult to get all the other squirrels to wear masks. A very predictable story, given that your Chinese media comrades ran a story just a few days ago about someone having bubonic plague in a remote, desolate province in China. And you wonder why we don't take you seriously...

Animal cough or bite .... cough ? If not treated with antibiotics they can die antibiotics is the treatment ? The squirrel ate too much cake. And has sprinkles that were infected. These sprinkles came from sugar cane that was infected. We don't know how the sugar cane got infected by all leads are pointing to a cake boss.

just randomly? out of nowhere? Better close the country down is just fing ridiculous. Did the CCP call in this BS? That squirrel was humping Mongolian marmots, wasn't it? bubonicplague squirrels 2020worstyear That’s not news squirrels and prairie dogs in the southwest constantly have the plague. What!!?!

Murder hornets, bubonic squirrels, panty waisted fairy “terrorists”, mannequin murders, bat coins, “drop in the cart” pedo peddling, and even vampires . . . you just can’t make this shit up So now they’re gonna want to kill all the poor little squirrels this is disgusting smh . Leave the animals alone. Why the fk would they test a squirrel? So ridiculous

gtconway3d Could they smuggle it into the White House? When I lived in Colorado I remember people saying it was in certain areas. I don’t think it’s anything new. Just another scare tactic. So a squirrel in Colorado walks into a hospital emergency room... I know it's not funny. But we're all going to fucking die.

I call bullshit. People the media doesn't engage in fear por... Every Year a small of people get infected with bubonic plague from the fleas of forest critters. It is Treatable with Antibiotics; Not a big deal. When we lived in SoCal, they had posters all over at the trailhead where we hiked, warning that the squirrels had plague. US takes 1-2 dozen cases a year, and it’s not transmitted by humans. It’s also curable with antibiotics.

Come on, 2020! Bubonic plague is endemic to that area. No need to panic. How is it a squirrel can walk into a clinic and get tested for bubonic plague but I can’t get a dam Coronavirus test!🤔 Swinging rats! Knew this was coming. Six weeks ago I read about rumors that Xi's lab in Wuhan would release Bubonic Plague next because COVID-19 was soon to run its course. realDonaldTrump Scavino45 VP LouDobbs TuckerCarlson

gtconway3d It’s endemic. Nothing to see here. No, no, no. Can we please finish with covid-19 before taking on bubonic plague? What is the deal with 2020? gtconway3d In a normal year, this would be alarming. But it’s 2020, so this problem will take care of itself. If the plague squirrels don’t get eaten by the swarms of locusts, they’ll be pummeled to death when the sky starts hailing toads.

Here’s some stats that’ll help everyone who as logic. Unlike the NoLogicLeft embrassing pandemonium. Fear, need moar fearmongering! FEAR PORN. And we already have a cure from some amazing medical history. Look up THIEVES or Onguard Blends of essential oils, SHOWN to have helped prevent death to robbers who didn’t get sick from bubonic.

The cabal is running out of narratives That squirrel didn't wear one of our masks... Please retweet my customer could be on our time line. Did they pick the squirrel at random or was it in for it's yearly physical? You do know that happens a few times a year in rodents out west, right? Self induced symptom hysteria to begin in 3...2...1

Ok robineva Did it catch it from the prairie dog colony along the Wonderland Lake/Lee Hill trail? There were always warning signs about them. But prairie dogs don’t interact much outside their own colony. Squirrels, on the other hand, . . . COVID Killer hornets Bubonic squirrels Anything else to pull out of the hat before Nov. 3rd? Journalism is dead The people are the new journalists

Why the F would u test a squirrel? And what are the odds u found 1 allegedly with this hahahah you guys are a joke. At the end of the day..when this is all over you are just another citizen gtconway3d Testing F**king squirrels now🙄 Here's an idea - admittedly stolen from a self declared stable genius who surprised doctors when he aced cognitive tests - quit testing the squirrels and there will be no cases.

Awe nuts Why the fuck would anyone be testing a squirrel for the BP? Bullshit! Crazy BINGO!!! Trump has informed the squirrel to not worry. It will just go away. Seems normal....randomly testing squirrels How did they find this squirrel to test it? Wow did it go the doctors with a fever and ask for a test. And armadillos? What about them? You just know they're carrying something, look at that armor!

I guess they should stop testing the plague and other infectious diseases in labs in Colorado.... If you can't contain it, stop testing it. No one cares. Stay home if you do. Throw a mask on it and quarantine him. And for the love of donuts keep him six feet apart at the bird feeders. gtconway3d It’s 2020.

