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Source: Sarah Sanders running for Arkansas governor

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Sarah Sanders, Donald Trump’s former chief spokeswoman and one of his closest aides, is running for Arkansas governor, a source told The Associated Press on Sunday night....

1/25/2021 4:52:00 AM

Republican Sarah Sanders, a former White House spokeswoman, is running for Arkansas governor, a campaign official told AP. The daughter of former Gov. Mike Huckabee , Sanders has been laying groundwork for her candidacy in recent months.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Sarah Sanders, Donald Trump ’s former chief spokeswoman and one of his closest aides, is running for Arkansas governor, a source told The Associated Press on Sunday night....

Sanders launched her bid weeks after ariotby Trump’s supporters at the U.S. Capitol left five people dead. More than 130 people have been charged in the insurrection, which was aimed at halting the certification of President Joe Biden’s win over Trump.

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Sanders was the first working mother and only the third woman to serve as White House press secretary. But she also faced questions about hercredibilityduring her time as Trump’s chief spokesperson.During her nearly two-year tenure as Trump’s chief spokeswoman, daily televised briefings led by the press secretary ended after Sanders repeatedly sparred with reporters who aggressively questioned her about administration policy and the investigation into possible coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russia. But Sanders earned reporters’ respect working behind the scenes to develop relationships with the media.

Trump’s tumultuous exit from the presidency may do little damage to Sanders in Arkansas. Republicans hold all of Arkansas’ statewide and federal seats, as well as a solid majority in both chambers of the Legislature.Griffin and Rutledge have combined raised more than $2.8 million in the race, which could get even more crowded. Republican state Sen. Jim Hendren, who is also a nephew of Hutchinson’s, is considering a run.

Sanders, who published a book last year and joined Fox News as a contributor after leaving the White House, enters the race with a much higher profile than any of the candidates. But she remains an unknown on many of the state’s biggest issues and has said she doesn’t want to distract from Hutchinson’s agenda.

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They also had the liar Clinton. Her first action as a governor will be a statewide contest for telling most lies in a minute. Yes, she will win that herself because Kaylee MacOroni lives in D.C. You know her father's blow- hards will vote for her.. Other than Trumps spokesperson, which made her famous, she has absolutely no qualifications!!!!

Okay let’s do what we do best...make her lose! She is as big a lier as DJT. She will be just as poisonous to you Such b.s She's so incapable Good Lord. This is the End Times. The unstoppable political machine continues to market the unqualified for positions of power. No surprise here. Like 2 have been a fly on the wall 4 the conversation that brought her 2 this moment. Joke. Just not at all funny

Sarah did nothing but speak lies and help cover up BS as former spokeswoman. All I can say is look out Arkansas, you're in for ahead of trouble! Her face is frozen like that, isn't it? Well, I think she'll win. God help Arkansas 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Just 🤮 I am from and live in Arkansas. Went to university in Arkansas. We aren't all Republicans and we aren't all ignorant. But I will say it is frustrating being blue in a red state. I keep dreaming of a blue wave for Arkansas.

NeverSanders I know I'll be making donations to anyone running against her... Lying Sarah! You deserve better Arkansas! MuchBetter Guess if she is the best Arkansas come up with, it says a lot about the state of the state of Arkansas. Lol She has no right to govern anyone, sickening liar. She come to con Arkansas with liars and hypocrites false statements, rejecting her is the best option for Arkansas people

anyone else remember when her brother hanged a dog in a tree? That is the kind of family she comes from. HUCKno HOW MANY LIES WILL SHE TELL DURING THE CAMPAIGN ProjectLincoln , do what you do best! JesusHChrist. How low can you sink Arkansas? Liar 🤥 Exactly WHAT ARE HER Qualifications other than her father? her background needs to really be scrutinized as well just to start

BigMistake. 😡😡😡😡. TraitorTotSarah 45TransitionToPrison Cult45 MAGAMorons Shameful LiarliarLiar She’s got the lying down, that’s for sure. SarahHuckabee She’s just trying to keep racism alive and swell. Liar You have a type here: Sanders has been lying groundwork for her candidacy in recent months ...

