Snl, Pennsylvania

Snl, Pennsylvania

SNL Jumps on the Mare of Easttown Bandwagon With a Gritty New Crime Show

An extremely Pennsylvania crime show.

5/10/2021 5:10:00 PM

An extremely Pennsylvania crime show.

“My durdur had a baby durdur and they MURDURDUR!”

Murdur Durdureven finds a way to effectively leverage Elon Musk’s extremely un-Philadelphia vibes, casting him in the role of one of the murdurd durdur’s friends—and possibly, her murdurur! Will the durdur murdurur pay the ultimate price for murdurururing the durdurdur? There’s no way of ever knowing, because

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JMP_817 😂

‘SNL Sends Up HBO’s ‘Mare Of Easttown’ With ‘Murder Durder’ ParodyFrom the makers of Mare of Easttown and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia comes Murder Durder. Saturday Night Live sent up HBO’s latest buzzy crime drama in a sketch with Kate McKinnon playing the … Wa-dur in da dur over dur! (How I annoy SageWillRage.) Probabilmente la cosa migliore di MareOfEasttown.

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