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Spacewalks in HD 2020-2021

🤩 Spacewalks in HD! Enjoy the views from four spacewalks conducted by astronauts outside the @Space_Station in 2020 & 2021:

4/28/2021 2:08:00 AM

🤩 Spacewalks in HD! Enjoy the views from four spacewalks conducted by astronauts outside the Space_Station in 2020 & 2021:

Can you imagine what the Earth looks like from 250 miles up? Well, now you don’t have to! International Space Station astronauts wearing small high-definit...


'A great day for America,' Biden says, touting CDC's eased mask guidance

Calling it a 'great day for America,' President Joe Biden on Thursday touted what he said was a 'milestone' marking the CDC's eased mask guidance.

_Johnson Space_Station Wow ! Space_Station Looks like me sorting out TV cables. Space_Station Great views thankyou Space_Station Sorry to bring up a sore subject but I remember when 1 of the astronauts lost an entire tool bag on spacewalk or EVA. He or She just missed by an an inch or 2 of snagging it back. Yes I know it was a she but it could happen to anyone. It burned up coming back home.

Space_Station wow amaging Space_Station What’s the temperature up there? Someone hit me up Space_Station What are they doing? Space_Station wonderful👌 Space_Station 🎉 Space_Station Beautiful....🤩🤩🤩 Space_Station Where is all the stars?...I see black in background?

Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 tablet is nothing special — but hey, it's cheapThere's not all that much new, but you can't beat affordable Needs to have ability to output video over USB IMO. Basic cheap tablet, they don’t care about improving it because it’s selling I don’t want commercials

Space_Station Fantastisch Space_Station no extraterrestrial does not easily send signs of life Space_Station Congratulations! Good Job!! Greetings from Germany, e- mobil...the Power of Nature Space_Station Ahí ya están en el espacio o nos están mostrando cómo se ve abajo del agua? Space_Station I say bless to two astronauts do hard to work it

Space_Station I am also space lover, from Pakistan. Space_Station Very cool what a view for your working day. Space_Station Astro_Wakata Space_Station 😃Mr. Noguchi~~…🎌 …What are you doing?🤔 😮Is it cold…?❄️ …🛰️🇺🇸 Space_Station it's 2021 and still some people ask where are the stars... That's could be the reason why ufo's doesn't wanna communicate

Chicago has seen 217 more shooting victims in 2021 so far, compared to 2020The Chicago Tribune, which tracks all of the area's shooting victims, recorded that 956 people have been shot between January 1 and April 26. The Old West again .. Where’s their half mast flag Joe

Space_Station Gracias por compartir sus actividades y experiencias, son muy interesantes, los admiramos por Valientes, Bendiciones. Space_Station Amazing Space_Station Fake Space_Station Next time , just do a 360°. Space_Station I never seen this is the look of astranaut😊 today I am seeing ...n really enjoying it...thx

Space_Station Gabriel Martin... Space_Station So cool...what a job Space_Station so cool Space_Station May I ask; what is the white object above the astronaut in .34 and 0.54 seconds? Space_Station I was 10 years old when ask me , what do you want to be when I grow up, and I answered an, Astronaut!! Coooll!?

John Mulaney Plans Return to the Comedy Scene After Stint in Rehab - E! OnlineJohn Mulaney has quietly set his first live comedy shows of 2021, marking his return to public life following reports in December 2020 that he had checked into rehab. kaylahbarrios ? 3

Space_Station So beautiful! Space_Station show!!! thank you NASA for post this photo! Space_Station Hãy làm quen, nói chuyện, gặp mặt để có thể đánh giá đúng hơn nhé :) Space_Station 每一个航天员都要平安返回哦! Space_Station Quel boulot extraordinaire Space_Station Whaouu Space_Station Amazing view 🙏 Space_Station Its stunning ❤️❤️

Space_Station Great👍 Space_Station 😍👏

California is primed for a severe fire season, but just how bad is anybody's guessClimate, weather, human behavior and even luck will dictate whether the 2021 wildfire season goes down in the record books like 2020.

Space_Station Amazing scenes of the ISS and Astronauts working in space, always amazes me how the ISS circles the Earth never rotating slightly likes it on rails. Does the orbit decay or speed decrease and have to be corrected?. Space_Station Very very beautiful .... thank you NASA Space_Station Advice: dont take the helmets off.

Space_Station 😍🤩 Space_Station Too Risky work it is!! Hats off u💓🤘 Space_Station Risky work it is🤘💓 hats off u .. Space_Station take me to mars ? please? 🙂 cannot stay on earth anymore. Space_Station Interesting Space_Station This is definitely the evidence, that the earth is a flatscreen tv from Mars

Space_Station Could’ve at least had some grime music on to relive stress

Space_Station U don't need spacewalks on the way to colonize Mars. Put the Mars weirdos in the tin cans and aim them at the red planet ffs. Quit stalling and go