Wellif Arkansas like liars she will fit right in. Sarah Fuckabee running for Governor? Well, I’ll be damned! She’s a pretty cavewoman! It's Arkansas. Of course they'll elect her. She's everything they love in a woman and a republican. Viable candidate. She already has the endorsements of both Betty Crocker AND Duncan Hines!

Oh no, no, no...hearing your voice again does not sound like a good idea. Here is hoping she never becomes governor after the kids she peddled as press secretary Lying Huckabee should be lucky to get a job at a dollar store!!!!! Don't give here a job Arkansas How arrogant can one person be? See Sarah Sanders

Oh please, she should be oh so easy to beat..but who would want to be Gov. of Arkansas? It’s up to the citizens of Arkansas if they are comfortable with her in a leadership role... People of integrity don't take jobs like that She’ll be lying with her right face and relying on her left face She's Sarah Palin without the wit or charm. I had hoped we'd seen the last of her.

Saunders wasn't a 'Good press secretary' WHAT makes her even think SHE COULD BE GOVENOR OF ALASKA? Oh the lies we will hear coming from unfortunate state of Arkansas soon Comes from a helluva family: Oh gross If the ability to spew lies and evade relevant questions qualifies one to become Governor, then Arkansas will get what it deserves. Let's hope they're smarter than that. Sarah Huckabee Sanders personifies all that is wrong with American politics. May she rot in obscurity.

All the lying she did... who would ever trust her🤮 Just like Trumpism, using the tool of fear mongering, the American people do not want to be at war with each other. We see you. And why chose AR Lol? Plenty of credulous christians to lie to, manipulate and demonize the Dems with the bible there. Their racism and bigotry are on tap. She couldn't make it anywhere else. Thats what her and daddy do. Lie. charlatan

Sooo Bill Barr, puts on a dress calls himself Sarah and is running for Governor? This dude has no limits... Vote for a liar and quitter, Arkansas. Sarah’s your girl Just start a game show called BIGGEST LIAR!! You would be better at that. She's running cause she believes the people of ARKANSAS are that dumb. I hope they take offense to it and show her otherwise.

What do Arkansas voters say 'she's proven herself to be an excellent liar, she'd make a great governor'? Lying is her specialty. And liar If they vote this pathological liar in shows true situation in a formerly great state. 😂😂😂 the bullshitter of all bullshitters!!! TheRickWilson ProjectLincoln here's one for you guys! She's usingvthe same old talking points, last line, radical left blah blah blah.

She lied to the American people on a semi-daily basis. You can look forward to the same, Arkansas! White privilege allows for her to lie and destroy our country and then think she is eligible to be Governor. The scum never drips far from the tree Incredible how we allow the cancer to spread Another embarrassment for this country. How’s the world supposed to ever take us seriously? When is this shit show going to end?

She has to be lying. I don't believe it. That will require work you will never last unless Daddy does the work 😂😂😂 Has she ever held a public office? She clearly doesn't know what accountability means. Arkansas isn’t even spelled right Another privilege child running for office Where’s her smoky eye made of the lies she tells?

mrBobbyBones You may need to step in now. Since everything she says is a lie, I want to see news organizations just ignore her. Both because of her contempt for them and because the truth is the opposite of what she says. How can a lady who openly told lie after lie speaking on behalf of the 'Donald' dream of becoming a U S Senator? Oh, that might be one of the qualifications.

SarahHuckabee Arkansas, if you can see this, let the lying begin if you elect this morally corrupt person. It’s sad but the people of Arkansas will probably elect her despite her nasty dishonest self. Oh Arkansas. Anyone who has lied for Dump and she has, like it or not its a fact. Has low morals and its just what the republicans need to avoid. Move on with new leadership!

Arkansas will never be able to believe a word she says. ProjectLincoln It must suck to know that your state is so far below the surface of decency in population literacy, economic growth, income, environmental conscience of its citizens, you name it, and THEN have SHS show up on the national stage again. No ❤️ Huckabee.

It Arkansas..... Nuff said. Forbes magazine said any company that hired a former Trump press secretary would be perceived as lying about everything they do. Arkansas should think about how they want their governor to behave. She's almost as bad as stripper-girl, Kayleigh...almost. Hopefully the good people of AK will shoot her down in a most profound way.