He was social distancing or wearing a mask? What happened to the murder Hornets and aliens? Did I miss them? OUCH! ok so COVID now causes: -diabetes -brain damage -lung damage -leg amputation -rashes in children and we now have swine flu 2.0 coming in from China & a squirrel from Colorado has the bubonic plague..... what other bs do you guys have coming our way? I wanna be prepared lol.

Armadillos carry plague. Quite normal. Well it’s a good thing we already know that it’s a bacteria and we have antibiotics that can wipe it out. BS!! Sorry Charlie you have no Consent to lie anymore!! Who had bubonic plague for August? Adding abc to my list of organizations I’m done with- oh wait, already did...

Not uncommon. A few rodents every year year positive in Yosemite. What a suprise! Shitty, fear mongering, tabloid reporting Damn. Prairie Dogs carry plague so it crossed over somehow. Great ☹️ Ok. Enough is enough. Damn I can’t even get my Covid test back and y’all out here testing rodents for a treatable disease. Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

Jeez Louise, when do the locusts arrive? No corona? A correr cuando veas, una ardilla. Is Trump going to blame squirrels for this too? Oh please. This isn’t news. There’s always plague out there. Ironically, the squirrel was just getting tested for COVID at a drive through when the lab discovered the plague.

FFS just get straight to the Alien invasion narrative! Finally they squirrel uprising has started!! Wild animals carry a lot of diseases. gtconway3d Not news. Bubonic plague has been endemic for a century. 💔 🤣 Lol Jesus. So they just tracked a random fucking squirrel down and tested it?! Damn crazy ass shit

Maybe if we get enough plagues going these idiots refusing to wear masks will finally reconsider. ABC is a lackey for the left. Ever notice how they open EVERY show with how the world is imploding because of COVD19? It’s always Trumps negligence.... pathetic pandering to the Dems Let me guess, the squirrel's psychologist found it nuts.

That squirrel wouldn't have bubonic plague if we hadnt tested it. Testing creates virus and plagues according to Trump logic. If we stop testing the U.S. Would be the healthiest country in the world but millions would die. Now what? I think we all had Bubonic Plague on our End of the World bingo cards, right?

Do health officials always go around checking for bubonic plague in squirrels? On to the next hysteria, right dems? Covid not working enough for ya? welp, its time to join the space force and get the heck off this planet. gtconway3d People can't get tested for Covid19, but we're testing SQUIRRELS now?

WhenCoronaVirusIsNotStrongEnough I saw an article a couple of weeks ago bubonic plague was surfacing in China SmokeyStafford Well, yes. gtconway3d Maybe this really is Armageddon And a squirrel was tested because....I feel another HOAX coming. LUCIFERIAN LEFT - FAKE NEWS You guys know you're gonna scare people unnecessarily, right ? This is common to find a few animals that have it every year. It's honestly a bit shitty of you.

ABC using secret comms. gtconway3d Not now 2020!!’ Are the squirrel tests made in China? And antibiotics will easily take care of it. I will expect you to carry complete coverage of the massive squirrel roundup and intensive testing of these Colorado squirrels. Will watch for announcements from Colorado officials as well. Presume it will spread? Keep us informed.

Jajaja jajajaj aja hasta cuando ustedes le vana a meter miedo a la gente nadie les cree Why doesn't it always make top news headlines when we have a bubonic plague case? Like past cases in CO, OR, or the little girl who got it yrs ago from a squirrel? Ohhh, that's right, because it didn't fit the virus fear narrative back then....

When did it go to China? Does squirrelphilia exist? This was true when I went to college in CO around the year 2000. 🤷🏻‍♂️ What happened to the murder hornets?! Yes here in Colorado the plaque is rampant in the prairie dogs and other wildlife. This is not new or scary. FakeNews fearmongering All I need is an alien invasion and I have bingo.

Come on, man... smh 2020worstyear We want the murder hornets back. This happens every year. I remember getting freaked out about it a decade ago. Now I see this story every year, either a squirrel or a prairie dog or some other rodent animal in that general area. knows this, they are simply terrorizing people

“This is so 2020” but also this isn’t new I know its awful out here mate. I swear I had to step over 20 people on their way to freezer trucks its that bad. /s Now youre trying to piss off the squirrels too! Youre lucky they cant read your fake news. Yeah, how is this possible? Nothing else happening ABC?

