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‘SNL’ Finishes Atop Demo Ratings for First Time in Its History

‘SNL’ Finishes 2020-21 Atop Demo Ratings for First Time in Its History

6/4/2021 9:06:00 PM

SNL ’ Finishes 2020-21 Atop Demo Ratings for First Time in Its History

For the first time in its history, Saturday Night Live finished ahead of every other entertainment show in the ratings — not just in late night, but across all of ad-supported TV. The NBC series wr…

Saturday Night Livealso drew 9 million viewers per episode in the seven-day ratings, which ranks 12th among all broadcast entertainment shows.“SNLis one of the most culturally significant shows in television history, and being No. 1 in its 46th season is a testament to how that relevance has continued to grow over the past five decades,” said Susan Rovner, chairman entertainment content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “One of the greatest gifts of this role is being able to watch the

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SNLteam do what they do each week, all while keeping the show as strong and vibrant as ever.”Added Katie Hockmeyer, executive vp late night programming, “Congratulations to Lorne Michaels and the entire cast and crew for this milestone. What makes it even more remarkable is that it was accomplished during a pandemic, amid quarantines and strict protocols. It required an outstanding blend of brilliant, creative entertainment and technological talent.”

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I'm not sure how. I watched a few episodes and it was a train wreck. Thank you Mr Trump People still watch this? SNL has been garbage for almost 20 years.😆 And yet it is rumored that many of this year's cast are departing. 😔 Lorne Michaels knows talent & where our pulse is. “Most culturally significant show” and yet this is the 1st time it’s reached 1st in 46 seasons? 🤔

Too bad they aren't funny anymore, save for Jost and Che. I love SNL and I’m looking forward to next season. It still mostly sucks we were all just bored as fuck. THANK YOU LORNE MICHAELS! Notice the lack of White men.

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IMO...the show has been bad the last twenty years..few great individuals performers but the writing and quality of sketches has declined significantly. I think the show has been strong the last few years. Sure there are the duds every week, but all in all I get some good laughs weekly. I’m actually surprised by the ratings news here. 🤔 While all of that is true, something is lacking. Some SNL skits are so bad they are awkward. Just can’t connect with the writing. Now Chappelle show, thou it only ran 3 years became the gold standard in TV stand up comedy IMHO.

'Culturally significant'🤣🤣🤣 Nothing else to watch in that time slot Overall, it wasn’t very good this year. 💩💩💩💩🤡🤡🤡🤡 🤥 That’s an accomplishment Didn't it used to get around 9.0 in the 90s? To all the people who say SNL isn’t funny anymore I say ha ha!!

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SNL has been back for a bit. It's simply funny again. Some pretty great talent in recent years. The only network comedy I watch now is SNL, the late night gabfests, and sometimes BobsBurgersFOX. Most of the prime time comedy offerings are just so bland and derivative.

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