Like I needed more reasons to never set foot in Arkansas. She is a liar but the gop lies liars. AP you miss spelled laying. Yikes. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go again annnnnd👇🏿👇🏿 Walmart, Tyson, and JB Hunt will back her. Why would Arkansas want a liar in chief? I don’t think sanders knows what is the truth and what isn’t. They can do better.

SketchyPeople CorruptionKills yeah she doesn't need to be running she's not going to win Boo! She’s a nutcase. Yall just can't get enough of her smokey eye? can doctor chelsea clinton move back to arkansas and file paperwork to run please No, just no She stood there and lied every day. She expects people to believe now she will be truthful? She is nothing but a joke now.

God help us all... Arkansas, I weep for you Ahh, so now she wants to narrow her lying to just the people of Arkansas... rather than the whole nation. 👌 So they want to place the racist Demagogue’s right hand propaganda press secretary as governor of Alaska, they must feel that Alaska doesn’t realize the damage that they’ve done to their state?

Is that the idiot who told lies for Donald Trump They deserve her. 🤮 Let’s talk, . When a disgraced former official who worked with an anti-America president runs for office in a democracy, that announcement should be framed as such. Do you not remember Enemy of the People? You are playing with democratic fire by pretending to be neutral.

Sorry Arkansas! If you don’t want her talk a decent human into running. who really cares Good luck, old smokey-eyes. Don't let the facts hit you on your way to filing to run. I bet she is too “ moderate” for what passes as Republican she down with Q? Will she open carry in debates? Figures. Her evil dominionist daddy screwed that poor state, now she wants to try her rotten hand at it. ArkansasDeservesBetter VoteBlue

The price of selling your sole If the incredibly white (~91%)Arkansas Republican party offers up its Rovian acolyte Lt. Gov., & their wingnut Atty Gen., & Huckabee, the Devil’s own triangle will be running against itself in the primary. You mean lying ground work, don’t you? I feel sorry for AR!!! This Sara Sanders needs to kick rocks and disappear like tRump

Arkansas won't elect a female governor if their lives depended on it. despite what stupidity she sold them. Why won’t she just fucking go away?! She’s one of the most vile people currently in existence on the planet. I hope you lose, SarahHuckabee and crawl back under your rock. You reek of lies and disgrace.

So is she one of those super hot Republicans I’ve been hearing about I can’t. If y’all elect her, you deserve her. You KNOW she be lying!! OMG MeidasTouch ProjectLincoln when will this ever end The Duggar’s house alone is enough votes for Sanders to win. 😟 More TRUMPISM IN AMERICA Geez, she was a bad press secretary who now wants to be governor? Almost as crazy as a trump presidency. Republicans: we never let being unqualified for any job stop us. Plus her dad is a crazy asshole.

If by groundwork you mean being a nasty bi%&h, then she's done well. This is Bill Clinton's home. She should move to Alabama if she wants elected to anything. AmericanDream Wow! In America they give liars a free all expenses paid mansion & lifestyle, for as long as the liar continues their career of successful lieing. Taxpayers will 💯% financially support said liars career & lifestyle until...

We don’t want any liar anymore in power of Government. Wow, a skilled habitual is favored to win governorship of Arkansas: God help the people there! First thing...... the size of her crowd? Lmfao Kinda was hoping she would go away forever Oh Lawd! We need Stacy to get to the voters in Arkansas! Otherwise they are headed for a lying governor!

That's, 'lying groundwork.' Sarah Huckabee Sanders. ( I’d drop the Huckabee ). May not be a total swamp monster, but she’s bad. That’s all you got? What a jackoff...I sincerely hope Arizonans know better than to elect HER. Anybody tied to Trump must be crushed to prevent a resurgence of the cult. lo0k! Ew

Yes, congratulations 👏 👏 Do. Not. Want. 🤮 I'd scream nepotism, but we all know that the Walton family really runs Arkansas 🤮 She’s been laying groundwork? Really? Where is your reporting on that 🧐 Daddy's little girl - he set this up before she left the White house 😎 God help the people of Arkansas if she were to win. As we say in our Native culture, she speaks with a forked tongue. She is a serpent thru & thru.