My first question is how they knew to test for bubonic plague in the first place? Did the squirrel walk into the vet ER, and say that it felt poorly? The fact that there was easy access to a bubonic plaque test kit is also a tad unnerving. I'm shaking in my boots! OMG!!!! What will we do What will THEY do What will they think of next

gtconway3d Oh of course it has! 😳 That’s why you kill squirrels 2020 in a nutshell Normal, stop the Hype ABC What is the baseline? Why was a squirrel tested? Why the report? Transparency please Now we're talking ! .... (eye roll) SEAGREENXXX Is it more or less contagious then the Wuhanic Plague? Just stop it.

Holy cow Now do earth worms 😂😂😂🤦 2020 hates all of y’all Knew this was next! gtconway3d I’ve found more dead squirrels in last month in middle of woods maybe? No one says anything about stopping the stupid testing in labs. Shut down these stupid labs. gtconway3d SQUIRREL! adhdproblems adhd More panic coming your way

I can't take anymore. gtconway3d Of course. HERE WE GO FOLKS,!! WONDER HOW TRUMP HANDLES THE PLAGUE, OR NOT,!! gtconway3d Why not? Anything that could go wrong has this year🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ DebraDuGemini59 Oh boy, the saga continues! I’m never leaving my house again. gtconway3d NOT NOW PLAGUE This is troubling on a multitude of levels.. mayans

gtconway3d And 2020 strikes again! Poor little fellow. RubyBoobyy MichaelLeahy26 gtconway3d shit, there goes my plans for supper. Fleas on rodents carry it. Didn't we all learn this in school gtconway3d Oh no 🤦‍♀️ gtconway3d Good Lord what next? gtconway3d I hate this year. I hate this year. I hate this year.

Year 2020 is the worst. 2020 is a cruise It’s all realDonaldTrump fault. Oh for crying out loud, are you even a NEWS company, every day some new bollocks intent on frightening the weak minded. Go and find some REAL news or stop bothering everyone WaywardWinifred The squirrel probably has better health care than many Americans

I honestly thought this was a joke when I first saw it! notajoke Sure it did... Lol, it happens almost every year. Bubonic plague is in prairie dogs and the state of Colorado actually treats them for it all the time. It’s NO big deal!! Wha Where is it raining frogs? WorldWideWob I’m hazzarding a guess that him upstairs isn’t too happy with the way things are going in the US, what with the anti-Christ in the Whitehouse etc.

WaywardWinifred The plague is treatable with antibiotics. Stop the fearmongering In other news, we're hoping for an alien mothership teeming with Xenomorphs to use our bodies as hosts for their deadly parasites. MichaelStrike10 if he dies will it be a covid death? asking for a friend If Fuck off! was a squirrel.

Awesome. Best year ever. Bring on the locusts and frogs. How is this news? The plague has been endemic in the US for well over a hundred years. The only purpose of this tweet is to scare the public and get clicks. And y’all thought my Rodents with Bubonic Plague pick for July was crazy Bubonic MEANS ANOTHER CHINA INVENTION

Trump says that if we don’t test there won’t be any more “cases”. WTF Colorado has also announced, all trees will be closed due to social distancing. JoeM3476 Cause ya know it's 2020 ... Why Not? TreyDoyle TreyDoyle how apropos 2020 I read years ago, that in US there is 5-10 cases per year of bubonic plague. This is fear mongering.There is a cure for that.

EazyDotSheezy more proof that squirrels are evil How did it travel from China? So what was it about this squirrel that got your attention? Seems very random. 2020 about to seem to last another 3 years. Don’t mess with squirrels!! Ever!! 😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ And where did it get the bubonic plague from? I lived in CO, there are other rodents that carry the plague. It's common knowledge there that some rodents carry it.

I prefer my squirrels letting me know it's Friday and it's time to dance. We already have two things trying to kill us Covid and Trump do we really need something else. 2020 it's not done with us not even close. 2020 is a blizzard in an earthquake enduced volcanic eruption of 💩. Please oh not again Oh, fantastic! 2020 is turning out to be a real banger

“Just sanitize them”works for cov19.... Not uncommon. Rodents carry the bacteria & the west sees a half dozen cases a year. 2nd I laugh because reading about the plague they say & I quote, there is no risk of a pandemic because antibiotics cure 90% of plague patients. So it kills 10% & cov19 kills 4% & covid is worse?

Here we go again what’s going on in the science labs Kudos to the photographer that captured the photo of the squirrel at the exact moment the squirrel realized his medical records had been exposed and his privacy had been violated. The look on his face says it all. Journalism It happens every year here...squirrels, raccoons, prairie dogs....every year!!!

