Sky Group Implements Hybrid Work From Home Policy, Re-Designs London Headquarters

Sky Group Implements Hybrid Work From Home Policy, Re-Designs London Headquarters


1/24/2022 4:57:00 PM

Sky Group Implements Hybrid Work From Home Policy, Re-Designs London Headquarters

Comcast-owned Sky Group has implemented hybrid working across its European arm. The U.K. government’s work from home directive ended Monday. But Sky, led by group chief executive Dana Strong,…

The U.K. government’s work from home directive ended Monday.But Sky, led by group chief executive Dana Strong, has implemented a new model that will see its employees continue to split their time between Sky’s offices and home.And in order to ensure every staff member has a primary office location to work from, the company is also opening a new building, set to house 600 staff in Covid-secure conditions, on its London campus. When opened, the building will be Sky’s first fully net zero carbon property. It will also include over 5,000 sq feet of solar panels.

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Russia seeking to replace Ukraine government with pro-Moscow group, Britain saysThe British government on Saturday accused Russia of seeking to replace Ukraine’s government with a pro-Moscow administration. I wonder why Putin is all of a sudden feeling embolden — makes me seriously wonder what secrets the previous admin gave them including the former president who had secret meetings with Putin with only the Russian interpreter

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Aid group says death toll from Yemen prison airstrike at 87CAIRO (AP) — Workers in war-wrecked Yemen recovered five more bodies from the rubble of a prison facility hit by a Saudi-led coalition airstrike, bringing the death toll to at least 87, an international aid group said Sunday. Is the aid group supported by Iran? 举报海外上市的脸书,新浪,微信,抖音等限制大陆访民发声。至2022年1月23日,重庆法院抢劫我的房未赔偿。举报重庆党政首长不执行国法,搞地方独立王国,阴谋推翻中央政府,地方政策比国法大。要求重庆法院执行国法,结束春秋战国时代,统一法令、货币语言(如汉语高考分提到200分)及社保医保住房全国联网统一等 Note that this one strike has now received ten days of coverage, because it was made by a US ally. Assad and Russia bombing markets get one brief mention, if it's covered at all. This lopsided coverage skews western perception.