We need to set the bar higher for all people attempting to hold office. This is just another example of why. And seriously, what experience does she have 🤢 Arkansas just went Blue. Hope she doesn’t think she can pose with a gun in one hand and wave a Bible in the other while eating her gravy and the ppl of Arkansas are going to fall for that useless one-dimensional southern caricature schtick anymore that does nothing to improve their lives. huckabee

She is dreadful. Good luck with your alternative facts heeeee haw hee-hee-hee haw- haw-haw 🌾 🐄 Please no Unfortunately the south is the most ignorant part of America. She will probably succeed as Arkansas is also a very outwardly racist state. Really can’t see how being a spokesperson, author , or “news” contributor demonstrates she is qualified for Governor.

Well I do know she is great at alternative facts. 🤮 I guess it's too much to hope that the Arkansasians? have enough sense to remember she was almost as bad a liar as Trump. Politicians are supposed to be good liars, meaning it takes years to prove they lied...not 5 minutes and google. *lying groundwork.

Please no. AP, please tell reporters and editors to put 'Sarah Sanders' in headlines and tweets, not just 'Sanders' which people will mistake for Bernie Sanders. Good gawd. If she gets elected than Arkansas deserves what it gets. She showed everyone she was willing to lie her face off without any guilt.

Didn’t we already know this? Guess she had to take a yr off, to prepare I know this is really shitty of me, bc I have no room to talk Someone please tell me, what’s up with her face? Did she have a stroke, birth defect, etc? I can’t figure it out. Gross. This woman is awful 🤮 Nice! the bar is that low in Arkansas? Trumpian SpinDoctor Nepotism

OMG! L👀 K out Arkansas! Ya don’t want to ask the wrong questions! You’ll piss her off! LOL LOL NoSandersForGov. Hell no! Gross We must stop electing people with personality disorders and corrupt corporate shills to positions of leadership..they can't help but abuse the power and position. We have to stop it!

Fuck no Fail Fail Fail Fail No. She is to be shunned. She's trash. A joke on Arkansas. Yes they are the joke. This is going to a clown show for many years. Sarah will be the smoky lie clown. 🤢 This is hysterical 😂😂😂. Go for it Arkansas. Prove the entire nation right, on a stereotype. I personally don't believe that stereotype. However, if you elect her, you will prove that stereotype 100 times over. Have fun voting for a daily liar. You reap what you sow.

she's fit to be a wrestler. it's all fake. Maddog Sanders. If she doesn't win she'll just lie and claim she did, like Trump. I feel sorry for anyone living in Arkansas. This is the best Republican you all got? 😂😂😂 She will make an excellent choice for the Republican party. She has lying down to an art form. It's what they do best.

Arkansas 😆 Send Stacey Abrams. HawleyIsTrumpMiniMe and many republicans voted to oust Trump. Unify with them but not Trump’s seditionist fans. Well, let the former trump admin. era begins again. People of Arkansas please don't. for the sake of your state, life, and this county She has some skills....lying

.DanWhitCongress would love to know your thoughts on this Please Arkansas Dems!! Get to work and find a 5 star opponent to run against her! Oh, good. This will keep the ProjectLincoln limber & sharp until 24’. They should have a blast, this ones easy. Hours upon hours of lies and deceit for all to re-witness.

She chose to stay and lie. I do not think she has the right to the run for anything. How will you even know when she is telling the truth. People need to think about when they vote. jesus christ it's happening already SarahHuckabee - We are so boycotting your donors as well as super-funding your opponent. sarahhuckabeesanders does not deserve fo lie to more people!!! ProjectLincoln LincolnProject GOPComplicitTraitors

Slogan- Can you imagine this a govenor! cc: votefwd fairfightaction IndivisibleTeam MoveOn TheDemCoalition Holy shit! This woman again? No one likes her! Arkansas deserves better that this! 😳 Gawd he'p dem po' country folk... Another explanation of Trump being a symptom. Not the cause. WillSing4TP Blah...its Arkansas. Who cares? Arkansas is a 'fly over' state. Meaning I don't land there. If I do land there, its to empty the onboard crapper and I can't think of a finer state to do that sort of thing in.