😳 bubonicplague 😬 Of course it did. 2020 keeps getting better and better If they wouldn't have tested it, they wouldn't have created the bubonic plague through the test. What else can 2020 throw at us?! Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get worse. Bring in the aliens! Our Great Bill Gates and DR. Fauci have brought the bubonic plague over here now

NeilWMcCabe2 I’m glad the squirrel got himself to the doctor. Flat Earth Anti-Science Anti-Intellectualism Dark Age Superstitions Mass Functional Illiteracy And Now PLAGUE?! Come On Civilization! We Need Shared Knowledge Science Open Dialogue Protection of Freedom of Speech and Expression True Multiculturalism Libraries & Healthcare

Kill it! This happens every now and again. Y’all calm TF down. Squirrelly lives matter. Hey, why not?😂 Of course, because 2020. One sick squirrel is news now? Trying to whip up a plague scare, since all the COVID, racism and Trump aren’t enough? Oh.. ABC, it's probably just fakenews ABD Colorado'da bir sincapta 'hıyarcıklı veba' testi pozitiv çıkmış.

🙄 again with the fear mongering... Ffs, it's a bacterial disease easily treated with standard antibiotics Trump was unable to contain this plague! Did he travel to China recently? Oh great, and some idiot will make squirrel stew and we’ll be fucked all over again. Coming soon Squirrel’s WHO chief right now.

Poor guy! Had so much to live for 😭 no more jumping on bird feeders, entertaining aunt Betty on the evening bench trip, or no more making the neighbor dog bark at the window as he stands there and stares him down :( This isn’t news, on average there are 7-10 human cases of bubonic plague in the U.S. ever year. Don’t pet wild aninals.

And here we go with the drama!!!! So typical of It just so happens that out of the million squirrels in the us. The one with BP is tested. If he locked down and wore a mask, this would be a nothingburger AbusiveProstate Chinese food markets have put a bid in for the body .... Nothing new. Scientists think that plague bacteria circulate at low rates within populations of certain rodents without causing excessive rodent die-off. These infected animals and their fleas serve as long-term reservoirs for the bacteria.

'Moose is devastated.' Per Russian ambassador pictured here with melania trump, rocky and Nunez 'bullwinkle' This isn't news! Squirrels in parts of the US have fleas that carry Bubonic plague. So do prairie dogs! 🤦🏻‍♀️ So it's final 2012 just came 8yrs later so the Mayans just got it a bit wrong. My question is what are they doing testing squirrels

The squirrel, through its attorney denies it has bubonic plague. Who in the hell tracked down a gd squirrel in CO and saw he had a cough and tested it for the PLAGUE. Is this the Crusades? Fucking Awesome So squirrels can get tested easier than humans? 2020: What evil fuck took over the simulation controls?

Tell him to wash his paws the last i heard the plague was somewhere in china The plague has always been around and rodents carry it. Quit fear mongering the public. Come on 2020. Enough😧 FAKE FAKE FAKE Oh shit, here we go again ahh nuts, there goes 2020

Bollywood Legend Amitabh Bachchan Hospitalized With CoronavirusBollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan and others in his family test positive for coronavirus Not a big star than Tom Hanks.

Houston Rockets star Russell Westbrook tests positive for coronavirusNBA star Russell Westbrook says he has tested positive for coronavirus. He has not yet joined his Houston Rockets teammates in Orlando ahead of the NBA restart. Hello I am Md. Ashraf Hossein Milon, a Professional Digital Marketer , And Expert E-mail Marketer . You Will Hire Me of E-mail Template Desgine on FIVERR Market Place - If you can cancel Aunt Jemima then you can cancel the NBA. And here’s how they shut the rest of the NBA season down.... what a joke

Karol G Confirms She Has CoronavirusColombian singer-songwriter Karol G confirms she has tested positive for COVID-19. bardi voodoo hope she is ok omg :(

Russell Westbrook Reveals He Tested Positive for COVID-19Houston Rockets player Russell Westbrook said he is in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. According to a post shared on Westbrook’s Twitter, the basketball player’s team continued on t… Fuck. Hope he's alright, but I think basketball in the USA ain't gonna happen.

Nearly 1,000 U.S. immigration detention center employees test positive for coronavirusMore than 930 employees of private contractors running U.S. immigration detention centers have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to congressional testimony given by company executives on Monday. 'Core Civic?' LOL! Its Corrections Corporation of America, no matter how much you try and hide your original name that explains EVERYTHING that you are. Profitable Petri Dish Prisons? ICE is going to more ice.

Russell Westbrook Tests Positive For COVID-19, 'Take This Virus Seriously'The NBA superstar says he's 'feeling well.' Okay!!! So stay in your basement for 2 weeks and take these pills. We'll see you later!! Goodbye oh no a young and healthy person has the flu.. we're all doomed Now he wants people to take it seriously?