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Spice Girls lose out on '£4million' after coronavirus pandemic cancelled gigs

Spice Girls lose out on '£4million' after coronavirus pandemic cancelled gigs

5/28/2021 8:19:00 PM

Spice Girls lose out on '£4million' after coronavirus pandemic cancelled gigs

The Spice Girls reunion tour was cancelled due to the pandemic the Wannabe singers couldn't perform and the plug was pulled of potential £4million profit

The government put a halt on all mass gatherings as the UK was plunged into lockdown last year - and like thousands of other gigs - the the 90s power house had to disappoint fans by cancelling shows.Spice Girls -Geri Horner, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton - were due to perform at the gigs but Posh Spice Victoria had opted out of the tour.

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The four-piece last had been hoping to recreate the magic of the 2019 tour which included 13 live performances before nearly 700,000 fans and totalling a whopping US$78.2 million. Meanwhile latest figures from the stars’ Spice Girls Ltd firm just filed books to Companies House that reveal the trading arm has a bottom line of £436,432.

But despite not getting on stage Victoria Beckham made nearly £1million by not joining her girls on the reunion tour, according to The Sun, but benefitted from renewed interest in the band.The five piece are the only active members and directors of the firm, according to Companies House records. headtopics.com

Leeds Lass Mel B previously told how she was itching to get back to live performing when it's safe to do so.She explained: “People need a bit of entertainment,” she says.“Music brings people together. I would love it - as soon as the rules allow it, then yeah.”

And Ginger Spice aka Geri is also keeping her mind on the band as she shared a throwback snap from the iconic Brits performance two weeks ago.At the height of their fame the 90s fame the Spiceworld Tour saw the group perform to an estimated 2.1 million fans over 97 total shows, covering the UK, continental Europe and North America.

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Oh what a shame what will they do now.. A collection for them anybody.. DailyMirror A lot of people lost money but I doubt the millionaire girl group will get much sympathy DailyMirror Every cloud has a silver lining DailyMirror Their loss is our gain.