One Huckabee was enough in Arkansas Ah, we will see her on she can lie about the lies she lied about Love her. Hope she wins. Please don't refer to her as 'Sarah Sanders''s 'Lyin' Sarah Mother-Fuckabee Sanders'...CAPEESH? Haha this is awesome. I can’t wait for her to be absolutely humiliated.

Does Arkansas liked to be lied to? Probably. The voted for her father and Bill Clinton. Please don't let liars lead; it is disastrous. She scares the democrats, because she won't put up with their nonsense, and I'm sure she don't give a shit about the Hate Trump trolls on twitter either. None of us do.

Was a shovel of manure not available? In her case, wouldn’t it be “lying groundwork”? They will be back to slave mentality plantation life with I wont lie to you, but I lied to you every day for Agent Orange Covid 45 SarahHuckabee. They will go from worst to worse. Sorry people of Arkansas. Your future is doomed.

Well they always used to say that politicians were just people who lied in public, so she is highly qualified. ReignOfApril Our next President No, no, no, fuck this into the fucking sun. We already have to put up with fucking Asa Hutchinson, we don't need this bitch to have public office too. ProjectLincoln reedgalen TheRickWilson I’m sure Abe is watching...

fucksarahsanders Don't know why everyone thinks this is a joke. She has a great chance of winning. I’d pay good money to see anyone beat her As an Oklahoman in concerned. When she is Arkansas we won’t know if she’s looking at y’all or us 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Seems like milking cows would be more appropriate.. The face of hypocrisy

Run, Arkansas, run! Exactly what the GOP needs, a sensible female candidate, I wonder how long before Hillary Clinton tries to smear her as a Russian agent. Her? Sorry AR! Poor Arkansas you think she'll tell the truth? 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🤡🤡 Wait, doesn't she have to fight Dracula or the Wolf Man first? Or at least meet Abbott and Costello?

This is funny all over it. If she wins, then the republican part is not as “split” as media claims Arkansas. Compulsive liar perfect for Arkansas! And nepotism makes her qualified? That was a great move to silence her critics. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She seems very unqualified. The perfect Republican candidate.

Another complete failure. Some please notify StacyAbrahams so she can fix this. Gross. ReignOfApril There has to be some auto mechanic in Arkansas that run against that lying mouthpiece 🤔 WOOOHOOOO Another state to turn BLUE Remember, when she’s under pressure, she instinctively lies. She admits her lies when she’s under oath, then goes out and lies about that. She’s disgusting. SarahSandersLies

ReignOfApril Lyin’ Sarah Slanders? Hard pass Arkansas! This is why it’s important to fully investigate (i.e 9/11 commission style) trump and his administration. Ppl that abuse the trust of the nation while serving in an elected position have to be held legally accountable. No thanks. Where do I contribute to her opponent?

Oh please! 🙄🙄🙄 It's Arkansas. Where the folks swallow the hook, line and sinker. She'll probably win. Because who wouldn't vote for a liar? Lord have mercy LOVE Sara 👍👍 OMG. Another lier running for office. Arkansas can be better. That liar? Bwahahaha! Disgusting. She will win. Our state is stupid. God help us

You know it's very telling when Sara Sanders is liked less than the brother who killed a Dog. I think that is all we need to know about her and her Ghoulish family. Ak, don't put yourself in the hands of this hateful so-called 'Christian' I sure hope they like a lot of lies Wow more Loser and liars trying to take office shameful

ugh but it’s been so nice not having to hear her lying voice I am living for these comments As if she is qualified to run anything After All the Lies She Told when She was Trump's Press Secretary, and Now She wants to Run for Governor. Sad so there is definitely a chance she could win, but I think that she has too much trump still on her and may turn even some republicans off, if I were her I would run for a house seat first and repair her rep first and then come back in a few years and run.

