Squid Game Costumes Are Taking Over TikTok Just In Time For Halloween

Netflix’s overnight hit was made for Halloween fun. #SquidGame

10/14/2021 4:00:00 AM

Netflix’s overnight hit was made for Halloween fun. SquidGame

While Netflix's popular series has quickly become a must-see, 'Squid Game' costumes have become a must-wear. Here are some of TikTok's best.

fashion is having a moment.Yes, you read that correctly. The gory horror series that has taken the internet by storm is now influencing people’s wardrobes.First, some background. Netflix’s most popular TV show to date, the Korean thriller follows a group of debt-ridden citizens who compete in a series of high-stakes children’s games for the chance to win a life-changing cash prize. However, don’t be fooled by this simplistic synopsis. The nine-episode journey is a mix between the plot of

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The Hunger Gamesand the violence of a Quentin Tarantino film, as a game of marbles can result in a shooting spree with masked VIPs cheering in the background. View this post on Instagram While the series has quickly become a must-see, Read more: FASHION Magazine »

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'Squid Game' has sparked a dalgona candy craze on TikTokThe honeycomb candy has launched TikTok effects, YouTube recipes, and a general obsession. yeaaaa You know what could pair well with dalgona candy? Dalgona coffee.

‘Squid Game,’ Kim Kardashian West Among Inspiration for 2021 Halloween CostumesFast-fashion retailer Yandy has again released several pop culture-themed costumes for the upcoming holiday.

How to Make a 'Squid Game' Halloween CostumeFrom the players' tracksuits to the Red Light, Green Light doll.

Halloween costume ideas inspired by Netflix's viral hit 'Squid Game'After its immediate success, the Korean thriller 'Squid Game' is going viral again: as Halloween costumes. Red Light.... Green Light.... Death مرحبا انا خالد إبراهيم من سوريا اعيش في تركيا منذ 2013 إن وضعي المعيشي ساء جدا اعيش مع اطفالي الصغار ومع زوجتي اطلب من حضرتكم أن تقوموا بمساعدتنا. نطلب من حكومتكم الكريمة أن تستقبلنا.

A (Fashionable) Guide to Assembling the Perfect 'Squid Game'-Inspired Halloween CostumeLet's explore a few ways to recreate Squid Game's best costumes—from the competitors to the guards to the boss to that terrifying doll—with some ELLE-inspired fashion. 이태원은 물 건너 갔고, 홍대가 오징어 판이겠네😭

‘Squid Game’ Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk Talks Season 2, Show’s Deeper Meaning'My grandmother, my mother, myself, my friends, and the stories of my neighborhood are all in SquidGame,' Hwang Dong-hyuk, the show's creator/writer/director, says about including his loved ones names as characters' names and intertwining their storylines Love this!! I didn't have much of a family growing up but I did have an Angel sent from above that raised me her way. My Sweet, (Lady MaeMae), My Lady of the Way never gave up on my Dreams and encouraged me to reach for the Stars!! Don't ever give up on Your Dreams, Regardless!