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Spicy Lightly Pickled Cucumbers

Any other pickle fans out there?

5/6/2021 2:41:00 AM

Any other pickle fans out there?

These zippy, zingy, crunchy pickled cucumbers are sure to be the sleeper hit of your party spread.

9/15/2020Incredible pickles. This recipe is simple and quick... I have made it twice in two days. My boyfriend and I devoured the first batch in one day... they are amazing. I am going to keep making them to have on hand and to snack on. Highly, highly recommend!

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lilykatshoreFayetteville, Arkansas5/18/2020This was such a simple recipe/procedure - makes me wonder what took me so long to make my own pickles! Mine kept in the fridge for a while until we ate them all (about a week)AnonymousBoston, MA5/6/2020PLEASE warn people about the anchovies. I am intolerant of fish and seafood and I would not die, but I would lose three days if I ate this. We'll try without the anchovies or offer at the end.

AnonymousSouth Carolina12/27/2019These were so good and so easy! I didn't see a video as some people mentioned, I let mine sit for 5 hours before a party and they were perfect. Seriously, everyone loved them and there were none left. Delish and a nice contrast to some of the heavier apps at holiday get togethers. Will def make again (probably all the time)!

Anonymous12/24/2019Not sure where any of you see a video, but this recipe is SOOOO easy why would you need one. The recipe does not say 10 days (hmm...perhaps the video wherever it is says 10 days). It says 1 hour, up to 6 hours. It is called LIGHTLY pickled and having made them I know that 1-6 hours is enough time to achieve this. I think they would be mushy or rubbery by 10 days. 1-6 hours keeps them crisp and lovely. I made them when the recipe was 1st posted. Then made them again and again! I couldn’t stop eating them! Similar to a recipe I kept making last summer. I love them all!

Ferment4LifeHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada6/22/2019MMMMMMM! says there's a video. Where is it? soak 10 days v. soak 6 hrs. -- it's a HUGE difference. supposedly recipe and video aren't the same, so i need to see the video, because the recipe seems a bit ... too briefly pickled. i'm leaning towards 10 days, not 6 hrs.

hollis5Vero Beach, FL3/1/2019Can’t wait to try these! Love me a good pickle! Be sure to watch the video, as it is completely different than the recipe! Soak 10 days vs. 6 hours!? Well, I’m sure they both taste great! I’m inspired!Mmmmmmm!CA2/25/2019These were great! We ate them for the Superbowl and they were an easy bright addition to a carb and cheese heavy meal. I only had an hour to let them marinate so I left them at room temp and tossed every 10 min.

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Perfect! Thanks.