Arkansas, be better than this. Gross, no. Democrats will virtually cede the campaign to her. Please tell me the voters in AK have learned their lesson from her daddy's term not to mention big mistakes made in the current senate TomCottonAR the lies the bs followed by support of Trump should be a warning of what's to come gop

Nice friends Sarah to be Proud - Are the people of Arkansas so stupid that they would even entertain the idea of having Sarah Sanders for governor? Is truth telling passe now? Gross. No Democrats running. That needs to change. Fvk no... Not Curdled Sanders Do you really want Jaba the Hutt running for office🤣🤣

As an Arkansan, let me say this: 1. She sucks 2. She will easily win if she wins her primary. Arkansas may have elected dems in the past, but they tended to be pretty bad (as in conservative dems), and they also no longer have a strong base of support. So old wonky eye wants to be Governor? And this is why the House & Senate need to hold Ted Cruz & Josh Hawley responsible for their part in the insurrection - these people will continue to fail upwards into bigger and better positions of power.

Well, I guess we’ll just have to start raising money for her opponent, and making sure no one forgets her role in the Trump regime. Just what we need, someone who lies as well and as much as Trump I feel sorry for the citizens. They won’t be able to tell if she’s lying or telling the truth Oh hell NO! This lying TRASH?!? Lol

*extreme disgust* The Clinton and Bush empires won't let her win. But, let her run. Just say no Arkansas! 😬 Governor? She certainly fits the role Sadly, Arkansas is a breading ground for racist, nationalist and so called bible thumping KKKristians and she will win. 🐽 running for gov huh? Arkansas do better! NoSarahHuckabeeSanders SarahHuckabee is a liar.

great news, she would be a good governor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Considering she holds a PHD in Lying this is pretty scary Fuck no She will probably do well they do not care about lying as long as your thumping on a Bible she has name recognition..people in Arkansas did not think she was lying at the podium at the White House she told an awful lot of lies for the Donald but they think she's Christian

What ... J.B. Hunt isn't hiring? Who's running AgainstSarahSanders? Cool. Now she can lie all day about herself, instead of someone else. Papa, Huckabee governor one day - timheidecker No integrity, should fit right in with the lot of em. For the GOP and not the Patriot Party? I feel like the next governor is going to end up being Leslie Rutledge, who is also terrible

Lucky Arkansas. Sarah Huck — what a gem! Wooo! Pig! Sooie! They can’t say they don’t know who she is 🤮 That’s terrible. She’s a disgusting liar. I’d love to donate to her opponent. More politicians whose only goal is anger and disruption. Looking forward to being entertained by the lie count. of for god's sake.

VivaRevolt Americans don't let this traitor get elected please 👏👏👏👏 Don't anyone think Trump has given up. He's just rebuilding his new party.... Hahahaha. Hahahaha. That is all. Swine can run for governor in Arkansas. Gross A former White House spokeswoman, known for her ability to avoid the truth like it was an incoming dodge ball...

Let's focus on who runs against her. votebluegatosaveamerica I forgot who she was Gross. What a joke. SarahHuckabee is likely just as much involved in the criminal activity of the trump administration as any Sarah Sanders is announcing her run for Arkansas governor. How does she do that without a press conference?

Ugh “Running”? Hard to believe. No absolutely not. Please dear lord no. I never want to see any of his press secretaries again. Why do we keep giving these dumb family any attention? Many citizens of Arkansas observed Sarah Sanders at work as the White House Press Secretary and decided that she would make a great governor. Wow. Just wow.

Father / daughter....don’t do it Arkansas the jokes will write themselves Looooool Ew, no thanks Poor Arkansas.🙏🏼 🤪🤪🤪 If this is a trial balloon I hope it's a lead trial balloon! If that woman can get elected, that state needs to be sold off. LMFAO AK: lie alert! They love peeps who wont tell the truth in Arkansa

I think it would be amazing if it turns out that her running for governor turns Arkansas blue. Literally the dumbest state in the union. She should sail to victory. GOPComplicitTraitors Oh, hell no! ProjectLincoln MeidasTouch ReallyAmerican1 RVAT2020 votevets DNC harrisonjaime Yikes hope she loses

What a joke She is already good at want to be boss now 🙄 Yeah I don’t see her losing considering that state is ranked 42 in education and normally votes red.