Keegan-Michael Key, Saturday Night Live

Keegan-Michael Key, Saturday Night Live

‘SNL’ Cold Open: Kate McKinnon’s Fauci Explains New CDC Mask Rules

‘SNL’ Cold Open: Kate McKinnon’s Fauci Explains New CDC Mask Rules

5/16/2021 7:13:00 AM

‘SNL’ Cold Open: Kate McKinnon’s Fauci Explains New CDC Mask Rules

Saturday Night Live returned this week with a pandemic-related cold open, this time attempting to explain the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest announcement regarding masks.…

“To clear things up, I found a few doctors at the CDC who minored in theater to demonstrate correct mask behavior,” McKinnon’s Fauci said, introducing a series of examples such as being at a large gathering outdoors, shopping in a grocery store, or riding public transit in New York City.

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For instance, Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett acted out being inside a bar. When Bryant asked if Bennett was vaccinated, he said he wasn’t but that should be assumed since he was also walking into a bar at 11 a.m. “You’re right, I deserve COVID,” Bryant replied.

“The real point is we have to trust each other,” McKinnon’s Fauci hastily said, noting that last scene was a bit of a bust in explaining proper mask wearing.Alex Moffat and Cecily Strong appeared in another scene where the two were supposed to be at a large gathering. Strong told Moffat there was no need for concern in terms of wearing a mask because they were outdoors, “outside the Capitol building.” The two then rushed off, with Moffat donning a MAGA hat.

“That was a very specific example but accurate in terms of masks,” McKinnon’s Fauci noted.The scenarios continued to escalate, such as Pete Davidson asking less about mask wearing and more about where he could masturbate on public transit. McKinnon’s Fauci then offered up one final scene showing a group not having to worry about masks at all. But just as the group cheerfully said everything was fine and “as a society, we can talk about anything,” Bennett was quickly shut down for bringing up Israel.

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You won't see SNL talking about the Israel/Palestine conflict. Lmaoo.. I was kackling at the bar last night watching on silent but I just knew lawwwd Fauci has outlived his usefulness.... 👋 Truth is im a mask expert. We developed fit testing, we tested every mask on medical professionals. Covid was made small on purpose to fit thru even N 95. Wearing masks hurts your health. We know this as well. Wearing a mask 😷 is political only sorry its truth

savesheikhjarrah GazaUnderAttack FreePalestine Is that Robbie Benson? SNL is done after Musk's exceptional night. these mask jokes are getting so old— There is a reason why they call it a 'cold open' ... Hello ❗🇺🇸😷. I am extremely sadden to hear police 🚓 corner a 🦠 virus without a mask. The virus refuse to obey the police to wear a mask. Unfortunately, police decided to shoot and murder the disobedient virus without a mask . They stepped and held down mask on ground. No video